Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Witness

Enjoy The Witness, the new artistic project by Winkler+Noah.

"Growing up on the wrong side of the wall might mean becoming blind. Everything that is behind it seems muffled and invisible. The reality is just a surrogate offered by the authorities, and it marks the passing by days till they become years. This is why we have chosen to portray symbolically 20 blind young people in their twenties, photographed in a tight close up of their faces, where the eyes are as if covered up by a white patina that makes impossible the vision of the world."

Exhibition in Milan: November 9 - December 3
Wannabee Gallery, Via Thaon de Revel, 3

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Azita’s Almost-All-American Hot Sauce

Great packaging!
“The packaging designs for Azita form a system of abstracted flames from their silhouettes; the designs for each is language literally pulled from conversations with Azita and are indicative of the talkative, expressive nature of the chef and her recipes.”
Designed by Michael Freimuth.

Realistic Illustration Portraits

Amazing super realistic illustration portraits
Artwork by Dave G. and June Hardee
via Paulo Gabriel @

Friday, September 2, 2011

Barato Coletivo: 50 reais

Barato Coletivo: 50 reais
Advertising Agency: Quintto Comunicação, Brazil
Creative Director: Kendy Shirasu
Art Directors: Kendy Shirasu, Bill Queiroga, Tiago Gondim, Emilson Oliveira
Copywriters: Jones Sampaio, Michel Barba
Published: September 2011

This is the Game

Premium international beer brand Heineken has released a new above-the-line campaign showcasing their sponsorship of Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand. This is the Game, created with advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, focuses on the unwritten Code of values implicit in rugby union on and off the pitch, such as sportsmanship and respect, and promotes Heineken as the worldwide partner and official beer of the international tournament.

Category: Drinks, alcoholic
Client: Heineken
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Production: Revolver
Country: Netherlands
Director: Steve Rogers
Executive Creative Director: Mark Bernath
Executive Creative Director: Eric Quennoy
Art Director: Craig Williams
Copywriter: david smith
Production company: Revolver
Illustrator: Tavis Coburn
Broadcast Director: Erik Verheijen
Agency Producer: Ross Plummer
Planner: Dan Hill
Group Account Director: Andrew Kay
Account Director: Philip Jacobson
Art Buyer: Annette Krutzik
Project Manager: Kate Blumer
Business Affairs: Marieke van Helden

The commercial titled This is the Game was done by Wieden+kennedy advertising agency for Heineken Rugby World Cup Sponsorship (for Heineken) in Netherlands.

LG GW300 Mobile: Blue

Messaging should be as fun as your friends

Advertising Agency: Media Marquee, Cairo, Egypt
Creative / Illustrator: Mohamed Gaber


photography by Hannes Caspar

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stunt Poetry

Shot with the Canon 60D. Edited in Premiere.
Post production done in After Effects with Twixtor.

Directed by Rishi Kaneria.

Starring Dante Ha, a professional stunt man whose work includes Dark Knight Rises, Contagion, X-Men:First Class, Walking Dead, Teen Wolf and more.​name/​nm4010586/​

Music by Clint Mansell.

Las Oreiro 2012 Campaign

Natalia Oreiro is back with a brand new campaign for her brand Las Oreiro. This collection is around the circus world. No lions or tigers but mostly backstage views, flashy lights and amazing colors. The whole photoshoot place Natalia as main character of her own collection, in a charming acrobat role. Here’s the photoshoot pictures.

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Mazda 3

Mazda 3
For the child in the back and for the child in the front

Advertising Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, Tel Aviv, Israel
Chief Creative Officer: Nadav Pressman
Creative director: Eran Nir
Copywriter: Tomer Gidron
Art director: Yuval Zukerman
VP Client Service: Idit Zuckerman
Account Supervisor: Yogev Weiss
Account executive: Ziv Mishaan
VP Strategic Planning: Gili Sasson
Planner: Gilad Kremer
VP Production: Dorit Gvili
Producers: Gali Starkman
Photographer: Adi Orni
Photoshop: Yaniv Shachar


PHOTOGRAPHER Denise Krentz c/o Sternenfänger GbR
MODEL Caroline Schrödl
HAIR Oliver Szilagyi c/o Sternenfänger GbR
STYLING Sammy Zayed c/o Sternenfänger GbR

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bodytech Gym

You gotta love the game. Be healthy

Advertising Agency: Minha Comunicação, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Director: Vitor Borges
Art Directors: Felipe Paganoti, Vitor Borges
Copywriter: Vivian Lisboa
3D/Retouch: Mollow Studio
Published: June 2011

Bakwaas Bandh kar: Rope

The commercial titled Rope was done by Origin Beanstalk advertising agency for Bakwaas Bandh kar (for 9xM) in India. It was released in the August 2011.

