Saturday, June 13, 2009


CoolIris, once known as PicLens, is a browser add-on that allows users to surf the Web graphically. The News category, for example, appears as a scrolling, three-dimensional wall of thumbnails. Choose one thumbnail and the image expands to fill most of the screen, revealing a caption and a link to the news page on which the photo appears. Instead of choosing content according to the headlines, Internet users can find what they want based on images. So far, the application has been downloaded 10 million times and is used by photo enthusiasts, as well as tech types and “avid mainstream media consumers,” says the company.

One of the channels that CoolIris offers is called Photos of the Day. While some of the images in that channel are sourced from premium providers like AFP and Getty, since March 6, 100 photos each day have been selected from user contributions submitted by photographers through the company’s Flickr group. Selections are made on the basis of quality and relevance, and the top photos are released throughout the day within hours of being submitted.

WWF: Blood

Don't buy exotic animal souvenirs.
Advertising Agency: LOWE GGK, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Directors: Kinga Grzelewska, Marcin Nowak
Art Directors: Giedymin Jabłoński, Maciek Trybek
Copywriter: Patryk Michon
Photographer: Igor Omulecki

Volkswagen Touareg: Tree

Just like you, he'd rather not stand out.
Touareg. Goes without saying.
Advertising Agency: Fogel Ogilvy, Israel
Creative Director: Guy Goren
Art Director: Tomer Zakai
Copywriter: Tomer Abramovitz
Illustrator: Yaniv Shahar

K-Lynn Lingerie: Bra

Executive Creative Director: Chafic Haddad
Copywriter: Rania Makarem / Sally Tambourgi
Art Director: Rania Makarem / Sally Tambourgi
Photographer: Tina Patni
Account Supervisor: Celine Zaynoun
Advertiser's Supervisor: Christopher Karam

Friday, June 12, 2009


Agency: Young & Rubicam Paris
Photographer: Romain Laurent
Retoucher: Pierrick/Sparklink
Creative Director: Les Six
Art Director: Guillaume Auboyneau
Copywriter: Guillaume Auboyneau
Country: France
Art buyer : Sylvie Reveillard

GasX: Relieves embarrassment

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Brett Channer
Art Director: Basil Douglas Cowieson
Copywriter: Tal Wagman
Photographer: Philip Rostron

Surfrider Foundation: Trash

Help us keep the ocean clean.

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Paris, France
Creative Director: Les Six
Art Directors: Guillaume Auboyneau, Cedric Quissola
Copywriter: Pierre-Philippe Sardon
Photographer: Romain Laurent
Retouching: Graziella / Asile
Art Buyer: Sylvie Reveillard

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Super Bock Abadia Rubi: Foie Gras

Super Bock Abadia Rubi. Turns foie-gras into a masterpiece.

Advertising Agency: Caldas Naya, Barcelona, Spain
Creative Director: Gustavo Caldas
Art Director: Oriol Sendra
Copywriters: Roberto Castro, Gustavo Caldas
Photographers: Mike Diver, Pedro Aguilar (United Kingdom)
Account Director: Fabiana Casañas
Client Supervisors: Paulo Valentim, Maria Joao Monteiro

Decathlon: Biking

Agency: Young & Rubicam, Paris, France
Creative Director: Les six
Art Director / Copywriter: Guillaume Auboyneau
Photographer: Romain Laurent
Art Buyer: Sylvie Reveillard
Retouching: Pierrick, Sparklink

Mahua TV: Battle

Who'll win this battle of music?
Starting 5th June, every Saturday and Sunday at 8.30pm onwards.

Sur-sangraam is a new reality show on Mahua TV. The program aims to discover the best singer through a singing competition. After rounds of elimination, where each participant will try to defeat the other with their musical talents, the final winner would emerge. This campaign was done to bring to foreground the fighting spirit of the participants, and therefore how exciting the show would be.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon, India
Creative Directors: Shailender Mahajan, Divya Bhatia
Art Director: Krishnapriya Dutta Gupta
Copywriter: Anu Gulati
Photographer: Neeraj Mahajan
Other additional credits: Amir Siddiqui, Glitz
Published: June 2009

20th Century Fox: Look

Trying to pull with the Ashton Kutcher "sensitive yet mean" look.
For two hours. Everything seems so easy.

Advertising Agency: Tiempo BBDO Madrid, Spain
Creative Director / Copywriter: Pedro Rego
Art Director: Aurora Hidalgo
Executive Creative Director: Andrés Martínez

The Green Party Of Finland: The Courageous Greens

Courage is to understand diversity.

Advertising Agency: Taivas, Finland
Art Director: Jyrki Poutanen
Copywriter: Timo Silvennoinen
Graphic Designer: Fredrik Stürmer
Agency Producers: David Gamrasni, Päivi Tuomisto
Illustrator: Rami Niemi
Photographer: Juuso Westerlund
Additional credits: WhiteSheep, AddLife

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Best Golf Cars: Adults

Advertising Agency: The Brandon Agency
Creative Director: Chris Vestal
Art Director: Jon Leon
Copywriter: James Rosene
Retouching Company: Hacjob
Photographer: Matt Silk

Nutri Balance: Husband

Bad food, bad dog. All the vitamins, all the flavor.

