Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bose Sound System: Jim

Bose Sound System: Madonna

Bose Sound System: Madonna
Art director: Nirmalya Chakraborty
Copywriter: Sanjeev Anand

Anti Smoking Help Line: Suicide

It's called suicide because it's your choice.
Give up smoking: 0 8008 700 700
Advertising Agency: Mercury 360, Bucharest, Romania
Art Director: Andrei Nedea
Copywriter: Cristian Scurtu
Photographer: Ola Bell
Creative Group Director: Liviu Turcanu

Friends of the Earth: Polar bear

The earth is heating up.
Sign the petition on the and ask the Belgian government for a strong climate law.
Advertising Agency: TBWA\Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director: Jan Macken
Art Director: Jeroen Bostoen
Copywriter: Pol Sierens
Account: Jochen De Greef, Yannick Van Keer
Photographer: Mark Paeps
3D & Retouching: The Living Room

Baygon: Gecko

No more mosquitos and flying insects.
Advertising Agency: K I D, Bangkok, Thailand
Creative Director / Art Director: Puripong Limwanatipong
Copywriter: Vanboon Sankhavadhana
Photographer: 68 Studio co., Ltd.
Designer/ Illustration: Chaiyaporn Benyakusol
Retouching: Somporn Inthong, Wanchai Suttikitiwong
Other additional credit: Wareemon Benjapong

Nissan: Healthier

Nissan: Healthier
Start a healthier relationship.
Advertising Agency: JMD Communications, Santurce, Puerto Rico
Creative Director: Carlos Dávila
Art Director: Rafael Rodríguez
Jr. Art Director: Adalberto Torres
Copywriter: Brenda Rosario
Photographer: Reynaldo Torres, VRey Studio
Production House: Latitude
Producer: Santos Rivera
Director: Angel Traverso

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sony Blue Ray HD: Fly

Advertising Agency: TBWA Perú
Creative Director / Copywriter: Cosi Santibañez
Art Directors: Celso Zelada, Carlos Pastor
Account Executive: Elizabeth Armas
Producer: Juan Zevallos

ALS Association (Lou Gehrig's Disease): Laces

Help find a cure for Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS). To donate call 800-672-8857.

Advertising Agency: BBDO New York, USA
Agency website:
Creative Directors: Frank Anselmo, Jayson Atienza
Art Directors: Jeseok Yi, Jayson Atienza, Frank Anselmo
Copywriters: Frank Anselmo, Jayson Atienza, Jeseok Yi
Chief Creative Officers: David Lubars, Bill Bruce

IMIP: Decide

Advertising Agency: Ampla, Recife, Brazil
Creative Director: Manuel Cavalcanti
Art Director: Humberto Montenegro
Copywriter: Juliana Lisboa
Illustrator: Queiroz
Photographer: Thomas Baccaro
Image: Erick Levay

Tonocal: Girl

Philosophy from the point of view of the existence.
Studying is easier. Tonocal. Strengthen your intellectual performance.
Advertising Agency: DDB, Montevideo, Uruguay
Creative Director: Pablo Alvarez
Art Directors: Pablo Alvarez, Carito Díaz
Copywriters: Pablo Alvarez, Alan Grunewald
Illustrator: Oscar Scotellaro
Photographer: Sebastián Rivas

Diunsa: UFO

Some things you really can believe.
50% off in all stores.
Advertising Agency: Publicidad Comercial Lowe Honduras
General Creative Director: Juan Jesús Martínez
Creative Director / Copywriter / Art Director / Illustrator: Enrique Zaldivar
Published: June 2008

Mercedes-Benz: Empty/Full

Mercedes-Benz: Empty/Full
A Diesel engine makes all difference in the fuel consumption. ML 320 CDI with new Diesel engine 224hp.
Advertising Agency: Duecom, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Creative Director / Art Director: Juliano Weide
Copywriters: João Ricardo Mello, Duda Couto

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Harbour House Crabs: Shell game

