Saturday, August 22, 2009

Clearex: Pacman

Don't hide it, clear it.

Advertising Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv, Israel
Chief Creative Director: Gideon Amichay

Executive Creative Director: Tzur Golan

Creative Director: Yariv Twig

Art Director: Meron Sasson
Copywriter: Sharon Refael

Account Manager: Adam Polachek

Account Supervisor: Dana Cogan

Account Executive: Anat Ruderman
Photographer: Menachem Reiss

Diplomatico: There's always rum for diplomacy

Advertising Agency: Brainswitch Advertising Miami, USA
Creative Directors: Jose Rementeria, Jack Sassoon
Art Director: Juan Ortega
Copywriter: Jack Sassoon

Cadbury Eyebrows

Cadbury Eyebrows
Another crazy viral ad by Cadbury’s


The portfolio of Bart Van Leeuwen
Neurotic Design Theory

Friday, August 21, 2009

Art Plastique

photography: Caesar Lima
model: Ashley Livingston
photo assistant: Tiffany Wardzinski
digital imaging: Felipe Silva
make up: Veronica Hernandez
wardrobe stylist: Brittney Hastings

Bridgestone: Old tyres

There's still a place for other tyre manufacturers in formula 1.

Advertising Agency: Showpony Advertising, Adelaide, Australia
Creative Director / Copywriter: Parris Mesidis
Art Director: Adam Johnson
Photographer: Stock

Eagle Print Awards 2009: Cactus

Nobody said it was easy.
Proudly sponsored by Independent Newspapers.

Advertising Agency: King James Cape Town, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Alistair King
Art Director: Karin Barry-McCormack
Copywriter: Paige Nick
Photographer: Ross Garrett
Account manager: Lesley Wright
Illustration: Westley Lewis, Am I Collective
Retouching: Ross Garrett

Phoenix Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine

Don’t let ligament damage sideline your child in the future. For more information, visit

Advertising Agency: Santy Integrated, Scottsdale, USA
Creative Director: Adam Pierno
Art Director: Juliana Gonzalez
Copywriter: Jamie Dos Santos
Photographer: Brandon Sullivan

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Urban Rush Movers: Coffee

If you want your household moved quickly, efficiently and carefully - call Urban Rush Movers. This campaign gives the public a (slightly exaggerated) taste of what Urban Rush Movers can do for them.

Client: Urban Rush Movers
Agency: DDB Canada, Vancouver
Creative Directors: Cosmo Campbell, Dean Lee
Copywriter: Kevin Rathgeber
Art Director: Colin Hart
Agency Producer: Helen Wynne
Photographer: Phil Jarmain
Retoucher: The Orange Apple

Blackberry: Remake

Remake a classic scene your way.

Advertising Agency: Next Door, London, UK
Art Director: Paul Nowikowski
Copywriter: Craig Kind
Photographer: Alan Powdrill -
Art Buyer: Cathy Mason

Little Einstein

The National Museum of Science and Technology
Every little genius' favorite place.

Ruth Advertising, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Director: Jenny Berg
Copywriter / Photographer: Per Forsberg
Digital artist: Linda Åkerberg
Typographers: Anders Nilsson, Camilla Berg
Published: July 2009

Viagra: Breast

A little bit can be a lot.

Advertising Agency: Z Mexico
Chief Creative Officer: Raúl Olvera
Executive Creative Director / Copywriter: Cristian Rocha
Creative Directors: Sergio Sharpe, Carlos Martínez
Art Director: Luis Fernando Sánchez
Photographer: Shutterstock

Ztrackz Sound Design: Dentist

Wrong Sound, wrong image.

Advertising Agency: Z Mexico
Chief Creative Officer: Raúl Olvera
Executive Creative Director: Cristian Rocha
Creative Directors: Sergio Sharpe, Carlos Martínez
Art Directors / Copywriters: Luis Fernando Sánchez, Pascual García
Photographer: Shutterstock

Pepto Bismol: Stock Index

Tagline: Yup, you're covered.
Client: Pepto-Bismol
Agency: Publicis, New York
Chief Creative Director: Rob Feakins
Group Creative Director: Bertrand Garbassi
Art Director: John Wagner
Copywriter: Dan Cohen
Print Production Manager: Kristan Gabriel
Retoucher: James Du

