Saturday, July 11, 2009

Art imitates life

Artist Abel Saucedo creates disturbing pinatas that depict images from a deadly drug war.
CNN interview

Tortuga air chambers: Our strength supporting your busines

Tortuga air chambers: Our strength supporting your busines
Advertising Agency: Tif Comunicacão, PR, Brazil
Creative Directors: Thiago Biazetto, Fhabyo Matesick
Art Director: Waldemar Segundo
Copywriter: Luiz Destri
Illustrator / Photographer: StudioM

HP - invent

HP - invent from Tom and Matt on Vimeo.

Response to D&AD Student Awards brief set by Hewlett Packard.
"Present an idea which promotes HP Workstations ability to bring to life anything the creative mind can conceive."
Filmed, edited and directed by Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth
Music: Hold Me Back by Round Table Knights
© Tom Wrigglesworth and Matt Robinson 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Australian Football League

AFL players require lightning reflexes, a full range of directional motion and eyes in the back of their heads.
In a league of its own.

Advertising Agency: George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: Ben Coulsen
Art Director: Frank Muller
Copywriter: Katie Britton
Photographer: Christopher Tovo (
Retouching: Malcolm Stark

Accademia Teatro alla Scala: Violin + Ballerina

One day the whole stage will be mine. If you have a dream, bring it to us.
Producer: Sonia Rocchi
Advertising Agency: Tita, Milano, Italy
Art Director: Emanuele Basso
Copywriter: Giuseppe Mazza
Photographer: Reed Young
Scenographer/Stylist: Miren Marañon

Lotus: Fast as lightning

Advertising Agency: JNL+, Athens, Greece
Creative Director / Art Director: Minas Migdalis
Copywriter: Tina Kontogiannopoulou
Illustrator: Spiros Tsasanis
Published: June 2009

Yo Sushi Restaurants

Advertising Agency: Volcano, Johannesburg, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Brad Copeman
Creative Directors: Glenn Jeffery, Francois Boshoff
Art Director / Copywriter: Francois Boshoff
Photographer: Simon Scholtz

Nandos: Confederation poster

This poster was created around the hosting of the confed cup by South Africa. At south african soccer matches, fans wear a hat called a makarapa. These hats are a purely SA thing and are hand made out of the miner's hard hats. It's a culturally SA thing. We've exaggerated the hats to comment on South Africa, politically, socially and culturally. "Mzanzi" is vernacular for South Africa.

Advertising Agency: Blackriver FC, South Africa
Creative Director: Ahmed Tilly
Art Director: Justin Joshua
Copywriter: Iain Thomas
Illustrators: Peet Pienaar, Jono Garrett, Justin Joshua, Meryke Naude.
Producer/Art Buyer: Hilary Simpson

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Advertising Agency: BUTTER. Berlin/Duesseldorf, Germany
Creative Directors: Timm Holm, Michael Preuss
Art Director: Anna Weil
Copywriters: Hermann Weiss, Gordon Dahl
Graphic design: Andrea Heinrich
Art buying: Paul Seitz
Post production: 24/7 Postproductio


Harvey Nichols Summer Sale
Harvey Nichols Salefighter campaign
Harvey Nichols Salefighter campaign
Advertising Agency: DDB London, UK
Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Art Director: Graeme Hall
Copywriter: Hunter Somerville
Illustrator: Mathieu Raynault
Photographer: Rick Guest
Designer: Steven Wilson

Airtel: Housewife

Don't lose your contacts when you drop your phone.

Advertising Agency: REDIFFUSION Y&R Gurgaon, India
Chief Creative Officers: Ramanuj Shastry, Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar
Executive Creative Directors / Creative Directors: Jaideep Mahajan, Deepesh Jha
Copywriters: Deepesh Jha, Megha Dutta
Advertiser's Supervisor: Navin Shenoy
Account Supervisor: Jaideep Mahajan
Art Directors: Jaideep Mahajan, Shameem Mohammad, Anunay Rai
Photographer: Tarun Vishwa

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Samparkour is a short that reveals the city of São Paulo (Brazil) under the look of Parkour. Where people see obstacles, Zico Corrêa visualize new possibilities.

Shot in HD with 35mm lens adapter

Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival - LABRFF '09
Festival de Cultura Urbana - Madrid '09
CineSul - Rio de Janeiro '09

Watch it here

For more details visit

LiNing: Shaq

Advertising Agency: Creatim, Beijing, China
Creative / Illustrator / Retouch: Huang Cheng
Creative Director: Liu Fang
Art Directors: HuangCheng, Gao Xin
Copywriters: Wang YueMing, Bob Li,
Account Director: Wang Jiao

If there's one thing I've learnt: Share the love

What's the one thing you've learned about how design can build a better world? Share the love at

Advertising Agency: Republic of Everyone
Art Director: Leonardo Barbosa

Tampa Cargo: Truck

Advertising Agency: Y&R Bogotá, Colombia
Chief Creative Officer: Rafael Barthaburu
Creative Directors: Jaime Duque, Victor Osorio
Copywriters: Juan Camilo Valdivieso, Jorge Millan
Art Director: Jaime Duque
Illustrator: Control Zetta

Monday, July 6, 2009

Tang Da Ren Soup: Internet junkie

Out of sight. (Troubles) Out of mind.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\CHINA
Creative Directors: Carol Lam, Johnson Sheng, Lesley Zhou
Art Directors: Danny Li, Haoxi Lv
Copywriter: She Kai
Illustrators: He Changning, Chen Yu

Land Rover Commercial Vehicles: Play

Discovery Commercial makes work play.

