Saturday, July 18, 2009

Martello: Cheaper

Cheaper. Nothing else!
For the clever alternative.

Advertising Agency: KSB/SJ, Zürich, Switzerland
Creative Director: Flo Wacker
Art Director: Mario Moosbrugger
Copywriter: Andy Lusti
Graphic Designer: Mareike Jansen
Photographers: Christian Ammann, Mathias Zuppiger
Published: November 2008

Red Stag by Jim Beam: Watering hole

Advertising Agency: Proof (Beam Global In House Agency), Deerfield, USA
Creative Director: Craig Pollock
Art Director: Mark Share
Copywriter: Tony DiPietro
Illustrators: Bill Beachy, Chris Comella at GoMedia
Photographer: Clay Enos

Durex: Condoms that generate desire

Brilliant new Durex Condom TV commercial "Les préservatifs qui donnent envie"
Translation to English is "Condoms that generate desire."
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): McCann Paris, Clichy, France
Creative Director: Mike ZONNENBERG
Creatives : Philippe PINEL & Frédérick LUNG
Managing Director : Jean-Philippe MARTZEL
Senior Program Manager : Gorana GARAVESKI
Program Manager : Thomas FERRARE
TV Prod : Lionel COURTIAUD
Production : Satellite My Love
Director : Cesar PESQUERA

Friday, July 17, 2009

NOE Animal Shelter Hungary: Carwash

Animals need money too.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Budapest, Hungary
Creative Director: Milos Ilic
Art Directors: Chris Hill, Lukasz Brzozowski
Copywriters: Dezso Nagy, Vilmos Farkas
Account manager: Eva Ferenczi

MonkeyFist Clothing & Apparel: Jailbreak

Bonzo landed a fierce uppercut, rendering the guard unconscious.With that, the prison break was underway.

Advertising Agency: Hill Holliday
Creative Director / Art Director / Illustrator: Kevin Daley
Copywriter: Tim Cawley

Tortuga Câmaras de ar: Face any road

Advertising Agency: Tif Comunicação, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Directors: Thiago Biazetto, Fhabyo Mattesick
Art Director: Waldemar Segundo
Copywriter: Rafael Corad

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Zeiss Lens magnifier: Fly

"Our most powerful magnifier yet. Please use responsibly"
Agency: Y&R Dubai
Photographer: Groovy Singapore
Illustrator: Groovy Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Shahir Ahmed
Creative Director: Komal Bedi Sohal
Art Director: Komal Bedi Sohal
Copywriter: Shahir Ahmed
Country: United Arab Emirates

FTC Vision: Kids

Stop your world. Watch the rest of it.

Advertising Agency: The Brandon Agency, SC, USA
Creative Director: Chris Vestal
Art Director: Jon Leon
Copywriter: Jay Arre
Retouchers: Christopher Bodie, Mindseye ATL
Photographer: Matt Silk, Stock

Corporate Chhattisgarh: Martyr

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore, India
Creative Directors: Malvika Mehra, Amit Akali, Deepak Joshi
Art Director: Ravikumar/Sreejith
Copywriter: Manoj Jacob
Photographer: Asha Thadani
Typographers: PJ Shan Jose, Vipin Das

Johnny Loco bicycles: Bee hive

Johnny Loco, a Dutch lifestyle brand with a focus on bicycles, launches its latest ad campaign. The brand encourages people to use their Johnny Loco bikes to go explore the world, while looking great at the same time. The campaign will run in outdoor, print and online in The Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, South Africa and Australia. It was shot in South Africa by renowned advertising and fashion photographer Rene Kramers.
Media: Print
Country: Netherlands
Ad Info: Agency: New Message Amsterdam
Creative directors: Lennart Wienecke, Hugo Rütter
Production: Rosanne Surie, Catherine Dijkstra
Photography: Rene Kramers
Retouching: Magic

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

LKXA Youth Bank: Queen

So many privileges may go to your head. LKXA Youth Bank
Advertising Agency: Caldas Naya, Barcelona, Spain
Creative Director / Copywriter: Gustavo Caldas
Art Director: Mireia Puig
Photographer: Diver Aguilar, London
Account Director: Fabiana Casañas
Client supervisor: Oscar Ordóñez

Hammer Bowling: The hot sauce

Set your game on fire. Hot Sauce Pearl. The latest high-performance ball from Hammer.
Advertising Agency: BOHAN Advertising, Nashville, United States
Creative Director: Jon Arnold
Art Director: Jim Valosik
Copywriter: Jason Corbin
Photography / Retouching: Minds Eye Atlanta
Account Executive: Kelly Vinsel

Sunburnt Pictures

Gourmet film footage.
Advertising Agency: Lunatx, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director / Copywriter: Stefan Graefe
Art Director: Ryan Hinrichsen
Photographer: Leisly Nelson

