Saturday, February 13, 2010

Diesel: Stupid Campaign

Title: Diesel: Stupid Campaign
Media: Print
Country: United Kingdom
Ad Info: Anomaly is launching its first work for Diesel, a campaign that encourages consumers to "be stupid". Diesel consolidated its global advertising account into Anomaly in September.

The campaign, entitled be stupid, was devised in collaboration with Diesel’s creative team, and encompasses press, outdoor, digital and viral activity.

Advertiser: Diesel
Advertising Agency: Anomaly London
Released - January 2010
Country - Worldwide

Hochriegl Sparkling Wine

Advertising Agency: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann, Vienna, Austria
Creative Director: Franz Merlicek
Art Director: Felix Broscheit
Copywriter: Monica Prelec
Photographer: Oliver Jiszda
Digital Imaging: Aron Cserveny, Mario Goldsteiner

Friday, February 12, 2010

Greenpeace: Fukujin

Tagline: Not all traditions deserve to be preserved. Put an end to whaling in Japan.
Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Hong Kong
Creative Directors: Connie Lo, Chong Kin, Yiu Man To
Art Directors: Kenny Ip, Jacky Tong
Copywriters: Chong Kin, Jove, Cheung
Illustrator: Thomas Ho
Photographer: Lewis Ho
Photo Retoucher: Bon Leung

Visa: Go World, Alexa Loo

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles, USA
Executive Creative Director: Patrick O’Neill
Art Director / Associate Creative Director: Becca Morton
Copywriter / Associate Creative Director: Gage Clegg
Art Director: Scott Brown
Management Director: Bill Brooks
Management Supervisor: Nicole Bray
Account Supervisor: Michelle Agnew
Account Executive: Courtney Miller-Jones
Art Director / Associate Creative Director: Becca Morton
Copywriter / Associate Creative Director: Gage Clegg
Art Director: Scott Brown
Executive Art Producer: Karen Youngs
Print Producer: Peter Williams
Project Manager: Holly Prine
Creative Retouching: Arthaus

FlashForward: The Betrayal

7 billion people catching a glimpse of their own future.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Hugo Rodrigues, Kevin Zung
Art Directors: Daniel D’Avila, Sidney Araújo
Copywriters: Hugo Rodrigues, Rodrigo Strozenberg, Marcelo Sato
Photographer: Marcus Hausser

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Taste Lookbook

Taste Clothing brochure
photography: Caesar Lima
models: CESD
photo assistant: Tiffany Wardzinski
digital imaging: Felipe Silva
make up: Veronica Hernandez
wardrobe stylist: Brittney Hastings
casting director: Michael Lane

Nike 10k: Street

Advertising Agency: Publicis Impetu, Montevideo, Uruguay
Creative Directors: Mario Taglioretti, Esteban Barreiro
Art Directors: Joaquín Rodríguez Frau, Carolina Fagget, Diego Bensenzoni
Copywriters: Germán Lagamma, Roberto Genta.
Illustrator: Ricardo Salamanca

Coke Blak: Fusion, Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion – For those who need chemistry to make it through physics
At times staying awake during class can seem next to impossible. With over a coffee cup’s worth of caffeine, Blak’s fusion of coffee and Coke has the spark you need to ignite your day. Coke Blak: the intelligent answer to a difficult morning.

Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter: Ryan Smith
Photographer: Joseph Victor Stefanchik

Predator Watch: Mask

Attention predators: undercover officers are online

Advertising Agency: Rethink Communications, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Directors: Ian Grais, Chris Staples
Art Director: Lisa Lebedovich
Copywriter: David Giovando
Photographer: Lindsay Siu
Studio artist: Richard Parkes
Published: January 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Awesome ice skating warm-up routine

Campaign Production Credits
Client: Samsung Electronics
Product: Vancouver 2010 – Samsung Mobile Explorer
Title: “Ice Hockey” & “Figure Skater”
Media: Viral/Internet
Ad Agency: Cheil Worldwide
Creative: Andrew Berglund (Cheil), Joohee Lee (Cheil), The Viral Factory
Seeding & Digital Media Planning: The Viral Factory
Production Company: The Viral Factory
Canadian Production Service Company: Transmission Inc.
Director: Wayne Holloway with The Viral Factory
Producer: Jon Stopp
Producer (Canada): Joe Lafleur
Lighting Cameraman: Tony Mirza
Offline Editor: Dave Tree @ Burning Branch
Post Production House: Moving Picture Company (London)
Moving Picture Company VFX Team:
Lead Nuke*: Alex Harding
Assist Nuke: Jason Hayes
Ice Particles: Rob Hesketh
Matte Painting: James Bailey
Nuke Assist: Kelly Bruce & Alasdair McNeill
Telecine: Graded by Alex Harding in Nuke
*(Nuke an SFX program)
Post Production Producer: Josh King @ Moving Picture Company London
Audio Post Production Company: Norwell & Green

Honda Crosstour: Discreetly utilitarian

Title: Honda Crosstour: Discreetly utilitarian
Media: Print
Country: United States
Ad Info: Advertising Agency: RPA, USA

Volvo Safe and Style: 2000's

Volvo Safe and Style: 1960's

Invented by Volvo in 1959. In fashion ever since.
The three-point safety belt. Worn in the '60s with the mini skirt.
Fifty years ago Volvo engineer Nils Bohlin designed a classic to wear with everything - the three-point safety belt.
Find out more:

