Saturday, October 4, 2008

Urban Toy

The Arts Council of the Conejo Valley Presents:
The Art of Photography Show
In the Galleria at the Hillcrest Center for the Arts
Oct 1- Dec 14, 2008
Artist Reception:
Saturday, October4, 2008 4-6 PM
For more info call 805 381-2747
Urban Toys
photography by Caesar Lima
Digital Imaging: Pixelpasta

MB: Test

Advertising agency: FHV BBDO (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Agency website:
Campaign target: Pink Ribbon advises women to no longer perform monthly breast self-examinations.
Mercedes-Benz supports Pink Ribbon and placed a 1/1 advertisement in the magazine.
The theme of this year’s advertisement is ‘self-examination is good, but examination by experts is better’.

Just like last year’s placement, this advertisement focuses on the correlation between breast cancer research and the research that Mercedes continually conducts to make its cars safer for people.

Art Director: Joris van Elk
Copywriter: Mark Muller
Account: Bas Verdoorn
Client: Peter Zijlstra
Photography: Jaap Vliegenthart
Retouch: Souverein

Folha Top 10's Travel Guides: New York

We selected only the best spots for your trip.
Advertising Agency: Africa, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Nizan Guanaes, Sergio Gordilho, Fabio Seidl, Bruno Brasil
Art Director: Bruno Brasil
Copywriter: Fabio Seidl
Photographer: AGB, Keystock, Raul Raichtailer

Friday, October 3, 2008

Philips Intimate Massager

Philips discovered that many loving couples want to experiment together, but are put off by current offerings and retail environments. Designed for couples aged 35+ in committed relationships, the Intimate Massager range allows couples to purchase beautifully designed modern products through trusted retailers such as Boots, Selfridges, and online at

Brand: Philips Intimate Massager
Agency: DDB London
Photographer: Giles Revell
Executive Creative Director: Neil Dawson
Creative Director: Neil Dawson
Art Director: Peter Heyes
Copywriter: Matt Lee
Country: United Kingdom

Karlsons Universal Glue: Goldfish

Advertising Agency: Storåkers McCann, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Director: Storåkers
Copywriter: Storakers
Photographer: Emil Larsson
Production Company: Adamsky

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Seguro Mascota - Perro

TITLE: Seguro Mascota - Perro
AGENCY: Sepia, Santiago, Chile
CLIENT/PRODUCT: Seguro Mascota
ART DIRECTOR: Pape Palacios, Lucho Ramírez
COPYWRITER: Alberto Osorio

Somat: Caviar

Advertising Agency: BBDO Moscow, Russia
Art Director / Copywriter: Holger Paasch
Photographer: Ivan Frolov
Food stylist: Pavel Rogozin

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ads of the World: Bush

Ads of the World: Bush
Maybe you've got a winner. Maybe you've just got a previous winner. See for yourself at the Ads of the World archive.
Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Ireland


Canvas 24p is now participating in DIESEL's 30 years world party.
They'll broadcast live from São Paulo, via sattelite, to DIESEL's website on Oct 11. It'll be more than 5 hours, together with Tokyo, New York, Paris, Amsterdam and 12 other cities.
Canvas also produced a film introducing São Paulo's party, showing the backstage of film and TV production under an irreverent look:
title: Diesel XXX Brazil
production company: Canvas 24p Filmes
director: Wiland Pinsdorf
executive producer: Simone Esser Pinsdorf
CG: Letícia Onizuka
sound: Loud/Felipe Vassão

one year old

Today we're celebrating our first pixelpasta blog anniversary!
We've grown from 500 to 30,000 monthly hits.
Almost 2,000 posts, featuring the best visual artists in the world, amazing photographers, illustrators, art directors, designers and retouchers. I would like to invite you to participate and let us know how we could improve, send us your best work.
Thank you for your support.

