Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yarra Trams: Juggler

Unfortunately life doesn't come with safety handles to save you from a fall.
Our trams do.
When you get on. Hold on.

Advertising Agency: Helsinki Agency, Melbourne Australia
Creative Director: John Hillier
Art Director: Mikey Tucker
Copywriter: Julian Penwright
Photographer: Garry Moore
Account Director: Susie Cotterill

Malmö högskola: It all started in the sand box

It all started in the sand box.
If you always had great visions, here is a solid start to your career.
Learn more about Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering on

Advertising Agency: Eight, Malmö, Sweden
Art Director: Mats Tejre
Copywriter: Agnes Thunell
Account Director: Anne Ketelsen
Final art: Kristoffer Klintberg, Petra Jensen
Published: March 2011

SOS Fauna: Elevator

Advertising Agency: Media Contacts / Havas Digital, Brazil
Creative: Felipe Cirino
Art Director: Neto Nogawa
Creative Director: Luis R. Constantino
Account Manager: Andre Felix
Planner: André Furtado, Allan Alves
Procution Company: Fulano Filmes
Film Director: João Papa
Producer: Ana Rodrigues
Editor: Flávio Eidi
Photographer: André Dip
Sound designer: Cabaret

Friday, April 15, 2011

One Eyeland Ranking

Caesar Lima
One Eyeland US Rank #16
Global Ranking #46


Go beyond your world

Advertising Agency: Publicis Activ, Marseille, France
Creative Director: Eric Guilloux
Art Director: Benoit Filliat
Copywriter: Julien Meurisse
Photographer: Studio Habousha

Mint Vinetu Bookstore: Become Someone Else

Become Someone Else. Pick your hero at Mint Vinetu

Advertising Agency: Love Agency, Vilnius, Lithuania
Creative Director: Tomas Ramanauskas
Art Director: Gediminas Saulis
Copywriter: Tomas Ramanauskas

Bic Phone: Baby

Your replacement cell phone, just in case.

Advertising Agency: Ignition K, Madrid, Spain
Creative Director: David Moure
Art Director: Manuel Martínez Soler
Copywriter: Victoria León García
Illustrator: Manuel Martínez Soler

Bayer Aspirin: Bombs

Advertising Agency: PKP BBDO, Vienna, Austria
Creative Director: Christian Gosch
Art Director: Karl Royer
Illustrator: Julia Müller-Maenher
Photographer: Christoph Meissner
Published: March 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

NP Editorial Fashion shoot

Model: Sydney (Photogenics)
Photographer: Caesar Lima
Nail Tech: Vicki Peters
Hair: Will Carillo
Makeup: Marco Beradini
Fashion: Karie Frost
Art direction: Patty Quon
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Latin Wagon

0 to burrito in 60 seconds.

Don't go confusing it with the blood mobile.

Advertising Agency: Bohan, Nashville, USA
Creative Directors: Dave Smith, Jon Arnold
Art Director: Brian Feeney
Copywriter: Dave Smith

First Floor Under Magazine: Piracy, Jimi Hendrix

Advertising Agency: FirstFloorUnder TBWA\Italy, Milan Italy
Creative Directors: Francesco Guerrera, Nicola Lampugnani
Art Director: Moreno De Turco
Copywriter: Mirco Pagano
Photographer: FM Photographers

Du Pareil

Ramajean jeans with strengthened seams

Hulot pullover with adjustable neck-opening

Advertising Agency: Isobar, France
Creative Director: Jean-Christophe Manfredi
Art Director: Sébastien Crublet
Copywriter: Damien Liot
Photographer: Louis Descamps

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Audi Quattro: Alpine

Audi Quattro is an intelligent all-wheel drive system that continuously distributes power to the wheels while sensing the road surface. That's how you get constant traction, unsurpassed dynamics and catlike response - even on the toughest runs during winter.

Advertising Agency: Bates United, Oslo, Norway
Creative Director: Thorbjørn Naug
Art Director: Thorbjørn Naug
Copywriter: Jørgen Lauré
Photographer: Glenn Røkeberg
Account Executive: Tor Anton Bjørge
Mac Operator: Glen Eric Kolva
Published: January 2011

The commercial titled Alpine was done by Bates United Oslo advertising agency for Audi Quattro (for Audi) in Norway. It was released in the April 2011. Business sector is Cars.