Advertising Agency: Memac Ogilvy & Mather, Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Till Hohmann
Creative Directors: Preethi Mariappan, Ramzi Moutran
Senior Art Director: Satyen Adhikari
Copywriter: Melanie Clancy
Senior Graphic Designer: Tamzin Hoets
Interactive Art Director: Rafael Guida
Web developers: Muhammad Baqir, Mohammed Sayeed
Senior Account Manager: Sarah Friswell
Senior Account Executive: Domenico Gambino
PR Account Executive: Rana Awad
Production House: Arabian Eye
Photographer: Charney Magri
Producer: Pooja Belani
Assistant: Kissanth Srikanth
Make up and hair: Kat Sumners
Stylist: Mandi Kingsbury
Retoucher: Jean-Paul van der Mescht
Senior Art Director: Mel Harvey
Junior Art Director: Zeina Sharaf

City of Hope

He gave me this for my birthday.
He gave me this for nothing at all.
There's no excuse for domestic violence. Talk to someone who cares.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\RAAD Abu Dhabi, UAE
Creative Director: Martin Lever
Art Director / Illustrator: Sherif Galal
Copywriters: Martin Lever, Farrukh Naeem

The Shoe

Brand: Sepala
Agency: StarLink
Country: Romania
Category: Clothing & footwear
Natural feeling

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Playstation 3 Attitude: Heart

The advert titled Heart was done by MEMAC/OGILVY advertising agency in UAE. It was released in the February 2010. Business sector is Entertainment & leisure.
Tagline: “PS3 Attitude. News & reviews for addicted.”

Advertising Agency: Memac Ogilvy, Dubai
Executive Creative Director: Till Hohmann
Copywriter / Art Director: Sascha Kuntze, James Purdie
Photographer: Andrzej Dragan

Motz: Survival Collection

motz warms
The berlin homeless magazine

To show how important the homeless paper Motz ist to the Berlin homeless, we cut a coat from the paper. Romano, Mandy, Kersten and Bernd depend on the homeless paper motz- especially in Berlin winter. They write, produce or sell it. So they can earn a little money to afford shelter and warm food. So buy the paper whereever you see it.

Advertising Agency: glow Berlin, Germany
Creative Director: Johannes Krempl
Art Director: Carmen Gebhardt
Copywriter / Illustrator: Anthony Cliff
Photographer: Stefan Brockmann


A happy ending is, when the right one is crying.
Welcome to bitches' playground.
A shoot of love, charmschool and MTV Next.
Weekdays from 4PM.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Armin Jochum, Götz Ulmer
Art Directors: Damjan Pita, Andre Price, Johannes Riffelmacher
Copywriter: Henning Robert
Designers: Johannes Riffelmacher, Andre Price
Illustrator: Andriy Vynogradov
Typographers: Johannes Riffelmacher, Andre Price

Silk Soymilk Chocolate Light

Pour on the power to help your heart and lower cholesterol.
Silk isSilk is made from one of Nature’s Perfect Proteins to help you stay strong, and delivers a smooth vanilla taste that keeps you deliciously satisfied.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago, IL, USA
Creative Director: Chris Julcher
Art Director: Claudio Venturini
Copywriter: Jeff Canzona
Photographer: Andric
CG: Saddington & Baynes

Monday, February 8, 2010

IG (Internet Group)

The advert titled CHE was done by Lew Lara\TBWA advertising agency for INTERNET GROUP company in Brazil. It was released in the February 2010. Business sector is Publications & media.
The first campaign created by Lew’Lara/TBWA for IG (Internet Group) aims to advertise the women channel of the Brazilian portal, that was totally renewed. The channel brings now different news sections and offers the user a layout with easier navigation, analyses, discussions and subjects for reflection. The channel is one of the main websites of Brazil focused on female public.
The print campaign brings great male historic characters such as Che Guevara and Albert Einstein as women, suggesting that they could pretty much have been female characters.

Agency: Lew’Lara\TBWA
Advertiser: iG
Product: Delas
Account Team: Marcio Oliveira, Ricardo Forli, Guilherme Bernardes and Pedro Mesquita
Media Team: Luiz Ritton, Fabio Walker and Débora Veloso
Planiners: Daniel de Tomazo and Tatiana Tsukamoto
Creative Directors: Jaques Lewkowicz, André Laurentino, Manir Fadel and Luciano Lincoln
Art Director: Bruno Cardoso
Writer: David Bessler
Art Buyer: Giuliano Springhetti and Daniela Picchiai
Photo: Ale Catan
Image treatment: Platinum
Graphic Production: Katia Bontempo and Marcos Pedra
Client: Alexander Rocco, Suzana Chibante and Bárbara Stanichi

Big flix

Don’t kill blockbusters. Choose original DVDs over pirated ones. Big flix

Advertising Agency: Makani Creatives, Mumbai, India
Creative Directors: Ashish Makani, Sameer Makani
Art Director: Prasad Rao
Copywriters: Prasad Rao, Vyoma Hadkar
Illustrator: Bhavik Panchal
Additional Credits: Sachin Dalvi

Reebok: Reetone

Easytone shoes help tone your butt and legs with every step. Available soon: runtone for running and traintone for working out.
Easytone. Runtone. Traintone.
Reebok. Your move.

Advertising Agency: DDB Berlin, Germany
Head of Art Buying: Kim Bianchi
Account Director: Stephen Kimpel
Design Director: Stephanie Barth
Production: Lunik GmbH - Arne Weingart
Stylist: Sara Dunn
Retouching: Adrien Benard, Paris