Caesar Lima

Sao Paulo State Government: Woman + Baby

There is something worst than a hangover on the following morning: regret.
Don't drink and drive.
Advertising Agency: Lua Branca, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Rodrigo Gonzalez
Art Director: Hermes Jurkowitsch
Copywriter: Alexis Leiria
Illustrator: Ebbeto
Photographer: Getty Images

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mundo Pink

Client: CAPRICHO magazine
Agency: Borghierh/Lowe
Art direction: Erh Ray e Leonardo Marques
Copywriting: Pedro Corbett
Production Gráfica: José Júnior e Edson Sobrinho


Advertising Agency: Robert/Boisen & Like-minded, Denmark
Creative Director: Michael Robert
Photographer: Isaak Hoffmeyer
Retouch: Utopia Design

Sao Paulo State Government: Bar

Alcohol changes you. Don’t let it change your life too.
Don't drink and drive.
Advertising Agency: Lua Branca, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Rodrigo Gonzalez
Art Director: Hermes Jurkowitsch
Copywriter: Alexis Leiria
Photographer: Elsilencio, Ricardo Rojas

CSS Versicherung AG: Cash

We present the first health insurance options with no-claim bonus.
Advertising Agency: Beaufort 8, Stuttgart, Germany
Creative Directors: Philipp Heimsch, Jonas Ruch
Art Director: Annette Petry
Copywriter: José A. Diego Ferreiro
Photographer: Günther Philipp

Mini: Gun

The devil is in the details.
Advertising Agency: Black RiverFC, Jozi, South Africa
Creative Director: Ahmed Tily
Art Director: Justin Joshua
Copywriter: Dave Topham
Illustrator: Luma Studios
Photographer: Clive Stewart Photography
Other additional credits: Jono Garret

Monday, September 29, 2008

Volkswagen Combi

Advertising Agency: DDB Paris, France
Executive Creative Directors: Alexandre Hervé, Sylvain Thirache
Art Director: Aurelie Scalabre
Copywriter: Patrice Dumas

Sensoa: Sexually active

Advertised brand: Sensoa - Flemish governmental institution for prevention of sexual diseases.
Advertising Agency: Boondoggle, Leuven, Belgium
Creative Directors: Stef Selfslagh, Vincent Jansen
Creation: Vanessa Hendrickx, Alexander Cha'ban
Photographer: Britt Guns

World Class Gyms: Mirrors

Improve yourself.
Advertising Agency: LOWE, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director / Copywriter: Andreas Mielenhausen
Art Director / Illustrator: Viktor Melamed

Maglite: Skeleton

Advertising Agency: DRAFTFCB Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Directors: Rob Mclennan, Leon Moodley, Erin Brooks
Art Director: Leon Moodley
Copywriter: Erin Brooks
Photographer: David Prior
Other additional credits: Richard Bibby

Specialized Bicycle: Bettini

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (San Francisco)
Advertiser: Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.
Brand: Specialized
Creative Director: Rich Silverstein
Art Director: Frank Aldorf, Wyeth Koppenhaver
Copywriter: Nick Prout
Agency Producer: Renata Robinson
Photographer: Jens Boldt
Category: Leisure & Sport Equipment

Sensoa: Sperm

Advertised brand:
Advertising Agency: Boondoggle, Leuven, Belgium
Creative Directors: Stef Selfslagh, Vincent Jansen
Creation: Vanessa Hendrickx, Alexander Cha'ban
Photographer: Britt Guns

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Globes: Israel's Business Newspaper

Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay / Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv
Chief Creative Officer: Gideon Amichay
Creative Director: Nir Livni
Copywriter: Elran Levy
Art Director: Erez Avshalom

Pramila International Tea: Shit

Wakes you up for sure.
Advertising Agency: Inter Publicity, Mumbai, India
Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter: Viren Kamdar

Catalonian National Theatre: Heart

Let us play with your emotions. Come to the TNC.
Advertising Agency: TBWA, Barcelona, Spain
Creative Directors / Copywriters: Ramon Sala, Miquel Sales
Art Director: Fer Garcia
Photographer: David Ruano
Post production: Patrick Bras