Saturday, April 18, 2009

Levi's Button Fly Jeans

Levi's Button Fly Jeans: Standing
Media: Print
Country: India
Ad Info: Client: Levi's India
Agency: Fisheye Creative Solutions, Bangalore
hotographer: Tejal Patni
Creative Director: Robert Anthoney
Copywriter: Robert Anthoney
Art Director: prem shankar
CEO & Strategy Head: Dave Banerjee

Dermaclay: No imperfection

Conceals all facial imperfections.
Advertising Agency: Air, Bruxelles, Belgium
Creative Director: Véronique Sels
Art Director: Marie-Laure Cliquennois
Copywriter: Grégory Ginterdaele
Photographer: Marc Paeps
Retouching: Living Room

Friday, April 17, 2009

Not For Sale: Modern Abe

Modern day slavery needs modern day Abes. There are more slaves today than at any other time in history. Join the new abolitionist movement at
Advertising Agency: Martin|Williams, Minneapolis, USA
Executive Creative Director: Tom Moudry
Creative Directors: Jim Henderson, Lyle Wedemeyer
Art Director: Toby Balai
Copywriter: Chris Gault
Photographer: R. Jerome Ferraro
Digital Artist: Brad Palm
Published: January 2009

Bocage: Beach

Bocage: Shower

Advertising Agency: H-Paris. France
Creative Director: Benoit Devarrieux
Art Directors / Copywriters: Nicolas Poillot, Philippe Boucheron
Photographer: Kourtney Roy

2009 Small Business Conference: Journey

There is no well-worn road to travel on the way to small business success. There are no reliable traveler's guides, no maps, no obvious road signs. The small business owner is forced to either go it alone, or collaborate with peers in an effort to find the safest, most effective route to success. The COSE SBC is an event that can help small business owners better understand the terrain of business by interacting with peers as they take part in seminars, listen to speakers and attend a tradeshow all designed to help them find the right roads along the route to success.
Advertising Agency: Polkadotpeeps, Akron, USA
Creative Director: David Sutula
Sr. Art Director: Phong Nguyen
Art Director / Photographer: Lenny Vella
Copywriters: David Sutula, Sophie Nemethy
Published: April 2009

Volkswagen: Childhood

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Chris Gotz
Art Director: Jennifer Macfarlane
Copywriter: Cuan Cronwright
Illustrator: Morgan van Heerden
Photographer: Xander Ferreira

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Warsaw Metropolitan Police: Girl

Thinking saves lives. Wear a helmet.
Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson Polska, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Director: Teresa Biernacka
Art Directors / Copywriters: Lukasz Kotlinski, Iza Przepiorska-Kotlinska
Illustrator: Krzysztof Ostrowski
Account Managers: Mikolaj Dragovic, Anna Stawska

Inlingua Singapore: Shocked

Build a strong vocabulary.
Advertising Agency: 3-Sixty Brand Communications
Art Director: Stez Chong
Copywriter: Jeremy Lesslar
Photographer: Collin, BlackStudio

WWF: Fish

Stop climate change before it changes you.
Advertising Agency: Germaine, Antwerp, Belgium
Creative Director: André Plaisir
Art Director: Gilles Stienon
Copywriter: Geerard Van de Walle
Photographer: Christophe Gilbert

Hamley's Toy Store

H/L: Mecca St. The way your children see it.

The world's most magical children's store is now on Mecca St.

Agency: TeamY&R Amman
Creative: Creative Department

Metlink: Hat

Public transport. Part of the spring racing carnival.

Advertising Agency: Marmalade, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director / Copywriter: Neil Mallet
Art Director: Tim Forte
Photographer: Chris von Menge
Retouching: Electric Art
Model Maker: Nicholas McColl

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mbellish comfort pillows: Foreplay

Puts you to sleep, instantly.
Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, India
Creative Director: Suhas Parab
Art Director: Vihar Patkar
Copywriter: Thoppil Paul
Photographer: Hardeep Sachdev
Other additional credits: Vinayak Kurade

Museum of communism: Stalin

Offer to visit our museum of communism - it is for prague tourist.

