Saturday, February 16, 2008

Campari 2008 Calendar - February

February, The Thumbellina (Seduction)

The new 2008 9th edition Campari Calendar featuring the wild doll Eva Mendes captured by Italian photographer Marino Parisotto. The calendar shoot was done on location in the small Italian town of Rosignano, 15 miles from Livorno.

Carlos Ramon Deseo

Deseo=desire in Spanish, it also equates to Carlos Ramon an accomplished Illustrator based in Kansas City, Missouri. His inspiration for the pieces comes from an interesting blend of Pin-Up, Anime, Graffiti, Art Nouveau, Fashion, “Low brow” art, and Fine art. This flavorful variety serves him with the necessary ingredients to create very original illustration with great impact. Many of his works comprise of fantastically drawn and rendered imagery, specially the provocative pieces wielding samurai swords and decorative tattoos.
Check out more at Deseoworks: ‘When you look through the work, keep the word diversity in mind. Because the more open your mind is, the more beauty you’ll see, not only in this page but everywhere you go. It’s what Deseo has and will continue to illustrate with the different and beautiful women that express ideas, events, or issues that fill his mind’

Mountain Dew: Chuck Anderson

Six artists team up with Mountain Dew to create some fancy limited edition bottles.
Chuck Anderson's work has been included in Triple Five Soul and Nylon magazine, as well as Lupe Fiasco’s Grammy nominated debut album. Check out more of his surrealistic approach on his web page,


Age: Just imagine I wrote something nebulous and cutesy here
Current Residence: A well-appointed crack house
Interests: Nurturing my inner child by giving it whiskey
Favourite movie: The Women
Favourite band or musician: The White Stripes
Favourite genre of music: alternative
Favourite artist: Erte, Alphonse Mucha, John W. Waterhouse
Favourite poet or writer: T.H. White, Stephen King.

Arena: Hong Kong

Agency Groupe Novembre
City Paris
Advertiser Arena
Business Sector Water Sports
Campaign Name Water Instinct 2008
Photographer Ian Abela

Friday, February 15, 2008


Agency: TBWA\PHS
Country: Finland
Art Director: Marja Vattulainen/Maarit Moilanen
Photographer: Kalle Helminen T
Illustrator: Samuli Harjunpaa


1969 was a big year. Astronaut Neil Armstrong walked on the moon... Woodstock became the symbol of peace and love... but nothing could have prepared for ODD RODS.
ODD RODS is making a huge comeback by way of an animated TV series, video games, apparel, toys and wide variety of merchandise. ODD RODS, owned by DZ Hart Ltd., has selected MVC as it’s creative agency and both companies have kicked off their relationship with the creation of the video presentation
featured here. This fast paced and engaging 6 minute video based presentation features 3D animation animation as well as voice-over by Scott Baio of Happy Days fame.

MVC is responsible for the strategic direction, creative development, scripting and production of this presentation.

Top Interior: Bus

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Brussels, Belgium
Copywriter: Tom Berth
Art Director: Geert De Rocker
Typographer: Cécile Van Caillie
Art Buyer: Elly Laureys
Print Producer: Elly Laureys
Account Team: Saartje Goris, Johan Parmentier
Photographer: Kris Van Beek
Retouching: Fred Dupont

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Absolut: Citron + Pears

Product : Absolut
Agency : TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York
Country : United States of America
Photographer: Marcel Christ
Retoucher: Erwin Brown
Group Creative Director: Rob Smiley
Assoc Creative Director: Jeff Feng
Art Director: Jin Park
Agency Producer: Julia Menassa
Other Credits : Retoucher: Daniel Finn
Retoucher: Nancy Shaw

Body Tattoo

A great advert campaign for Francesco Biasia. This girls are stunning art, thoughtful science and pure commerce for woman. Superb concept in convincing you that bags are a part of you, not just simple fashion accesories.

Category: Fashion
Client: Francesco Biasia
Agency: D’Aadda, Lorenzini, Vigorelli, BBDO
Creative Team: Gianpietro Vigorelli, Vicky Gitto, Vincenzo Gasbarro
Photographer: Karina Taira

Olay: Correct your age

Product : Olay
Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi Russia
Country : Russian Federation
Typographer: Lilya Absudova
Executive Creative Director: Stuart Robinson
Art Director: Julian Suetin
Copywriter: Alina Tskhovrebova
Assoc Art Director: Adrian Ely

Bell Food Light Sardine: Light

Advertising Agency: Impact BBDO, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter: Ahmad Beck
Photography: Steve Kozman (mini me Production)
Retouching: Amin Daw, Ferdie Magsimo

Very Happy Valentine

Everything is more expensive on Valentine's Day that's when a little Thrifty thinking comes in handy.

