Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pet & Breakfast: Cheetah

Tagline: Better leave your pet at home.
Advertising Agency: Lowe, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Art Director: Maarten Vrouwes
Retoucher: Magic
Copywriter: Friso Ludenhoff
Agency Producer: Mirjam van der Werff


Not socks, not shoes, Sockwa are neoprene slippers similar to scuba boots... super cool, more info @
Photography by Caesar Lima

REACH toothbrush

Advertiser: Johnson & Johnson
Brand: REACH toothbrush
Agency: JWT Dubai
Illustrator: Svetlio Belivanov
Executive Creative Director: Chafic Haddad
Senior Art Director: SM Ziyad
Senior Copywriter: Zahir Mirza
Plannet: Prabhakar Iyer
Country: United Arab Emirates

Bongo experience vouchers

You are what you give. This year give a Bongo gift box.
Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Directors: Katrien Bottez, Peter Ampe
Art Director: Yigit Unan
Copywriter: Robin Stam
Photographer: Kurt Stallaert
Released: December 2008

Micolor: Colors

Advertised brand: Micolor
Advert title(s): colors
Keep colours unmixed
Advertising Agency): TBWA\ Barcelona.
Copywriter: Amilcar Guevara/Albert Calsina
Art Director: Albert Calsina/Amilcar Guevara

Friday, January 23, 2009

Honda City: Change the rules

Advertising Agency: dentsuINDIO, Philippines
Creative Directors: Lawin Bulatao, Randy Tiempo
Art Director: Kulas Abrenilla
Copywriters: Lawin Bulatao, Peepo David, Gela Tiempo
Illustrators: Roni Diclar, Sherwin Samaniego
Other additional credits: FXStop

Men's Avenue: The Shaurya Collection

Advertising Agency: Pratisaad, Pune, India
Creative Director: Abhijit Joag
Sr. Art Director / Illustrator: Nasir Sheikh,
Copywriters: Avinash Gokhale, Shraddha Jain, Pravin Rane
Photographer: Amit Desai
Client Servicing: Eshana Naidu, Shreyas Banad

Cleans any dirty mouth.

Cleans any dirty mouth.
Advertising Agency: By Vivas, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Director: Marcos Steffens
Art Director: Alessandro Vieira
Copywriter: Fabrizio Pitz

Emirates Arthritis Foundation: Painful

Is even the simplest task painful?
Advertising Agency: The Classic Partnership Advertising, Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: John Mani
Creative Directors: Alok Gadkar, Anand Tahilramani
Art Director: Girish Wadisherla
Copywriter: Anand Tahilramani

Glow: Glowing skin

Agency: Ogilvy Phoenix, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Executive Creative Director: Sumanto Chattopadhyay
Art Director: Zahid Shaikh, Naved Siddiqui
Copywrither: Hemal Jhaveri
Photographer: Niloy Kumar de photography
Editor: Milind Aglave

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spontex Moppets: “Noahs_Ark”

Advertised brand: Spontex Moppets
Advert title(s): “Noahs_Ark”
Translation of headline to English: Miraculously absorbent.
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): TBWA\ Barcelona.
Agency website:
Creative Director: Ramon Sala, Fer Garcia
Art Director: Fer Garcia
Copywriter: Fer Garcia
Photographer: Ramón Serrano
Other additional credits:
Published/Released (Month, Year): January 2009

DIRECTV HD: Barcelona

Barcelona vs Real Madrid was the first sport event that DirecTV broadcast on high definition tv in Ecuador.

Advertising Agency: La Facultad, Quito, Ecuador
Creative Directors: Germán Andrade, Diego Jarrín
Creative Team: Sebastián Villagómez, Xavier Prado, Andrés Freile, Diego Aguilar
Photographer: Ramiro Salazar

Spanco: Natural baby bedding

Spanco: Natural baby bedding
Advertising Agency: Cichobądź, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Director / Art Director: Urai Muga

Mazda BT-50 - Trunk

Advertising Agency: Dittborn&Unzueta, Santiago, Chile
Creative Director: Matias Irarrazabal
Art Director: Alvaro Zamudio
Copywriters: Roberto Muñoz, Cristián Barria
Illustrator: Ricardo Salamanca

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Coca-Cola light: Live light by Nathalie Rykiel

Advertising Agency: Rosbeef!, Paris, France
Creative Director: Frans McCabe
Art Director: Antoine David
Photographer: Thomas Lagrange
Published: January 2009

Aspirin Plus C

Advertised brand: Aspirin Plus C
Headline and copy text (in English): They would still be here if they hadn¹t
caught a cold

Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): Graffiti BBDO, Bucharest, Romania
Agency website:
Creative Director: Ema Prisca
Art Director: Balint Hajagos
Copywriter: Adina Basag
Photographer: Carioca
Planner: Dan Sendroiu

LG mobile: 8 mega pixel phone

Advertised brand: LG Renor mobile
Advert title: New 8 mega pixel phone
Advertising Agency: Regev Kavitzky Tel Aviv Israel
Agency website:
Creative Director: Eran Barkan
Art Director: Boaz Goldenberg
Copywriters: Yair Sheinberg
Photographer: Yaron vinberg


Media: Print
Country: Brazil
Ad-Agency: DM9DDB
Ad Info: TITLE: Bonfire
AGENCY: Dm9ddb
CLIENT/PRODUCT: Saxsofunny sound production company
EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Sergio Valente, Rodolfo Sampaio, Julio Andery
CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Marcelo Reis, Guilherme Jahara
ART DIRECTOR: Gustavo Victorino
COPYWRITER: Otavio Schiavon
ILLUSTRATOR: Gustavo Victorino

Spontex Moppets: “Kitchen”

