Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dublin City Council: Second Hand Trash, Chewing gum

Free second hand gum.
Nobody wants your litter. Bin it.

Advertising Agency: Publicis QMP, Dublin, Ireland
Creative Director: Ger Roe
Art Director: John Kilkenny
Copywriter: Des Creedon
Photographer: Adrian Stewart

Airfree Air Purifiers

The safest way to kill 99.9% of all airborne germs and allergens

Advertising Agency: Brandcom Me, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Manoj Ammanath
Art Director: Sabina Mustafa
Copywriter: Kris Richardson
Illustrator: Sanu Raju

Tea Addict Lounge: Lovely

Read what tea can do to you.
*research suggest that tea contains polyphenols that help inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Jakarta, Indonesia
Creative Director / Copywriter: Widi Hartono
Art Director: Yuli Andrian
Account Director: Nina Martini

Friday, August 20, 2010

Nehru Zoological Park: National Geographic

My daughter is really famous. She's on National Geographic every other day.
Be a proud parent, adopt an animal.
For details, contact the Curator, Nehru Zoological Park on 094408 10162.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai, India
National Creative Directors: Rajiv Rao, Abhijit Avasthi
Executive Creative Director: Sumanto Chattopadhyay
Creative Directors: Sukesh Kumar Nayak, Heeral Desai Akhaury
Copywriter: Ragini Singh
Art Director: Pushkar Shintre

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Idea Book 10

portfolio of Caesar Lima

Brad Simon

Brad Simon

'Stylo' to Premiere on YouTube

Gorillaz are rolling out Stylo on the international stage tomorrow. The first music video from the Gorillaz' forthcoming album Plastic Beach (which leaked earlier this month) is due to premiere globally on YouTube on March 2nd.

The video follows fictional Gorillaz bassist Murdoc Niccals on a raucous journey away from his new home on Plastic Beach where antics inevitably ensue. Murdoc's new stomping grounds can now be thoroughly explored with the launch of relocated from the now defunct Kong Studios to the band's newly constructed island hideaway at Plastic Beach.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fadil Berisha


Hedkandi Salon

Love what you see.

Advertising Agency: WAX, Calgary, AB Canada
Creative Director: Joe Hospodarec
Art Director: Brad Connell
Copywriter: Stephanie Bialik
Photographer: Gerard Yunker
Stylist: Leah Van Loon
Digital Retouching: Sheldon McLean
Published: July 2010

Mandala Creative Productions: Crop

Make it real.

Advertising Agency: Mandala, Milan, Italy
Art Director: Alessandra Tatriele, Silvia Cammilli
Copywriter: Alessandra Tatriele, Elena Gianotti, Roberta Serra
Photographer: Winkler+Noah

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Orbit Mist: Mop

Client: Orbit Mist
Agency: Energy BBDO
Art Director: Isabela Ferreira
Copywriter: Jonathan Ozer
Group Creative Director: Frank Dattalo, Mike Roe
Chief Creative Officer: Dan Fietsam
Photographer: Nadav Kander
Art Buyer: Laura Feeny
Senior Art Buyer: Liz Miller-Gershfeld

Born to Fish

Very cool photo manipulation advertising from Barnes Catmur agency for Okuma brand for selling fish and related equipment under the slogan “Born to Fish”

Client: Okuma
Agency: Barnes, Catmur & Friends Auckland
Executive Creative Director: Paul Catmur
Executive Creative Director: Daniel Barnes
Creative: Carlos Savage
Creative: Matt Weavers
Creative: Jesse Stevens
Head of Art: Crispin Schuberth
Art Director: Brad Stratton
Photographer: Mat Baker
Retoucher: Karl Baker
Account manager: Mike Wilson
Country: New Zealand
Other Credits: Client: Adam Johanson

The commercial titled Beanie was done by Barnes, Catmur & Friends Auckland advertising agency in New Zealand. It was released in the August 2010. Business sector is Miscellaneous.

Sea Shepherd: Harpoon

The worst predator of the ocean does not live in the ocean.

Advertising Agency: Heads Propaganda, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Directors: Kike Borell, Luis Christello, Flavio Medeiros
Art Director: Rodrigo Lomelino
Copywriters: Rafael Simi, Flavio Medeiros
Illustrator: Helena Lopes
Photographer: Rodrigo Paredes

LANCE! Newspaper: Rossi

Be badly informed during the World Cup can be worse than you think.

Advertising Agency: Heads Propaganda, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Directors: Kike Borell, Luis Christello, Flavio Medeiros
Art Director: Fernando Maciel
Copywriter: Rafael Simi
Illustrator: Fernando Maciel
Photographer: Shutterstock


Reanna by Caesar Lima
2010 © Caesar Photo Design, Inc.

Little Stars School: Independence Day

Advertising Agency: Bates 141, Calcutta, India
Creative Director: Arjun Mukherjee
Art Director: Diptanshu Roy
Copywriter: Arjun Mukherjee
Photographer: Diptanshu Roy, Sheikh Gousuddin
Published: August 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Church End Brewery: Shakesbeer Campaign

Someone's been on the Shakesbeer
The Bard's Birthday Ale
4% ABV

Advertising Agency: Rees Bradley Hepburn, Birmingham, UK
Art Director: Stuart Jackson
Copywriter: Mike Kalin

CANNES LIONS: Fortune cats

Client: Cannes Lions
Agency: JWT Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Tay Guan Hin
Creative Director: Koh Hwee Peng
Art Director: karan dang
Copywriter: Kenneth Chia, Gao Yuanheng
Illustrator: Tay Kok Wei, Karan Dang
Country: Singapore
Planner: Gino Borromeo

The commercial titled Fortune cats was done by JWT Singapore advertising agency for CANNES LIONS (CANNES LIONS/FALLON company) in SINGAPORE. It was released in the August 2010. Business sector is Publications & media.

ALKA-SELTZER: Chicklhouette

Advertising Agency: BBDO Guatemala
General Creative Director: Victor GarcĂ­a
Regional Creative Director: Hermann von der Meden
Creative Director: Heber Flores
Art Director: Heber Flores
Illustrator: Heber Flores
Account Director: Eduardo Varela

The commercial titled Chicklhouette was done by BBDO GUATEMALA advertising agency for ALKA-SELTZER (BAYER company) in Guatemala. It was released in the August 2010. Business sector is Toiletries & pharmaceuticals.