Fresh off the boat.
Advertising Agency: Neiman Group, Philadelphia, USA
Creative Director: Hutson Kovanda
Art Director: Spink
Copywriter: John Gilbert
Retoucher: Ed Zeiler
Photographer: Tom Cwenar

Responsible Young Drivers: Joint

Your driver's licence. Your grey cells. Your life. Amazing what you can loose by smoking a simple joint.
Advertising Agency: AB, Waregem, Belgium
Creative Director: Piet Coucke
Art Director: Mike Bral
Copywriter: Marc Pauwels
Photographer: Efie Degrande

Amboss: Haircut

Precision scissors.
Advertising Agency: Saint Elmo's, Munich, Germany
Creative Director: Markus Wälde
Art Directors: Daniel Rödel, Francika Tidlacka, Barbara Franke
Copywriter: Nicolai Herrmann
Illustrator: Philipp Obermayer
Photographer: Igor Siwanowicz

Orange: House

Support your team.
Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France
Art Director: Pascale Gayraud
Photographer: Olivier Amsellem
Art Buyer: Annebelle Potin

Pedigree Dentastix: Against bad breath

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Fabrizio Russo
Art Director: Rossana Tocchi
Copywriter: Mara Rizzetto

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Seafood International Market and Restaurant: Mermaid

If it swims, we have it.
Advertising Agency: forte identity design, Singapore
Art Director: Albert Lee
Copywriter: Xu Zhiwei
Photographer: Wei Ming, Stardust
Digital Imaging: Chew Peng, Stardust


Advertiser/Client: MONSTER.COM
Entrant Company, City: JWT HK, Hong Kong
Country: HONG KONG
Advertising Agency, City: JWT HK, Hong Kong
Country: HONG KONG
Executive Creative Director: Steven Lee
Creative Director: Kwong Chi Kit/Barbara Fu
Copywriter: Cheung Yee Mui/Steven Lee
Art Director: Arthur Tse/Ciff Luk
Photographer: Tim Lau
Account Supervisor: Macy Ng
Other Credits: Colin Chan

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

HP: Exhibit yourself

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France
Creative Director: Olivier Altmann
Art Director: Nicolas Ermakoff
Copywriters: Nicolas Ermakoff, Sam Bordjosky
Photographer: Mathieu Deluc
Retouch: Le Bureau

Nivea Sun: Library

The sun goes wherever you go.
AGENCY:TBWA/Frederick, Chile
CLIENT/PRODUCT: Nivea Sun, self-tan lotion
ART DIRECTOR: Gonzalo Arévalo
COPYWRITER: Cristian López
ILLUSTRATOR: Osvaldo Salazar, Gonzalo Arévalo

Werner Hi-Fi store: Eye

Advertising Agency: Raimon Estrada, Barcelona, Spain
Copywriter / Photographer / Creative Director: Raimon Estrada
Published: December 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Norwegian Snowboard Association

The Norwegian Snowboard Association
Parklife: Playground

The city is your playground.
Advertising Agency: Uncle Grey, Oslo, Norway
Creative Director: Frank Nystuen

New York Film Academy: Popcorn

Want to write something good for the cinema?
Advertising Agency: Red Cell, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Roberto vella, Stefano Longoni
Art Director: Paola Bussa
Copywriter: Simona Laudisa
Photographer: Mauro Turatti

Eurostar: Hallucinating

Advertising Agency: leg., France
Creative Director / Copywriter: Gabriel Gaultier
Art Director / Illustrator: Christophe Dru

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Federal Ministry for the Environment: Whale

Advertising Agency: KNSK Werbeagentur, Germany
Creative Directors: Anke Winschewski, Tim Krink, Niels Holle
Copywriters: Kurt Müller-Fleischer, Irina Schüller
Art Directors: Bill Yom, Nathalie Krüger

Yie Yun Express: SWAT

Advertising Agency: Firstell Communications, Shanghai, China
Creative Directors: Murphy Chou, Rich Shiue
Art Directors: Rich Shiue, Jonnal Chang, Lii Chiagn, Kens Cao
Copywriters: Murphy Chou, Giant Kung
Photographers: Lai, Jer-I