Saturday, September 13, 2008

T-Mobile: Crane

You won't find more minutes for £30.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi London, UK
Creative Directors: Paul Silburn, Kate Stanners
Creatives: Dennis Willison, Suzanne Hails, Howard Green, Pablo Videla/, Paul Silburn
Planner: Gareth Ellis
Account Handler: Sarah Galea

Bourbon Beer: Picnic

Life's great at Reunion Island.
Advertising Agency: Luvi Ogilvy, Reunion Island, France
Creative Directors: Pedro Oliveira, Philippe Amsallem
Photographer: Eric Lafargue
Photo retouch: Magenta

Novopelle: Upper lip

A closet full of low-cut blouses. Countless hours at the gym. A small fortune in pushup bras. And he can't stop staring at my upper lip.
Advertising Agency: C&G
Creative Directors: Carlos Cortinas, Glen Day, Ritter Vonali, David Garcia
Art Director: Carlos Cortinas
Copywriter: Glen Day
Photographer: Istock

Friday, September 12, 2008

Redd's beer: Yoga

Advertising Agency: JWT, Vietnam
Executive Creative Director: Ompong Remigio
Creative Director: Vancelee Teng
Photographer: Pro Eye studio
Designer: Pham Tuan Minh
Art Directors: Ha Do, Vancelee Teng, Ho Hoang Quy
Copywriters: Ali Shabaz, Ompong Remigio

Mercedes-Benz VitoMax Maintenance Plan: Penguin

You can never feel too secure.
Advertising Agency: Black Khaki Advertising, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Trevor Delaney
Copywriter: Des Williams
Photographer: Mike Pawley
Typographer: Raymond de Beer
Client Managers: Nick Olivier, Anli Bosman

Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten: Dalal Lama

Life is easier, if you don't speak up.
Advertising Agency: Uncle Grey, Aarhus, Denmark
Creative Director: Per Pedersen
Art Director: Jesper Hansen
Copywriter: Michael Paterson

Oxydo: Identity

John Lennon. Without his sunglasses.
Advertising Agency: Zooppa, Venice, Italy
Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter / Illustrator: Matteo Ruisi
Published: October 2007

Eveready battery: Hair

Agency: King James Johannesburg
Brand: Eveready
Art Director: Greig Watt
CopyWriter: Jacques Shalom
Creative Director: Adam Livesey, Matthew Brink
Illustrator: Rob Frew
Photographer: David Prior
Executive Creative Director: Alistair King

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Indesit: Aqualtis Washopper

Client: Indesit Company
Agency: Leo Burnett, Milan
Creative Director: Enrico Dorizza,
Sergio Rodriguez
Art Director: Alessandro Padalino,
Antonio Cortesi
Writer: Francesco Simonetti,
Davide Rossi

Suzuki: Women

Suits you.
Advertising Agency: Deltagroup, Mexico
Creative Directors: Luis Aguilar, Juan Pablo del Collado
Art Director / Illustrator: Juan Carlos Cabadas Reyna
Copywriters: Karin Matarasso, Jorge Sosa

Lucky Cat Club: Tom

My name is Tom, I am very famous. Please take me home.
Advertising Agency: Ice Cream Communications, Beijing, China
Creative Directors: Alumi Lv, Jesus Gu
Art Directors: Ran Gao, Tony Li
Copywriters: Kevin Wang, Jesus Gu

T-Mobile: Cow

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi London, UK
Creative Directors: Paul Silburn, Kate Stanners
Creatives: Dennis Willison, Suzanne Hails, Howard Green, Pablo Videla/, Paul Silburn
Planner: Gareth Ellis
Account Handler: Sarah Galea

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Calgary International Film Festival: Sqirrel

Unexpect the expected.
Advertising Agency: Wax, Calgary, Canada
Creative Director: Joe Hospodarec
Art Director / Photographer: Joel Arbez
Copywriters: Saro Ghazarian, Sebastian Wilcox

Tele2: Good and Cheap

Advertised brand: Tele2
Advert title(s): Good and Cheap.
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): Publicis, Warsaw, Poland
Agency website:
Creative Director: Iwona Kluszczynska, Wojciech Dagiel
Art Director: Magdalena Drozdowska
Copywriter: Mateusz Ksiazek
Photographer: Szymon Swietochowski