Uno Stacko: Queen

One mistake can blow it all. Uno Stacko.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bogotá, Colombia, USA
Chief Creative Officer: John Raúl Forero
Creative Executive Director: Juan José Posada
Creative Directors: Mauricio Guerrero, Diego Cárdenas
Copywriter: Julián Gutiérrez
Art Directors: Andrés López, Daniel Mora, Rigo Abello
Photographers: Carlos Gaviria, Nicolás Quevedo
Art Buyer: David Alvarado
Account Executive: Fabio Quiroga
Production: Rhayuela Films

Cathay Pacific Airways, The new Business Class

The new Business Class

Advertising Agency: McCann Worldgroup, Hong Kong
Executive Creative Director: Thierry Halbroth
Assoc Creative Director: Anita Ng
Senior Copywriter: Don Ellis
Art Director: Kato Tsang
Producer: Mark Cumming / Shoot Logistics
Retoucher: Bon Leung Limited
Photographer: Pete Seaward

ONG Conservação Internacional: Lipstick

When they speak, we listen.
Conservação Internacional

Advertising Agency: Africa, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Sergio Gordilho, Flavio Waiteman, Humberto Fernandez, Rafael Pitanguy
Art Director: Gabriel Jardim
Copywriter: Vinicius Bandeira
Illustrator: Paige Thompson
Photographer: Paige Thompson

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Papercut Magazine shoot preview
model: Heather Depriest from Pinkerton Models
Make up by Veronica Hernandez
Wardrobe by Annie Funn
Hair by Daven

Mitsubishi: Lion

Advertising Agency: Africa, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Sergio Gordilho, Flavio Waiteman, Humberto Fernandez, Rafael Pitanguy
Art Directors: Bernardo Romero, Humerto Fernandez
Copywriters: Rafael Pitanguy, Ricardo Dolla
Photographer: Platinum FMD

Copella: The fruit of our knowledge, Ascot

Egremont Russet. Idared. Ribston Pippin. It’s not how they finished at Ascot, but how apples start out at Boxford Farm. The fruit of our knowledge.

Advertising Agency: DDBUK, London, UK
Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Art Director: Feargal Ballance
Copywriter: Patrick McClelland
Designer: Pete Mould
Photographer: Robert Leveritt
Planner: Ami Smith
Account Manager: Peter Gooch
Account Executive: Flemming Lerche

Compassionate Care Veterinary Clinic: Shelter dog

Advertising Agency: Bohan, Nashville, USA
Creative Directors: Dave Smith, Jon Arnold
Art Director: Jim Valosik
Copywriter: Dave Smith
Photographer: Jim Valosik

Yamaha: Gorilla

Yamaha: Gorilla
Some make a jungle of the road.
You are better off buying a scooter and receiving a free driving course.
Yamaha Motorcycles Costa Rica is offering free driving lessons to anyone who purchases a new scooter motorcycle. Therefore, the street wont be filled with animals driving.
Advertising Agency: Smart, San José, Costa Rica
Creative Director: Marco A. Castro
Art Director: Jorge Corrales
Copywriter: Carolina Alvarado
Illustrator: Jorge Corrales

New Ark Mission of India

Winter collection

It's the winter months that takes its most violent toll on India's poor. After long hot summers, the poor are really not ready for the extreme cold that follows. On top of this, street children and beggars are a blind spot we rarely acknowledge. So what we did was dress up street kids in their usual everyday clothes (made from discarded newspapers, sacking, cardboard) and photographed them walking the ramp. This juxtaposition of the usual in an unusual setting, startled and woke people up. The campaign was executed as a series of posters, standees and eDMs in Corporate offices and Churches. The client was hoping for about 3500 sets of clothes. However, they were overwhelmed when they received over 6000 sets of clothes as well as significant monetary contributions.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore, India
Chief Creative Officer: Piyush Pandey
Executive Creative Director: Ajanta Barker
Creative Directors: Gautam Dev, Neel Roy
Art Director: Siju RS
Photographer: Senthil Kumar
Producer: Mubina Vaziralli

Monday, April 11, 2011

Aigle: Elephant

At home in nature.

Advertising Agency: EURO RSCG, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Rémi Babinet
Creative Director / Art Director: Florence Bellisson

Zoo Cologne: Happy Easter Eggs, Penguin

Happy Easter
Kölner Zoo

Advertising Agency: Preuss und Preuss, Berlin, Germany
Creative Director: Michael Preuss
Art Directors: Zuzana Havelcova, Christine Briese
Graphics: Julia Becker
Copywriter: Michael Preuss
Consultant: Nina Preuss, Janina Gutermann
Published: April 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Papercut Magazine shoot

Papercut Magazine shoot preview
model: Heather Depriest from Pinkerton Models
Make up by Veronica Hernandez
Wardrobe by Annie Funn
Hair by Daven


Volkswagen BlueMotion: Amsterdam

Fill the tank with a trip from Oslo to Amsterdam

Advertising Agency: TRY Advertising Agency, Oslo, Norway
Creative Directors: Thorbjørn Ruud, Petter Bryde
Art Director: Thorbjørn Ruud
Copywriter: Petter Bryde
Photographer: Thomas Bråten

Kimura Gym: Self-defense, Muay

Self defense is to defend yourself from you.

Advertising Agency: Coletivodedois, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Leonardo Parnes, James Williams
Art Director: James Williams
Copywriter: Leonardo Parnes
Illustrator: Vitor Negreiro

SATS Gym: Situps

Advertising Agency: PS Agency, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Pål Roos
Art Directors: Johan Angantyr, Viktor Andersson, Kent Lovén
Copywriters: Cia Säflund, Igor Smurawa, Johan Lindman
Photographer: Patrik Engström
Published: April 2011