Saturday, June 7, 2008

DefienDT self defense school: Face

Advertising Agency: Maruri Grey, Ecuador
Creative Directors: Gabriel Rodas, Alejandro Jimenez
Art Director: Alejandro Jimenez
Illustrator: Paco Pincay
Photographer: Jhon Arevalo


Life should taste this good.
The new way to drink cold coffee.
Advertising Agency: Maruri Grey, Ecuador
Creative Director: Jose Aguilar
Art Director: Nuno Acosta
Copywriter: Gabriel Rodas
Illustrators: Nuno Acosta, Mariglen López

Asana: Arm

If they leave, what will you breathe? The formula is simple: without trees there's no oxygen.
Advertising Agency: Publimark Lowe, Costa Rica
General Creative Director: Javier Zeledón
Creative Director / Art Director / Illustrator: Franklin Guevara
Copywriter: Andrea Touma
Other additional credits: Alejandra Alfaro, Gustavo Salas

LiNing Sports: Phoenix

The red power.
Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Shanghai, China
Creative Directors: Attlee Ku, Tao Lei
Art Directors: HuangCheng, Mellow Yu, Liao Yi Yuan, Kevin
Copywriters: Ray, Elva
Illustrator: Huang Cheng
Photographer: Heizi

Friday, June 6, 2008

Bearded Kids

These cleverly playful (and let's be honest a little creepy) images are part of a print and poster campaign that has recently been launched to promote the new Ice Station Antarctica experience at London's Natural History Museum.

The family friendly exhibition is designed for children aged seven and over and enlists them as ice cadets to brave a variety of challenges including facing a stinking penguin colony, coping in sub-zero temperatures and surviving a snowmobile ride.

The portraits are by London based photographer Paul Thompson and recently won three Association of Photographers awards

UNICID: Formula

Competition starts earlier than ever. Stand-out with a post-graduate degree from UNICID.
Advertising Agency: FabraQuinteiro Comunicações, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Paschoal Fabra Neto, Marcelo Aragão
Art Director: Bruno Cirello
Copywriter: Ricardo Frezza
Photographer: Marcelo Ribeiro
Image Retouch: Fernando Vido, Burti HD

Amnesty International: Tiananmen Square Crackdown

Advertising Agency: DDB, Copenhagen, Denmark
Art Director: Gustaf Hultberger
Copywriter: Thomas Kolster
Photographer: Martin Juul

BMW: Dog

More power, less consumption.
Advertising Agency: KING Helsinki, Finland
Art Director: Tobias Wacker
Copywriter: Mikko Eskelinen
Photographer: David Allan Brandt, Getty

Adidas: Impossible Huddle

Two days prior to the kick-off of UEFA EURO 2008, adidas presents the tournament’s stars supersized. A 17-meter-high huddle of players welcomes fans at the Zurich train station.

Client: Adidas
Agency: TBWA, Germany (180, TBWA)
Executive Creative Director: Stefan Schmidt
Creative Director: Markus Ewertz
Creative: Erik Gonan,
Hendrik Schweder
Production: Katrin Dettmann

Out of sync dubbing. It can change the story.

Biodegradable plastic already exists.
Advertising Agency: FabraQuinteiro Comunicações, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Paschoal Fabra Neto, Marcelo Aragão
Art Director: Bruno Cirello
Copywriter: Ricardo Frezza
Photographer: Marcelo Ribeiro
Image Retouch: Fernando Vido, Burti HD

Pfizer / Champix: Couple

Life without cigarettes? You'll barely notice a difference.
Advertising Agency: FabraQuinteiro Comunicações, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Paschoal Fabra Neto, Marcelo Aragão
Art Director / Copywriter: Bruno Cirello
Photographer: Getty Images
Image Retouch: Fernando Vido

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Agency:Gitam BBDO
Executive Creative Director: Guy Bar
Creative Director:Danny Yakobowitch
Copywriter: Ariel Vitkon
Art Director:Ariel Vitkon
Photographer:Guy Gilad

Wickbold Light: Photo Booth

Wickbold Light: Rear-view mirror

Advertiser: Wickbold
Product: Light Wickbold
Creative Directors: Luiz Tastaldi, Fabio Pinheiro and Paulo André Bione
Art directors: Hugo Leoni
Editor: Cristiano Guimaraes
Art buyer: Simone Camacho
Attendance: Raquel Andrade
Photo: Manolo Moran
Media: Sandra Mambre

Hopi Hari Theme Park

Feel the zero-gravity, dropping from a breath taking sky-high tower in just 3 seconds.
Advertising Agency: QG Propaganda, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Marcello Droopy
Art Directors: Fernando Carreira, Rodrigo Adam
Copywriters: Americo Vizer, Adriana Machado
Photographers: Fabio Ribeiro, Fernando Carreira

Ramrod / Ultratec Gamepro Spotlights: Hyena

Ultratec Gamepro, the ultimate in night game viewing.
Advertising Agency: DRAFTFCB, Johannesburg, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Rob Mclennan
Creative Director: Grant Jacobson
Art Director: Errol Lepono, Ryan Dupen
Copywriter: Jason Murison