Wagstaffe Autobody: Like it never happened

Advertising Agency: Rethink, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Directors: Chris Staples, Ian Grais
Art Director: Yusong Zhang
Copywriter: Simon Bruyn
Retoucher: Jonathon Ceasar
Photographer: Anthony Redpath

Pershing Luxury Yacht: History

Pershing Luxury Yacht: History
Advertising Agency: Tonnit Design, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Tonnit Thomas
Art Director: Sreejith. N
Copywriter: Jovan John
Illustrator: Rafeeq Ameer

Volkswagen GTI: Wrinkles

Volkswagen GTI: Wrinkles
0-100: 6.9 sec The GTI is back.
Advertising Agency: Fogel Ogilvy, Israel
Creative Director: Guy Goren
Art Director: Sagi Stern
Copywriter: Nadav Ginzburg
Illustrator: Yaniv Shahar

AdCouncil: Asterisk

When you take steroids, there’s no hiding it. Eventually everyone will see you for what you really are. A fake. A fraud. An asterisk.
Advertising Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day\NY, USA
Creative Director: Gary Scheiner
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Ron Castadlo
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Jared Rubin
Photographer: Tim Tadder

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

BMW: 1955

BMW: 1955
Use original parts.
Advertising Agency: Savaglio\TBWA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Vinaphone: E-Load

Had enough with numbers? Introducing E-Load, the easiest way to top up. Vinaphone
Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Vietnam

China Automobile Association: Mirror

The truth. After two drinks, your attention while driving will diminish by up to 76%. CAA reminds you not to drink and drive.
Advertising Agency: Ice Cream Communications, China
Creative Directors: Alumi Lv, Jesus Gu
Art Director: Venson Chen
Copywriters: Kevin Wang, Jesus Gu

Meltin'Pot: Beast

Burger King: Light

Check our new chicken salads.
Art Director: Lucas Zaiden
Photographer: Shutterstock

Monday, September 8, 2008


After 3 days in an air-conditioning duct, it wasn't just his tongue that was blue.
This blue tongue lizard must have been more than a little relieved when one of our volunteers extracted him from his chilly hiding place. One can only hazard a guess as to how he found his way in there, but even a cold-blooded reptile can probably think of a better spot to spend a long weekend. Every day, our volunteers rescue hurt, frightened animals from predicaments like this. If you'd like to help, go to and find out how you can become a volunteer.
WIRES - Saving our wildlife from ourselves.
Advertising Agency: Ward 6, Sydney, Australia
Creative Directors: Hugh Fitzhardinge, Grant Foster
Illustrator: Richard Price
Copywriter: Hamish Grieve
Art Directors: Richard Price, Grant Foster, Hamish Grieve


Advertiser: Coca-Cola Amatil
Brand: Deep Spring
Agency: Ogilvy New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Taine
Creative Director: Basil Christensen & Damon O'Leary
Copywriter: Charlotte Henry
Art Director: Amy Cattanach
Head of Art: Nic Hall
Photographer: Jonathan Knowles
Retoucher: Adrian Fitzgerald

Suna GPS

The concept: show just how much of life you could be living ridiculously in traffic, if you don't use SUNA GPS traffic updates. These outdoor ads were deliberately placed in high traffic centres.

Product: Suna GPS Traffic Updates
Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne
Photographer: Mat Baker
Retoucher: Carl Baker
Executive Creative Director: James McGrath
Creative Director: Damien Royce
Creative: Tom Martin, Julian Schreiber
Account Service: Ruth Leigh
Planner: Tim Beveridge

Sunday, September 7, 2008

MOTOROKR Z6: Wireless Music

AGENCY: Neo@Ogilvy Shanghai
ART DIRECTOR: Nils Andersson
PHOTOGRAPHER: Dimitri Daniloff

Peugeot 407 SW: Retouch

Tagline: If the 407SW has exceptional road-holding, it is because we push perfectionism that little bit further.
Advertising Agency: EURO RSCG BETC, Paris, France
Creative Director: Remi Babinet
Art Director: Eric Astorgue
Copywriter: Jean-Christophe Royer
Photographer: Markus Wendler