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

IPA International Photography Awards

"Zok Vampire"
Honorable Mention of the 2009 International Photo Awards

Client: Marzocchi
Photography: Caesar Lima
Art director: Neil Vilppu
Model: Kinberly Girard
Make up: Veronica Hernandez
Digital Imaging: Pixelpasta
Photo assistant: Tiffany Wardinsky
Casting director: Michael Lane

Shamiana Short Film Festival: Dominoes

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Mumbai, India.
Creative Directors: Suhas Parab, Shormistha Mukherjee
Art Director: Nishigandh Dhende
Copywriter: Sanchita Sinha

The Monkey Nightclub: Cocktail

Advertising Agency: hasan & partners, Helsinki, Finland
Creative Director / Copywriter: Eka Ruola
Art Directors: Eka Ruola, Mikko Juhola
Photographer: Oskari Hellman
Published: August 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Even Mouthwash: Rollercoaster

Against bad breath.

Advertising Agency: RGA Comunicação, Recife, Brazil
Creative Director: Daniel Zago
Art Directors: Olivia Nowak,Gabriel Linhares
Copywriters: Daniel Zago, Ricardo Zaclis
Typographer: Olivia Nowak
Photographer: Sven Schrader

Creative Animated Videos from Bam Studios

Izabella B. Melo, the executive producer of Bam Studio, an animation studio located in Brazil, hipped us to two of their most recent projects. The animation in both is stellar, which is underscored by their attention to detail and meaning. Voltage and A Sorte have become hugely popular online, Find out why.

DSTV Bue: Simpsons

Advertising Agency: Executive Center, Luanda, Angola
Creative Directors: Antonio Pascoa, Claudio Rafael
Art Directors: Dogo Peixoto, Anderson Nielson
Copywriter: Miguel Reis
Illustrator: Goncalo Lopes

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hangame Tetris: New York

Tetris Returns.

Advertising Agency: Daehong Communications, Seoul, S.Korea

Creative Director: Haewon Chung
Art Director: Keunhye Lee
Copywriter: Kikwan Lee, Joohye Yoon, Heejin Park
Illustrator: Juhno Ahn
Account Executive: Sunyoung Lee

Adidas: Park

Because everyone has different reason to enjoy running

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Shanghai, China
Creative Directors: Carol Lam, Johnson Sheng, Lesley Zhou
Art Director: Danny Li, Haoxi Lv
Copywriter: She Kai
Photographer: UWE, JOO

30 Seconds TV show: Pony tail

Sydney-based agency Three Drunk Monkeys is promoting the premiere of 30 SECONDS, the TV show written by the agency's executive creative directors Justin Drape and Scott Nowell, and Prodigy Films director Tim Bullock, with a campaign consisting of 90-second, 60-second and 30-second TV spots, online, outdoor and print. 30 SECONDS air on subscription TV channel THE COMEDY CHANNEL on 7 September.

Advertising Agency: Three Drunk Monkeys, Sydney, Australia
Creative Directors: Justin Drape, Scott Nowell
Photographer: Mark Rogers
Agency Production: Theirry Bled, Graeme Robertson, Thea Carone, Ben Gregg,Trent Beattie
Published: August 2009

Hubba-Bubba: Earth

XXXL balloons

Advertising Agency: Gitam BBDO
Executive Creative Director: Guy Bar
Creative Director: Eran Bar-Yochai
Art Director: Noam Laist
Copywriter: Ronen Levin

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Clorox Pouches: Laundry done bright

Advertising Agency: Advantage Advertising, Cairo, Egypt
Creative Director: Andy Spyrison
Art Director: Micheal Habib
Copywriters: Andy Spyrison, Sameh Turk
Photographer: Tarkek El Baradie
Senior Art Director: Ashraf Foda
Released: July 2009

Red Cross China: Organ

Donate an organ and give someone another chance to live.
Advertising Agency: JWT, Shanghai, China
Creative Directors: Lo ShuengYan, Tiffany Huang
Art Director: Alan Zhang
Copywriter: Vno Tang
Photographer: Jeff Hargrove
Retouching: Peng Yam Lim

Joymain Hair Strengthening Shampoo: Knife

Advertising Agency: W&K Advertising, Beijing, China
Creative Director: Li Chen
Art Directors: Qing Zhao, Ning Yang
Copywriters: Miao Qiu, Shen Li
Illustrator: Ning Yang