Saturday, July 19, 2008


Beware of cars with less than four stars.
Crash testing for safety.
ANCAP is The Australasian New Car Assessment Program

Advertising Agency: Marmalade, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: Neil Mallet
Art Director: Tim Forte
Copywriter: Dan Forrestal
Illustrator: Ashley Bird
Photographer: Chris von Menge
Retouching: Imagenation

Rio de Janeiro

Advertiser: Heineken
Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris
Tagline: Heineken. For a fresher world
Creative Director: Olivier Altmann
Art Director: Pierre Penicaud
Copywriter: Nicolas Schmitt
Account Executive: Arthur Sadoun
3D Graphics: Denis Assor
Retoucher: Eye Dream

Masterlock: Hippies

Masterlock: UFO

Tough Enough For Any Job
Advertising Agency: FoxP2, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Directors: Andrew Whitehouse, Justin Gomes
Art Director: Ryan Barkhuizen
Copywriter: Mike Pearson
Photographer: Bryan Traylor

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jazz At Five Free Concert Series: Fan

Anyone can improvise. But jazz musicians do it best.
Advertising Agency: Lindsay, Stone & Briggs, Madison, USA
Creative Director: Bill Winchester
Art Director: Matt Johanning
Copywriter: Lee Schmidt
Photographer: Craig Perman

Christian Radio Shock 105.3 FM: Knocking

Knocking on heaven's door would be the perfect song except for one small detail: Heaven's gates open in pairs.
There's very good music and music that is very good.
Advertising Agency: BBDO Guatemala
Creative Director / Copywriter: Victor Garcia
Art Director: Mario Guerra
Producer: Raul Pineda

1-877-VET2VET / Ribbon

Every day five soldiers try to kill themselves.
Army suicides are at their highest level in 30 years. If you or someone you know needs help, please call the Veterans Crisis Hotline at 1-877-VET2VET(838-2838) or visit the National Hopeline Network at
Advertising Agency: Marked for Trade
Creative Director / Art Director / Illustrator: Phil Jones
Copywriter: Ryan Coleman

Vermox Plus: Strawberry

Wipes out and eliminates bacteria.
Advertising Agency: McCann World Group, México City, Mexico
Creative Directors: Rodrigo Cortés, Liliam Córdoba
Art Directors: Alejandro Cisneros Ibarra, Ulises Manjarréz
Copywriter: Alejandro Cisneros Ibarra
Photographer: Arnaus & Vilchis Productions
Group Director: Rebeca Marín Rangel
Producer of Photography: Claudia Estrada Luna

New Mexico Advertising Federation / Olympiad

Advertising Agency: 3 Advertising, Albuquerque, USA
Creative Director / Copywriter: Sam Maclay
Art Director: Tim McGrath
Illustrator: Ted Slampyak

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MINI Cooper S: Courage (Scary)

Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): Lowe, Zurich, Switzerland
Agency website:
Creative Director: Florian Birkner
Art Director: Frédéric Nogier
Copywriter: Ivan Madeo
Photography/Retouching: Linus Schneider
Art Buyer: Melanie J. Auerbach

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

MD cover

Client: MacDirectory
Digital Imaging: pixelpasta
Art director: Markin Abras
Photographer: Caesar Lima
Illustration: Adhemas Batista

Geardrop sanitizing service: Mask

Gear stink?
Advertising Agency: Rethink, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Directors: Chris Staples, Ian Grais
Art Director: Rob Sweetman
Copywriter: Jono Holmes
Photographer: Patrick Norman
Retouching: Richard Parkes, Justin Renvoize
Producers: Jim Leith, Chris Raedcher

Land Rover: No signal

Advertising Agency: Promoplan FC, Santiago de Chile, Chile
Creative Directors: Luis Silva, Ricardo Pau
Art Director: Juan Pablo Caraballo
Copywriter: Rodrigo Avalos

Link dsl: Download Dealer

One less thing to worry about online.
Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Cairo, Egypt
Creative Director: Mohamed Hamdalla
Art Directors: Tameem Youness, Mohamed Fouad
Copywriter: Mohamed Hamdalla
Photographer: Husien Shaban

Adidas: Jelena

Adidas: Tyson

Ever seen a nation fly?
Advertising Agency: TBWA\ TEQUILA Hong Kong
Executive Creative Director: Mark Ringer
Head of Art: Patrick Tom
Copywriters: Mark Ringer, Malcolm Costain
Designer: Hoon Kim
Creative-At—Large: John Merrifield
Production: Pat Mak
Photographer: Nadav Kander

Biofresh Socks: Mushroom

Biofresh Socks: Mushroom
Creative Director / Art Director: Lawrence Antaran
Photographer: Arrjae Puno

Monday, July 14, 2008


Advertiser:Movies that Matter/Amnesty International Film Festival
Agency: Sazza
Additional credits:
Creation: Saskia Stolz
Photography: Aatjan Renders

Land Rover Defender: Sea Wall

Advertiser: Land Rover
Brand: Land Rover Defender
Agency: RKCR/Y&R, London
Market: United Kingdom
Tagline: Go Beyond
Art Director: Steve Williams
Copywriter: Adrian Lim
Illustration: Andy Green

Dodoni Ice Cream: Emirate of Bliss

Dodoni Ice Cream: Principality of Rapture

A world of indulgence.
Advertising Agency: The Syndicate, Athens, Greece
Creative Director: Nicholas Koligiannis
Art Director: Despoina Agianoglou
Copywriters: Nikos Pechlivanidis, Nicholas Koligiannis
Illustrator/ 3D artist: Thanasis Pozantzis
Photographer: Kostas Kostopoulos


Change your ways. Buy a KIA.
Advertising Agency: Espacio Creativo, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Creative Director: Darwin Roel V. Herrera
Art Director/ Copywriter: Pamela Flores
Illustrator: Darwin Herrera
Other additional credits: Noel Andrade

Travel Planet 24:

You travel with your mind everyday. Wouldn’t it be nice if your body could follow?
Advertising Agency: The Syndicate, Athens, Greece
Creative Director: Nicholas Koligiannis
Art Director: Socrates Karamanidis
Copywriter: Nikos Pechlivanidis
Photographer: Getty Images

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Renault Logan: Wedding

Translation to English: When you marry, you marry all.
Tagline: Renault Logan. Ready for everything that's coming.
Advertising Agency: Publicis, Bogotá, Colombia
Creative Directors: Felipe Camacho, Jaime Solano
Copywriter: Julio Cesar Herazo
Art Director: Álvaro Padilla
Photography: Buenavista Fotografia
Account Supervisors: Juan Pablo Rueda, Camila Grillo

Ziploc: Oranges

Ziploc: Oranges
More protection for your food.
Advertising Agency: Giovanni+DraftFCB, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Via: Kuteev

Boecker Public Health : Dead People

CLIENT/PRODUCT: Boecker Public Health
ART DIRECTOR: Firas Medrows
COPYWRITER: Ranadip De, Firas Medrows
ILLUSTRATOR: Mahesh Kubal, Tarek Samaan

Oral-B: Seafood

Gone with Oral-B
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Korea
Chief Creative Officer: Wain Choi
Creative Director: Yongsun Kim
Art Director: Jongok Shin
Copywriter: Sunbok Lee
Illustrator: Jinwoo Kwon

Beat Box Tele2

Viral Beat Box site for Tele2
I can't read swedish, but it is easy enough to use. Great fun.
I am very curious about the connection with Tele2, so if anyone does read Swedish, do let me know!