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Marani eyewear: Superman

Advertising Agency: La Selección, Rosario, Argentina
Creative Director: Sebastian Abramovich
Art Director: Emiliano Caisso
Copywriter: Luisa Rut. Mangiamelli
Illustrator: Juan Pablo Zaramella
Photographer: Juan Pablo Zaramella
Account Manager: Luciano Corvalán

Ambipur: Crab

Advertising Agency: Grey Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand
Art Directors: Parom Kong-aum, Arusha Watcharaworakij
Copywriters: Krittipong Buntharam, Narathip Phueaksri
Photographer: Chub Nokkaew

Livestrong: Keep Going

Lance Armstrong was dealt one of life’s most difficult hands. He has managed to survive to ride for an incredible eighth Tour de France title. Win or lose, he’s already won just by being there. No matter what life throws at you. No matter what obstacles are in your path. No matter if the voices in your head are telling you that you can’t go on. Live every minute of your life with every ounce of your being. Unite and help us fight cancer. Because whatever you face, you can Livestrong.

Advertising Agency: Marmalade, Melbourne, Australia
Art Director: Tim Forte
Copywriter: Dan Forestal
Photographer: Chris von Menge
Retouching: Imagenation

Scooty makeover

Scooty makeover
Ride in on your old Scooty. Ride away with an incredible deal on a new Scooty Streak.
Also get an additional loyalty bonus of Rs.1000 as you zip away.

Advertising Agency: McCann, Bangalore, India
Creative Director: Anil thomas
Art Directors: Rajesh E Thomas, P. Ratheesh
Copywriter: Meera Prem
Photographer: Peter (JETSET SP. Z O.O.)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Photographer Wants In On Fairey Lawsuit

One of Shepard Fairey's posters based on a photo by Mannie Garcia.
Photographer Mannie Garcia has filed a court motion seeking to join the lawsuit between poster artist Shepard Fairey and the Associated Press.

Garcia shot the 2006 photograph of Barack Obama that Fairey used as the basis for one of his celebrated campaign posters. The AP and Fairey have been engaged in a copyright suit over the use of the image since February. So far Garcia hasn’t been part of the legal process.

Garcia’s motion makes the legal dispute more complicated. Garcia has asked to be included as a defendant—joining the AP in accusing Fairey of copyright infringement. (Anticipating a copyright lawsuit in February, Fairey sued the AP first.) Garcia also wants to be a counter-claim plaintiff—against the AP—since he and the AP cannot agree on who owns the copyright to the original photograph.



A blonde so natural, that nobody would say that's a dyed hair.

Advertising Agency: Longplay 360. Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Fernando Luna
Art Director: Eduardo Basque
Copywriter: Nelson Doretto
Photographer: Claus Lehman
Other additional credits: Bebelto Fasoli (digital Image)

Volkswagen: Escape

Advertising Agency: Iris
Creative: Simon Mannion
Designers: Greg Coulton, Alex Goodman
Account handlers: Nykeeta Barkakoti, Milly Chu, Michelle Stewart, Lauren Vosper
Production managers: Kelly Cole, Nicola Retter
PR team: Laura Mahon, Vicki Harding, Amit Chakravarty
Digital project manager: Belinda Costa
Copywriters: Matt Hallett, Gemma Burgess
Art director: Torri Winn
Planner (creative agency): Willem van der Host
Digital designer: Karen Gwyer

Soleterre: Spit up

All children should be allowed to be children.

Advertising Agency: JWT Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Pietro Maestri
Creative Director: Bruno Bertelli
Art Director: Stefano Carli Ballola
Copywriter: Cristiano Tonnarelli
Photographer: Zona 13

Glade: Cop + Drive in

Your car never smelled so good.

Advertising Agency: Giovanni+Draftfcb
Creative Directors: Adilson Xavier, Cristina Amorim, Fernando Barcellos
Art Directors: Felipe Gomes, Marcelo Lobo
Copywriters: Rodrigo Dorfman, Fábio Penedo, Daniel Japa Brito
Account Manager: Álvaro Figueiredo
Photographer: Ricardo Cunha

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brazilian Press Association: Man + Woman

The Censorship never gives up. It always comes back in a disguise.
Brazilian Press Association. 100 years fighting for freedom of speech.
Advertising Agency: Africa, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Nizan Guanaes, Sergio Gordilho, Fabio Seidl, Bruno Brasil
Art Director: Bruno Brasil
Copywriter: Fabio Seidl
Photographer: Paulo Mancini

Maglite: Alien

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Singapore
Illustrator: KC at Mirage Works
Creative Director: Paul Anderson, Stuart mills, Eugene Cheong
Copywriter: Ross Fowler
Art Director: Elyn Wong
Country: Singapore