Product : Thrifty Car & Truck Rentals
Agency : JWT Sydney
Executive Creative Director: Jay Benjamin/Andy DiLallo
Copywriter: Jason Ross
Country : Australia

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Swedish Amnesty: White Rose

Client: Swedish Amnesty
Agency: Publicis, Stockholm
Art Director: Yasin Lekorchi
Copywriter: Malin Åkersten Triumf

Neostrata Anti Aging Cream: Tea

AGENCY: Lowe Porta, Santiago, Chile
ART DIRECTOR: Eugenio Spencer
COPYWRITER: Matias Celis / Francisco Camacho
PHOTOGRAPHER: Claudia Gacitua

Be the photographer - shoot Daniella

Taco Bell:
Advertising Agency: Draft FCB, Orange County, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Chris D'Amico
Executive Creative Director: Scott Johnson
Creative Director: Teddy Brown
ACD/Copywriter: Brad Meyers
Copywriter: Zachary Schmitz
Art Director: Andrew Lincoln
Interactive Producer: Scott Davis
Broadcast producer: John Bleeden
Account Director: Leila Cesario
Account Executive: Shaun Pallardy
Interactive Studio Manager: Jason Mitton
Sr. Flash Developer: Kurt Suchomel
Flash Developer: John Polacek
Sr. Web Developer: Tome Rowe
Web Developer: Sally Rosen
Broadcast Studio Manager: Jennifer Ritchie

Pepsi Raw: Comes naturally

Advertiser: PEPSI
Brand: Pepsi Raw
Country: United Kingdom
Category: Non-alcoholic drinks
Campaign: Pepsi Raw (Naturally)
Photograper: Nadav Kander

Bayer Aspirin

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Düsseldorf, Germany
Creative Directors: Toygar Bazarkaya, Ralf Zillingen, Marie-Theres Schwingeler
Art Director: Christian Steuler
Copywriter: Kenny Blumenschein
Illustrator: Christian Steuler
Photographer: Michael Dunloop

Primetime Emmys Awards: Broadband

Welcoming Broadband to the World of Television.
Advertising Agency: WONGDOODY, Los Angeles, USA
Creative Directors: Tracy Wong, Michael Boychuk
Art Directors: Bruno Rinaldi, Ben Schneider
Copywriter: Julia Regan
Account Management: Skyler Mardian, Andrew Vranicar

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wave Festival in Rio

The largest advertising festival in Latin America will prove to be memorable event. There will be three days filled with seminars and exhibitions. A meeting of leaders, the greatest Latin America Advertising talents exchanging ideas and discussing the new market trends.

The TRUTH against tobacco: Remove one

Product : Anti-tobacco
Agency : Tribal DDB Dallas
Country : United States of America
Executive Creative Director: Brian Darby
Creative Director: Jeff Bagley
Art Director: steve laing
Copywriter: Kim Frandsen

Dog Training School: Butler

To communicate the power of dog training programs at Kennel Maroriet.

Product : Dog Training School
Agency : Unitas/RNL, Santiago
Illustrator: Alejandro Vega
Photographer: Alejandro Vega
Executive Creative Director, Creative Director, Art Director: Pancho González
Country : Chile

Got Milk? Amanda Bynes

Got Milk? Beyonce & Solange Knowles

Brand: GOT MILK?
Campaign: Got Milk? (Body by Milk)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Etisalat: Muscles

The power to manage and secure your network.
AGENCY: Impact BBDO, Abu Dhabi
ART DIRECTOR: Gaurav Mehta & Paul Akiki

Peta KFC: Fried

When PETA tried to pay to run three ads that are critical of fast-food chain KFC's (Kentucky Fried Cruelty) abuse of chickens, Fox sent PETA the following statement: "As a general rule, time will not be sold on FBC network facilities for viewpoint or issue advocacy, and advertisers may not use their commercial time for addressing viewpoints or issues."

Amnesty International: Voice to those who can’t be heard

When you become a member of Amnesty International you lead your voice to those who can’t be heard.
These billboards took advantage of sites that had one billboard above another.

Product : Amnesty International Freedom Week
Agency : Publicismojo Auckland
Photographer: Dereck Henderson
Executive Creative Director: Nick Worthington
Art Director: Lorenz Perry
Copywriter: Nick Worthington, Karl Fleet
Country : New Zealand

Mobile phone recycling

Impact BBDO draws attention to the damage old mobile phones can do.

Product : Mobile phone recycling
Agency : ImpactBBDO Abu Dhabi
Creative Director/ writer: Peter Vegas
Creative Group Head/ Art Director: Paul Akiki
Senior Art Director: Rafael Nassoura

Sunday, February 10, 2008

MD macmodel

Mac Directory macmodel
model: Courtney Sutter
make up: Veronica
photography: Caesar Lima


Use it. Or loose it. Qoob is looking for explosive ideas.
Qoob is a TV channel in the MTV Network.

Advertising Agency: Leagas Delaney, Italy
Creative Directors: Stefano Campora, Stefano Rosselli
Art Director: Selmi Bali Barissever
Copywriter: Stefano Campora
Photographer: LSD