Saturday, December 27, 2008

Adidas: Fake

Adidas: Fake
TBWA | Santiago, Philippines

Australia Day: Bongo

Australia Day: Metal

Advertising Agency: Loud Sydney, Australia
Creative Director / Copywriter: Joe Van Trump
Art Director: Darren Seddon
Creative: David Halter, Ryan Lonsdale

3M Scotch Brite: Stove crawl

Advertising Agency: 180 Degree Strategics, Malaysia
Creative Director: Chan Fong
Photographer: Kenneth Lim
Art Director / Copywriter: Kc.Har / Kyle

Friday, December 26, 2008

Mexican Association of Pediatricians: Soccer

Children who don't drin enough mlk are more frail.
Agency: Olabuenaga Chemistri, Mexico City, Mexico
Chief Creative Officer: Jorge Cuchí
Creative Director: Joge Cuchí
Art Directors: Israel Noguez, Iliana Solis
Copywriter: Ivonne Casillas

Melon Concrete: Clock

Agency: La Mesa, Santiago
Executive Creative Director: Sebastian Katz
Creative Group Head/ Copywriter: Raúl Torres
Art Director: David Contreras
Country: Chile

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mercedes-Benz: Christmas tree

Our Christmas present for you: 75 Euro bonus, if you buy a set of snow tires.
Advertising Agency: Mercedes-Benz Hamburg, Germany
Art Director: Eugen Trubatschow
Copywriter: Christoph Rieckmann

Wrigley's Orbit: Investigation Room

Advertising Agency: GITAM/BBDO, Israel
Creative Directors: Guy Bar, Eran Bar Yohai
Art Director: Igal Ezra
Copywriter: Igal Ezra

Motorola Ming8 GPS: Monks

Tagline: Ming8. Now with GPS, thankfully!

Advertising Agency: O&M Beijing, China
Creative Director: Wilson Nils
Art director: Rain Yu
Copywriter: Chen Ning
Photographer: Zhou Yu Long


Addictlab is all about accelerating talent and generating innovation.

Indian Terrain: World premiere

Indian Terrain: World premiere
Advertising Agency: Fisheye Creative, Bangalore, India
Published: November 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Imagine R: Enjoy

Imagine R is a transport ticket for young people to be used on trains, buses and the subway in Paris and its suburbs. They can also use it at specific places to get discounts.

Advertising Agency: H-Paris. France
Creative Director: Christophe Caubel
Art Directors / Copywriters: Nicolas Poillot, Philippe Boucheron

Sauter: Gambas

Time required to cook gambas in garlic
Time required before being able to speak to anyone
Save time on cooking
Induction hobs with boost system
Advertising Agency: DDB, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Alexandre Hervé, Sylvain Thirache
Copywriter: Fabien Teichner
Artistic Director: Faustin Claverie
Art Buyer: Sophie Mégrous
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Xavier Mendiola, Amélie Avierinos
Account Supervisors: Pascale Mirikelam
Photographer: Tomaso Satori
Retouching: B’pong

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trojan Condoms: Pigs

Executive Creative Director: Linda Kaplan Thaler
Creative Director: Jason Graff/Whitney Pillsbury
Copywriter: Jason Graff
Art Director: Whitney Pillsbury
Account Supervisor: Brad Kay


Agency: Lowe, USA
Chief Creative Officer: MARK WNEK
Creatives: John Szalay, Raj Kamble, Stephen Lundberg
Designer: Ken Rabe
Illustrator: Rich Greco

Olay Total Effects

Surgical markers can do prettier things.

Advertising Agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina
Photographer: Vincent Dixon

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hugo Mulder

Hugo Mulder aka DHM is a graphic designer / street artist from Amsterdam. He started doing graffiti in '84 - graphic design in '90 - and back to the streets with stickers and past-ups in '02. As a graphic designer he worked for clients like Nike, Adidas and Coke and runs his own studio for the last 8 years. His street art stickers are a series of animals all drawn in his well known black and white tattoo style. Next to that he also creates giant art prints and paintings showing the timeless unity between word and image. Hugo has "hypnotized" us with his work! All paintings are "hand painted, acrylic on canvas, with some in combination with hand cut stencil.


Creative Director: Sunee Chaijiraraks
Copywriter: Napon Nainuan
Art Director: Phasu Chitrakorn
Photographer: Songvit Bandhusevi


Creative Director: Germán Silva/Felipe Crespo/Eva Conesa
Copywriter: Adriana Matas
Art Director: Natalia Diez
Account Supervisor: José Maria Ricarte/Alfonso Garcia Valenzuela
Photographer: Fotografia Digital/Carles Nin/Francesc Dalmau/Albert Farnos


Executive Creative Director: Silvio Matos
Creative Director: Silvio Matos/Leandro Castilho
Copywriter: Marcos Piccinini
Art Director: Ricardo Sarno
Account Supervisor: Andre Gomes
Advertiser's Supervisor: Ralph Tabachi
Typographer: Alexandre Garcia/Maria Fernanda Massoni
Photographer: André Bradão
Producer: Juliana Gardim


Executive Creative Director: Linda Kaplan Thaler
Creative Director: Jason Graff/Whitney Pillsbury
Copywriter: Michael Greenburg
Art Director: Daniel Goldstein
Account Supervisor: Brad Kay

Sunday, December 21, 2008

AKQA: Happy Christmas (Jingle Bells)

AKQA has put an inventive twist on the well-known festive tune 'Jingle Bells' with the aid of 49 microwaves. In a meticulously crafted piece, the digital agency programmed a stack of the kitchen appliances to play the jingle. Directed by Jonty Toosey and produced by Bikini and AKQA.Film, the piece took almost a week of planning and a whole day to capture.

Agency: AKQA
Executive Creative Director: James Hilton
Creative Director: Colin Byrne/James Capp
Agency Producer: Mays Al-Ali

Produced by Bikini and AKQA.FILM
Director: Jonty Toosey
DOP: Bruce Jackson
Producer: Phil Barnes
Art Dept: David Rosen
Executive Producer : Kate Elson

Edit by Cut And Run
Editor: Ben Campbell

Sound design by Adelphoi
Sound designer: Shervin Shaeri
Producer: Sean Atherton

Post Production/TK by Rushes
Producer: Carl Grinter

Cameras supplied by Take2
Lighting supplied by Aim Image & Arri Focus
Filmed at Pinewood Studios, London

Sixt: Gibsnisch

Campaign for a fictional car hire company that claims to be cheaper and better than Sixt. But that simply doesn’t exist (“Gibsnisch”).

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Elbe Werbeagentur GmbH
Creative Directors: Wolf Heumann, Timm Hanebeck,
Art Directors: Martin Besl, Andreas Ruthemann
Copywriter: Peter Kirchhoff
Graphic Designers: Vanessa Rabea Schrooten
Photographer: Emir Haveric

Mazda2: Fitness comes as standard

Title: "Fitness comes as standard"
Agency: JWT, Düsseldorf
Advertiser: Mazda
Brand: Mazda 2
Country: Germany