Advertising Agency: Prolam Y&R Santiago, Santiago, Chile
Executive Creative Director: Tony Sarroca
Regional Executive Creative Director: Guillermo Vega
Creative Directors: Francisco Cavada, Alvaro Becker
Art Directors: Fabrizio Capraro, Andres Echeverria
Digital Retoucher / Illustrator: Raul Pardo
Account Supervisor: Juan Carlos Meza

Meters/bonwe: Transfashion

Follow me, follow fashion.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Shanghai, China
Creative Directors: Eddie Booth, Attlee Ku, Tao Lei
Art Directors: Handsome Wong, Yorke Zhang, Gordon Wong
Copywriters: Flora Feng, Peny Lee
Illustrator: Handsome Wong

"Autumn's Delights"

Scott Brooks (his Bitter Pill is shown above,) Andy Haynes, and Marie Barr join forces to present a group show titled Autumn's Delights at Distinction Gallery. Yep, it's already autumn. We don't know where the summer went either, but just get over it and enjoy the fact that Distinction is putting on a great show in honor of the delights of fall.
Opening October 11, Autumn's Delights will remain on view through November 1, 2008. Make sure to hit up the reception with these great artists on October 11, from 6-11 pm. But, if you can’t actually make it out to the Gallery in person, we snagged a sneak peek just for you.

London Design Festival

Wonsuk Cho's work was very popular at the Designersblock exhibition, especially the X Ray lights and the Movement Bookcase with its bendable limbs. Taschide also had an excellent display of new pendant lamps and knitted Sea Urchin cushions. The Solar Sanctuary shade canopy from Jo Angell was a fabulous piece of work that hung over the stairs for all to admire (the colours were perfect). The idea behind the modular canopy is to provide easy-access shade where needed.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

AquaMagazine: Crazy for Fish

Advertising Agency: Imaginera, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: André Berriel
Art Director: Ricardo André
Copywriter: Nei Pelizzon

Skins: Defy genetics

Advertising Agency: The Furnace, Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Rob Martin Murphy
Head of Art: Paul Fenton
Art Director: Anna Short
Copywriter: Jessica Thompson
Photographer: Andreas Smetana
Retoucher: Electric Art

WMF Knives: Fish

Advertising Agency: Linsad, Malaysia
Creative Director / Art Director: Eugene Yap
Copywriter: Michell Peter
Illustrator: Anson Wong
Photographer: Chris Chong

Monday, June 8, 2009


Client: Marzocchi
Photography: Caesar Lima
Art director: Neil Vilppu
Model: Brittney Hasting
Make up: Veronica Hernandez
Digital Imaging: Pixelpasta
Photo assistant: Tiffany Wardinsky
Casting director: Michael Lane

Levi's Kids: Muffet

Agency: BBH Asia Pacific
Executive Regional Creative Director: Steve Elrick
Creative Director: Todd Waldron
Art Director: Eirma Webster
Copywriter: Angie Featherstone
Illustrator: Tye Sok Kuan
Visualisers: Ken Lee, Heng Loong Loh
Account Management: Frances Great, Lesley-Anne John
Production: Asmanic Yang, D'or Tey

Volvo XC90: Snow White

The Volvo XC90. With seven seats. Sorry.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG South Africa
Creative Director: James Daniels
Art Director: Laura May Vale
Copywriter: Justin Wanliss
Photographer: Clive Stewart

Mr. Min: Pinocchio

The new fragrance for wood.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG South Africa
Creative Director: James Daniels
Art Director: Laura May Vale
Copywriter: Justin Wanliss
Illustrator: Clive Kirk

Long's Horseradish: Close encounters

Advertising Agency: When Gee, Seoul, South Korea
Creative Director: Tai-il, Lee
Art Directors: Jeong -gon, Kang, Mi-sun, Kim
Designer: Seong-kuk, Jeon
Copywriter: Jong-hwan, Choi
Released: February 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor works from home in Dundee, Scotland. He describes Candykiller as "a collection of illustrations, design ideas, and assorted visual ramblings". The work is inspired by a multitude of things including trading cards, old advertising mascots, cheap novelties, Japanese pop culture, vintage cartoons, plastic toys, underground comix and sideshows.

Primus Beer: War

The day of Primus with your buddies is the day of Primus with your buddies.
Agency: Lew´Lara\TBWA
Creative Director: André Laurentino, Victor Sant´Anna, Felipe Luchi, Jaques Lewkowicz
Art Director: Leo Claret
Copywriter: Toni Fernades
Country: Brazil
Graphic Production:: Marcos Pedra
Account Team: Marcio Oliveira, Ricardo Forli, Rodrigo Bochicchio e Felipe Oliveira.
Photo: Gustavo Lacerda/ FURIA

Museum of Communism: Lenin

Museum of Communism: Lenin
Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Director: Daniel Ruzicka
Photographer: Jaime Mandelbaum
Retouch: Furia
Make up / SFX: Brian Wade

Repsol YPF: The legend continues

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Madrid, Spain
Creative General Director: Nicolás Hollander
Cretive Directors: Gil Blancafort, Blanca Gomara
Art Director: Gil Blancafort
Photographer: Dimitri Daniloff