Outdoor from Origin Beanstalk, Mubai Headline text (in English):"Stop the nonsense.No mobiles, while driving"

Category: Public interest
Client: 9xM (TV Channel)
Agency: Origin Beanstalk, Mumbai
Country: India
Creative Director: Mustafa Kapasi
Creative Director: kisan solanki
Art Director: kisan solanki
Copywriter: Mustafa Kapasi
Account Director: Shom Majumdar
Account Director: Shilpa Nambiar
Retoucher: Praveen Bhandary
Illustrator: kisan solanki
Illustrator: Sachin Gawde

100 years of East London style in 100 seconds.

100 years of East London style in 100 seconds.

“This film is a 100 year countdown to the grand opening of Westfield Stratford City on September 13th 2011, and celebrates a century of East London fashion, dance and music.

Directed by Jake Lunt with The Viral Factory, the film was shot over 4 days in east London locations with hundreds of costume changes. The music was commissioned from Oscar nominated genius Tristin Norwell who took a simple tune and interpreted it for each decade over 100 years.”

Advertising Agency: The Viral Factory, UK
Director: Jake Lunt

Litokromia: Abducting

Colors from another world. Yes, they exist.

Advertising Agency: Longplay 360, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Fernando Luna
Art Director: Max Souzedo
Copywriter: Marcel Petroff
Illustrator: Pict Estudio
Photographer: Pict Estudio
Published: August 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Roof Garden House

Here this residence on 4 stages entitled “Meera House” and equipped with an impressive garden on its roof. A durable good example of architecture for this house located near Singapore. A design of the team of Guz Architects. More images in the continuation of the article.

Läkarmissionen: Ashamoni

Swedish Läkarmissionen is an independent foundation active all around the world since 1958. Together with local partners they help people with, for example, social care, education and assistance to self-sufficiency.

Advertising Agency: Jack Russel, Stockholm, Sweden
Account Director: Jonas Engstedt
Art Director: Mattias Flyborg
Copywriter: Viktor Olsson
Illustrator: Ulf Arkfeldt, Tina Lindholm
Production Company: Acne Production
Producer: Josefin Kollberg
Executive Producer: Pål Åsberg
Directors: Anders Forsman, Linus Johansson / Popcore
Photographer: Erik sohlström
Additional credits: Dockhus Animation, Plop, Dagljus, Dreamfield, Popcore
Spring Studios, Fru Marias Bageri, Rolf Knutsson
Erik Sohlström, Kent Kääntä, Fredrik Hagström, John Henriksson, Per Ohlsson
Published: July 2011

Puffy Brain

Puffy Brain
The image lab


AA Ceará

Alcohol affects your own balance, but it knocks over not only you. Search help

Advertising Agency: Torres Comunicação, Fortaleza, Brazil
Creative Director: Benfica
Art Director: Rodne Torres
Copywriter: André Freitas

Monday, August 29, 2011


Dawid Kiljan is a 27 years old digital artist and graphic designer from Katowice, Poland. Currently he works and resides in London, UK. He designs mostly for print and his experience covers fields such as magazine layout design, poster design and illustration. In 2007 his design won first prize in the "Puma Create" design contest for perfume packaging in Poland. Since then his unique style has gained him recognition and his work has been featured in several magazines and web galleries all over the world.

Enduramax Libido Enhancer: Bedtime

Getting on in life doesnât mean your sex life should get old too, thanks to Vitalâs new libido enhancer and this ad from Draftfcb,Cape Town.

Category: Pharmaceutical & medical
Client: Vital
Agency: Draftfcb Cape Town
Country: South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Francois De Villiers
Creative Director: Aaron Harris
Creative Director: Doug Larter
Art Director: Riaan van Wyk
Copywriter: André de Wet
Agency Producer: Vanessa Parkin
Photographer: David Prior

The commercial titled Bedtime was done by Draftfcb Cape Town advertising agency for Enduramax Libido Enhancer (for Vital) in South Africa. It was released in the August 2011.

B-Point Jewelry

Very exciting jewelry

Advertising Agency: Publicis Yorum, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Cevdet Kizilay
Art Director: Selma Harman
Copywriter: Burcu Cebesoy
Photographer: Murat Bayindir