Copywriter: Lubomir Kopecko
Creative Director: Eda Kauba
Art Director: Jan Tamchyna
Advertiser Supervisor: Glenn Spicker
Design: Lukas Pospichal

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Virgin Radio: Subway

Give your radio a reason to live.
Advertising Agency: zig
Executive Creative Director: Martin Beauvais
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Jason Hill
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Michael Murray
Strategic Planner: Lynn Sivec
Team Leader: Sheri Hachey
Photographer: Michael Graf
Producer: Tristan Tran

Venus Razors: Seriously smooth legs, Wedding

Advertising Agency: CLM BBDO, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: David Lubars
Creative Directors: Rohan Young, David Guerrero
Creative: Rohan Young
Photographer: Jonathan Tay

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ace: Chess

White wins.
AGENCY: Grey İstanbul
CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Engin Kafadar, Tuğbay Bilbay, Ergin Binyıldız
ART DIRECTOR: Dide Hersekli

Nike Sportswear: Windrunner

Nike’s retro windrunner jacket gets the Jonas & François touch in this new online film with production by El Nino in Paris.

Client: Nike
Production Company: El Nino, Paris
Director/Editor: Jonas & Franois
Producer: Delphine Rodet
Director of Photography: Matthieu Plainfoss
Post Producer: Anne Sgrettin
Editors: Jonas & François

Angie Mason Site Update

Artist Angie Mason recently gave us a heads up that she updated her site with new art from the past year! Mason’s melancholic creations reflect a harsh world that is simultaneously threatening and humorous. Mason has exhibited all over the globe with her emotionally charged pieces featuring outsiders trapped in a fairytale world. As an extension of the human condition, each creation Mason conjures up seems to take on a life of its own.

Soma: Girl

Coffee Bar/ Wine Bar
Advertising Agency: Rethink Communications, Canada
Creative Directors: Chris Staples, Ian Grais
Art Director: David de Haas
Copywriter: Katie Ainsworth
Illustrator: Steve Pinter
Other additional credits: Chris Raedcher

Pirelli: High-chair

Pirelli's growth is also yours. Pirelli is the multinational tyre industry leader which can make the best practitioners out of the more brilliant graduates.
Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Milan, Italy
Creative Executive Directors: Enrico Dorizza, Sergio Rodriguez
Creative Director: Stefano Volpi
Art Director: Roberto Piazza
Copywriter: Davide Valenti
Photographer: Davide Bodini


Play with yourself.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Directors: Tugbay Bilbay, Engin Kafadar
Creative Group Head: Ilhami Duman
Art Directors: Tunc Tuncer, İsmail Koç
Copywriter: Selcuk Akyuz
Illustrator: Magic Group NL
Photographer: Erwin Olaf

Samsung CCTV: Wide angle

Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul, Korea
Creative Director: Joungrack Lee
Art Director: Jaewon Choi
Photographer: Junghoe Kim

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Black Betty: Bitch

Advertising Agency: BBDO Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Quentin Arendse
Art Directors / Illustrators: John Letherbarrow, Agata Niemkiewicz
Copywriters: Hilton Mashonga, Richard Lamb-Hughs

Intrecci Hairdressing: Statue

Intrecci Hairdressing: Statue
Media: Print
Country: Italy
Ad Info: Agency: D’Adda, Lorenzini, Vigorelli, BBDO, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Federico Pepe, Stefania Siani
Art Director: Federico Pepe, Luca Menozzi
Photographer/Illustrator: Stefano Torresani

Lexus LX570: Snow

Lexus LX570: Snow
Media: Print
Country: Australia
Ad Info: Tagline: Where luxury has never been before. The LX570.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Australia
Creative Director: Steve Back
Art Director: Eron Broughton
Copywriter: Steve May
Retoucher: Mark Sterne
Photographer: Alan Mc Fetridge
Other additional credits: Jupiter Images