Advertising Agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R, London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Mark Roalfe
Copywriter: Mike Boles
Advertiser's Supervisor: Cathy Powell
Planner: Angie Ma
Account Manager: Lucy Harries
Art Director: Jerry Hollens
Photographer: Nadav Kander
Typographer: Lee Aldridge

Boysen: Flowers

Paints with ISO 14001 environmental certification.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno Makati City, The Philippines
Executive Creative Director: Melvin Mangada
Creative Director: Manuel Villafania
Copywriter: Bryan Siy
Account Supervisor: Kara Filamor
Art Directors: Manuel Villafania, Melvin Mangada, Denise Tee
Photographer: G-Nie Arambulo
Print Producer: May Dalisay
Final Artist: Momay Quiroz
Production House: Adphoto

Ben & Jerry's: Universe

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific Singapore
Executive Creative Directors: Tham Khai Meng, Eugene Cheong, Todd Mccracken
Copywriters: Mike Sutcliffe, Craig Love, Eugene Cheong
Art Directors: Adrian Chan, Maurice Lim, Stuart Mills
Photographer: Edward Loh, October Skies

Sunlife: Dog

Incredible strength.

Advertising Agency: Guangzhou Newsun / JWT Advertising, Guangzhou, China
Executive Creative Director: Stephen Mui
Creative Directors: Yiping Liu, Ning Xue
Copywriters: Ning Xue, Na Cheng, Chaowen Zheng
Art Directors: Yiping Liu, Jie Zheng, Stephen Mui
Illustrator: Yuandong Liu

Sunday, July 5, 2009

8in1 Dental Snacks: Bad dog breath

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Frankfurt, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Stephan Ganser
Executive Creative Director: Volker Schrader
Creative Director: Stefan Leick
Art Director: Hendrik Frey
Copywriter: Hendrik Frey
Photographer: Christian Kerber
Additional credits: Rosa Masi, Meta Hog, Micheal Kurz

CNN Turk: Lightning

Advertising Agency: DDB&CO. Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director / Copywriter: Karpat Polat
Account Manager: Ela Gokkan
Art Director: Leandro Camara
Account Executive: Ozlem Delikanli
Other additional credits: Filiz Rezazade, Serkan Mustafaoglu, Mehmet Hasilci

Finansbank: Zeppelin

Advertising Agency: DDB&CO. Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director / Copywriter: Karpat Polat
Advertiser's Supervisor: Asli Aliveren
Account Supervisors: Lesilie Kandinyoti Mori, Emine Sarpyener
Art Director: Caglar Eser
Illustrators: Caglar Eser, Selim Sahin

Cabulosa Font from Brazil

Cabulosa is a font that emerged from the depths of a Brazilian ghetto. It's a typeface heavily influenced by the urban calligraphy style of so-called “Pixo-reto”. Read more about Cabulosa from our friend and active member of the art community in Porto Alegre, Ana Ferraz below.
Originating from Runic or Blackletter, or whatever you want to trace it to, it is a unique style that undoubtedly developed first in São Paulo. It took over most capitals by assault, subsequently breeding local deviations. Nowadays it covers most of the metropolitan facades in Brazil and is a considerable part of the city mesh.
Cabulosa is reflective of the city. It is a synthesis and not a transcription, so that a certain vernacular can not grip too tightly to it. In certain ways it is more Bauhaus than ghetto. And that's why it can be used in 'techy' environments as well. Even though it has lots of character, it certainly appears neutral if put in a certain way, in the right context.

It was created by Frederico Antunes, a graphic designer and typographer from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Chiba Chiba (as he is also known) works with many type/art related projects, including a set of typographic posters for MTV, the design of each issue of Vista Skateboard Art magazine and, along with Fabio Zimbres, the design of the Transfer Catalog (that was reviewed in Juxtapoz #102).

Bayer: Woman

Advertising Agency: ALMAPBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer / Executive Creative Director: Marcello Serpa
Creative Directors: Luiz Sanches, Dulcídio Caldeira
Copywriter: André Kassu
Art Director: Marcos Medeiros
Illustrators: Júnior Cortizo, Daniel Moreno
Typographer: José Roberto Bezerra