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Havaianas: Will people

SportTV: All of Euro 2008

Product: Euro 2008 @ Sport TV
Creative Directors: Lawrence Thomaz and Susana Sequeira
Creative: Tico Moraes and Rui Soares
Planning: Thomas Froes
Photo: Image customer
Post-production: ImageTap (USA)

Renault: Aquarium

2600 liters of luggage space. The new, bigger Renault Kangoo.
Advertising Agency: Publicis, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Directors: Iwona Kluszczynska, Wojciech Dagiel
Art Director: Magdalena Drozdowska
Copywriter: Mateusz

Ford: Key skyline

The city is in your hands.
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Rome, Italy
Creative Director: Elisa Pazi
Art Director: Sara Ghidoni
Copywriter: Vittorio Zotti
Illustrator / Photographer: Stefano Bottesi

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Yamaha: Air style

Yamaha: Air style
Advertising Agency: Sra Rushmore United, Madrid, Spain
Via: Coloribus


Creative Director: Jarek Wiewiorski
Art-Director: Pasha Klubnikin
Copywriter: Tanya Fedorenko
Photographer: Pasha Vrzhesch

Keimling vegetarian restaurant: Chain

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Donau, Vienna, Austria
Creative Directors: Andreas Putz, Volkmar Weiss
Art Director: Volkmar Weiss
Copywriter: Thomas Niederdorfer
Illustrator: Dian Warsosumarto
Concept: Dian Warsosumarto
Account Supervisor: Catharina Winding


Photography: Caesar Lima
Makeup: Joanna Schlip (Cloutier Agency)
Model: Hilary Gilbert (LA Models)
Art Director: Patricia Quon-Sandberg
Fashion-Beauty Editor: Karie L. Forst
Nails: Jeffi Girgenti

Vicks NyQuil cold relief: Sheep

Agency: Publicis New York
Advertiser: Procter & Gamble
Brand: Vicks NyQuil
Country of Production: United States


Agency: Gitam BBDO
Executive Creative Director: Guy Bar
Creative Director: Eran Bar-Yochai
Copywriter:Ariel Vitkon
Art Director:Ariel Vitkon

Blistex glue: Mona Lisa

Agency:SAA Y&R
Chief Creative Officer: Gideon Amichay
Creative Director:Tzur Golan
Group Creative Director:Yariv Twig
Art Director & Copywriter:Shirley Bahar & Yariv Ganor
Strategic Director:Noam Manella
Account Director:Michal Rubin
Account Manager:Sharon Manzour
Account Director:Michal Rubin
Planner: Hilla Tamir

Burger King: Six-pack

Avertiser: BURGER KING
Country: United Kingdom
Category: Fast food outlets & restaurants
Campaign: Burger King (Football your way)

Galaxy 92FM: Niptuckism

Advertising Agency: Lowe, Athens, Greece
Creative Director: Yanna Polydouri
Copywriter: Rena Hrysoulaki
Group Account Director: Triantafilli Kaldiri
Account Manager: Michael Paredrakos

Monday, June 2, 2008


Alexander Koch is working as a professional photographer since 1983.
His work ranges from advertising, architecture, fashion and industrial photography to photo-reports and artwork.
Throughout his carreer he has collaborated with some of the most renown advertising agencies in the world, shooting campaigns for such brands as Absolut Vodka, Mercedes, Levis and Hugo Boss.
In parallel to his commercial work he has been showing several individual and collective art exhibitions in galleries and museums in Britain, Germany, Israel and Portugal.

Tigo: Snookers

TITLE: be a true fan
AGENCY: creative eye


Avertiser: Koger & Partnerid
Agency: Taevas Ogilvy
Country: Estonia
Category: Banking
Campaign: Koger & Partners (Life is short. Enjoy it in a beautiful home)
Awards: Kyiv Festival 2008 (Tag), Kyiv Festival 2008 Print Silver

Yamaha: Stress

Is stress trying to get you. Acelerate a bit.

YAMAHA YZF 2008. The fastest street cycle in the world.
TITLE: Stress
ART DIRECTOR: Jarede Brasil
COPYWRITER: Rafael Fernandes

ASKO: Party

Built to handle mass production.
Introducing the new XXL dishwasher series.
Advertising Agency: SMFB, Oslo, Norway
Art Directors / Copywriters: Andre Koot, Hans Martin Rønneseth
Illustrator: Chris Sickles, Red Nose Studio

Sunday, June 1, 2008

McDonald's: Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi served at all restaurants

Advertising Agency: DDB Denmark
Creative Director: Patrik Danielsson
Art Directors / Copywriters: Martin Jørgensen, Jacob Svahn, Bue P. Peitersen, Mikkel Møller
& Michael Nyrop
Photographer: Martin Juul

Ariel: Football

Advertising Agency: Publicis QMP, Dublin, Ireland
Executive Creative Director: Carol Lambert
Art Director: Nicholas Pereira
Copywriter: Priscilla Groves
Retoucher: Taylor James
Photographer: Simon Burch