Advertised brand: Spontex Moppets
Advert title(s): “Kitchen”
Translation of headline to English: Maximum absorption.
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): TBWA\ Barcelona.
Agency website:
Creative Director: Ramon Sala, Juank Espejo, Fer Garcia
Art Director: Jordi Rins, Anna Torner
Copywriter: Aureli Nieto, Eduard Garcia
Photographer: Ramón Serrano
Other additional credits:
Published/Released (Month, Year): January 2009

Spontex Dish Gloves: “Braille”

Advertised brand: Spontex Dish Gloves Contacto.
Advert title(s): “Braille”.
Translation of headline to English: Maximum Sensitivity Dish Gloves.
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): TBWA\ Barcelona.
Agency website:
Creative Director: Ramon Sala, Fer Garcia, Juank Espejo
Art Director: Jordi Rins
Copywriter: Eduard Garcia, Aureli Nieto
Photographer: Ramón Serrano
Other additional credits:
Published/Released (Month, Year): January 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We're All Gonna Die - 100 meters of existence

This images is 100 meters long (100 m x 78 cm) and is about the uniqueness of 'ordinary' people.
There are 178 people in the picture, all shot in the course of 20 days from the same spot on a railroad bridge on Warschauer Strasse in Berlin in the summer 2007.
Only few of the people on the photograph seemed to know that they've been photographed.
Here is the is the whole image.
Photography by Simon Hoegsberg

Saxsofunny sound production: Thunder

Brand: Saxsofunny sound production company
Agency: DM9DDB Brasil
Executive Creative Director: Sergio Valente, Rodolfo Sampaio, Julio Andery
Creative Director: Marcelo Reis, Guilherme Jahara
Art Director: Gustavo Victorino
Copywriter: Otavio Schiavon
Country: Brazil

Responsible Drinking: What are you doing to yourself?

Encourage young binge drinkers to take responsibility for their actions by reminding them that there really is nobody else to blame for the damage they do to themselves.
Advertiser: NSW health, Responsible Drinking Campaign
Agency: GPY&R Sydney
Art Director: Robbie Kantor
Copywriter: Bart Pawlak
Designer: Martin Brown, Robyn Spencer
Retoucher: Electric Art
Photographer: Gary Sheppard
Country: Australia

Royco: Chicken cube

Advertised brand: royco
Advert title: Real flavour
Translation of headline to English:
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): Mccann Kenya, Nairobi
Creative Director: Inam kazimi
Art Director: Martin mwangi
Copywriter: Inam kazimi
Other additional credits: John Gitonga

Volkswagen Golf

Sometimes the only one you have to beat is yourself

Advertising Agency: DDB, London, UK
Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Art Director: Shish Patel
Copywriter: Sam Oliver
Photographer: Vincent Fournier c/o Carole Lambert
Head of Art: Grant Parker
Art Buying: Daniel Moorey
Production: Still Productions

BASF: Orchard

120 000 eyes, all trained on your orchard.
Insecticide. Herbicide. Genocide. The bug stops here.
BASF The Chemical Company
Advertising Agency: Draftfcb, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Directors: Schalk van der Merwe, Francois de Villiers
Art Director: Schalk van der Merwe
Copywriter: Neil Gardiner
Photographer: Shutterstock, Opo Terser

Monday, January 19, 2009

3M foam ear plugs: Swallow

Foam ear plugs swallow every kind of noise.
Advertising Agency: BUTTER.Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Creative Directors: Timm Holm, Michael Preuss
Art Director: Björn von Buchholtz
Copywriter: Till Grabsch
Photographer: Christoph Riccius
Post Production: Else Dittel
Graphics: Andrea Heinrich, Zuzana Havelcova
Account Supervisor: Rolf Schrickel
Account Management: Orlina Miller

Inline Courier: Face

Berlin's fastest bike couriers.
Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin, Germany
Creative Directors: Matthias Spaetgens, Oliver Handlos, Jan Leube
Art Director: Mathias Rebmann
Copywriter: Florian Schwalme
Photographer: Hans Starck
Post Production: Appel Grafik Berlin
Agency Producer: Soeren Gessat
Account Managers: Sven Weiche, Anna Gabriel

Polident Denture Care

You'll forget you're wearing dentures.
Advertising Agency: Grey, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: David Sin
Art Director: Wong Kai Ming
Copywriters: Jeff Orr, Lee Weng Onn
Photographer: Raymond Sih, IFL Studio

IKEA: Decorate for the holidays

Advertising Agency: Zig, Toronto, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Martin Beauvais
Art Director: Mark Puchala
Photographer: Matt Barnes
Copywriter: Geoff Morgan

Sunday, January 18, 2009


This Is Now is a unique European collaborative art project, in which the public are invited to co-create an unparalleled collection of images that capture the essence of ‘now’. The project’s four stages are:

1. Noah Harris, acclaimed stop motion animation artist (and director of the Fiesta TV ad), has commissioned a series of pieces from some of Europe’s most promising young artists.

2. Art students across Europe were asked to submit works that depicted their own interpretation of ‘now’.

3. The public are now invited to submit their own interpretations of ‘now’ to the This is Now Flickr group.

4. Launching in October, the Fiesta content portal will enable visitors to browse the project’s entire collection of images, create a unique mash up that defines ‘now’ for them and share it with the world.

Sony Chocolate

Client: Sony
Director: Tronic
Animation: Tronic
Editorial Company: Tronic
Music: Nylon

Nintendo DS

Advertising Agency: ALERTE ORANGE / PARIS / FRANCE
Executive Creative Director: OLIVIER BODEUR
Creative Directors: PHILIPPE VALLET
Art Director: Christopher Hittinger
Digital Retouch: DAVID BONENFANT