Saturday, February 23, 2008

Audi: Ski

Advertising Agency: DDB Milan, Italy
Creative Director / Copywriter: Vicky Gitto
Art Director: Francesco Guerrera
Photographer: Paolo Franco

pepsi raw

Check out these hot new Pepsi bottles, as seen over at Reuben Miller. The bottle design is organic and sleek (it reminds me of the way a wave disturbs sand, or of a shellfish skeleton), and I love that the bottle is textured.

In an attempt to create a "healthy" cola, Pepsi is debuting Pepsi Raw - an all-natural drink made from apple extract, plain caramel coloring, coffee leaf, tantaric acid from grapes, gum arabic, cane sugar and sparkling water - as opposed to the traditional Pepsi recipe of fructose corn syrup, sugar, artificial colorings, phosphoric acid, caffeine, citric acid and natural flavors.

Friday, February 22, 2008

eSom Music Store

Advertising Agency: MPM Propaganda, Brazil
Creative Director: Augusto Coelho
Art Director: Bruno Ramos
Copywriter: Guilherme Araujo
Illustrator: Bruno Ramos

Renault: Drive or Play

Renault Scenic with PSP Playstation Portable

Client: Renault Italia
Agency: Publicis Roma
Creative Director: Alasdhair Macgregor
Creative Director: Patrizio Marini
Copywriter: Federico Russo
Art Director: Alessandro Izzillo
Photographer: Piergiorgio Rozza

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pepsi Light

Advertising Agency: CLM BBDO, Boulogne Billancourt, France
Creative Directors: Jean-François Sacco, Gilles Fichteberg
Art Director: Paola Nauges
Copywriter: Fabien Moreira
Photographer: Jean-Noël Leblanc-Bontemps

Sol Moscot Opticians: Topless

Clarifying life since 1920.

Advertising Agency: The Side Project / NYC, USA
Creative Director: Carmine Coppola
Copywriters / Art Director: Shiraz Gani, Carmine Coppola
Art Buyer: Conrad Sanderson

Compal: Classic

New skin.

Advertising Agency: Y&R Portugal
Creative Directors: Pedro Ferreira, Judite Mota
Art Director: Pedro Ferreira
Copywriter: Judite Mota
Illustrators: Benedita Feijó, Michael Andersen
Photographer: Imagination

Gatorade: Fusion

Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Luiz Sanches
Art Director: Marcos Medeiros
Copywriter: Wilson Mateos
Photographer: Hugo Treu

Olla Sensitive Condoms

Olla Sensitive. Good like the old days when you didn´t have to wear anything.
Advertising Agency: age. comunicações, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Carlos Domingos, Paulo Pretti
Art Director: Paulo Pretti
Copywriter: Digão Senra
Photographer: Ella Durst

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nelonen / Dexter: Jason

Advertising Agency: Hasan&Partners, Helsinki, Finland
Art Director: Mikael Nemeschansky
Copywriter: Saku Everi
Photographer: Frank Uyttenhove

Intersport UAE

Intersport UAE
Advertising Agency: GMASCO
Marketing Communications, Dubai, UAE
Art Director: Kiran Rao
Copywriter: Kumar Ganesan
Illustrator: Kruti Soni
Photographer: Nadir Bilgrami

Orbit: Warhol

Product : Orbit
Agency : Mark BBDO
Creative Director: Leon Sverdlin
Creative Director: Martin Charvát
Art Director: Dan Kurz
Copywriter: Pavel Sobek
Producer: Honza Šoupa
Country : Czech Republic
airbrush: Danda Horáčková

Nissan Pick-up Navara: Swiss knife

Multiuses adrenalin

Advertising Agency: TBWA\ Barcelona, Spain
Creative Directors: Ramon Sala, Juank Espejo
Art Director: Jordi Rins
Copywriter: Juank Espejo
Illustrator: David Teixidor
Postproduction: Nova Era

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Keep Australia Beautiful

Advertising Agency: Marketforce, Perth, Australia
Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter: Andrew Tinning
Retoucher: Madeleine de Pierres
Photographer: Alan Myles
Account Executive: Abi Weatley
Account Director: Ronan Freeburn

Che men's magazine: Calendar

Let us keep on dreaming of a better world
Product : ché men's magazine
Agency : Duval Guillaume Antwerp
Creative Director: Geoffrey Hantson
Creative Director: Dirk Domen
Art Director: Sebastien De Valck
Copywriter: Kristof Snels
Country : Belgium

Nestle Diet Yoghurt: Old clothes

This campaign from CumminsNitro Melbourne shows what can happen when you lose weight.

Product : Nestle Diet Yoghurt
Agency : cumminsnitro Melbourne
Photographer: Mat Baker
Executive Creative Director: SEAN CUMMINS
Creative Director: James Procter
Art Director: Jason Hynes
Copywriter: Julie Poulter
Country : Australia

Monday, February 18, 2008

Only Opel gives you a 3-day test drive

Client: Opel
Agency: 180 Amsterdam
Executive Creative Director: Richard Bullock
Creative Director: Adam Chasnow
Creative Team: Daniel Carlsson, Peter Laurelli, Adam Chasnow,
Richard Bullock
Executive Agency Producer: Peter Cline
Agency Producer: Nick Felder
Assistant Producer: Kate Morrison

Chevrolet Official Service Center

If it's not fixed by the one who made it, it probably won't work.
Nobody knows better your Chevrolet than its creators.

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson Argentina
Creative Directors: Papon Ricciarelli, Chavo Demilio
Art Director: Mariano Legname
Copywriter: Rodrigo Polignano

Drew Flaherty

Drew Flaherty is an ambitious up-and-coming freelance designer/artist based in Brisbane, Australia

Cunha Studio

Ricardo Cunha
Brazilian photographer

Aprilia World Campaign

Aprilia launch the new RSV motorcycle.
TITLE: Athlets
AGENCY: Bcube Milan
ART DIRECTOR: Daniele Freuli
PHOTOGRAPHER: Winkler + Noah

Latinstock Argentina / Corbis

If you don't see it, you can't picture it.
Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson Argentina
Creative Directors: Papon Ricciarelli, Chavo Demilio
Art Director: Mariano Legname
Copywriter: Rodrigo Polignano

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Alberto Seveso

Is it photography, illustration, or art direction? We’ll just call Alberto Seveso’s work impressive and let you figure out which box to put him in. You can check out more of this joint venture with Recycled Area here, here, and here, and if you want to pick up a print you can try Recycled Area’s Online Store.

Audi goes to see

Audi goes to the sea.
For the first time, Audi takes part in the sailing class TP52 with its own boat.
Advertising Agency: DDB Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Vicky Gitto
Art Director: Francesco Fallisi
Copywriter: Michelangelo Cianciosi
Photographer: Paolo Franco
Postproduction: Martinrainone


Appearances mean everything to beauty photographer, Caesar Lima. His photographs evoke a commanding sensuality not common in most practices. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Caesar Lima is a visionary that embraces technology and looks forward to the future, as he knows it will certainly bring an endless variety of innovations with which to express himself creatively.

Ristorante Fiera: Cheat

Good for every occasion.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Rome, Italy
Creative Director: Paolo Ronchi
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Alessandra Amigoni
Art Director: Maria Francine L'Orange
Copywriter: Alfredo Ruggieri
Photographer: Marco Biondi