Saturday, June 14, 2008

Durex - Play

Product : Durex Condoms
Agency : Ogilvy RedCard
Country : Singapore
Creatives : Paul Anderson (Creative Director)
Elyn Wong (Art Director)
Jo Collings (Copywriter)

Gazeta FM: Soldier

Advertised brand: Gazeta Fm 88.1

Music improves your mood.
Advertising Agency: Mohallem Meirelles, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Eugênio Mohallem
Art Director: Bruno Bomediano
Copywriter: Leandro Lourenção
Photographer: Felipe Gombossy

Olympus SP-570UZ: Ultra zoom

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Korea, Seoul, South Korea
Creative Director: Jaehyuk Jang
Art Directors: Suewon Chang, Hyoyeon Kim
Copywriter: Sunbok Lee
Illustrator: Hongjin Choi
Photographer: Boha Kim
Chief Creative Officer: Wain Choi

Signo: Water

Challenges water.
TITLE: signo
CLIENT/PRODUCT: Mitsubishi Pencil

Friday, June 13, 2008

Lara Sayılgan

Istanbul born photographer Lara, lived in USA, Brazil and London. After studying Opera in "Mimar Sinan University", Lara decided to change direction and went to London to study Media. She ended up in "London College of Printing" studying photography. She speacilized in portrait and fashion. When she came back to Istanbul, she worked as an assisstant and soon after as a photographer. In 2005 she opened up her own studio named ”STUDIOPLUS” lauching two other photographers. Lara continues to work with top brands, artists and celebrities including both commercial and editorial work.

Answer, online insurance services

The good thing of having an insurance with answer is that you never have to stop doing what you want to do.
Advertising Agency: Dialogo Publicidad, Argentina
Creative Directors: Mariano Haefeli, Daniel Alfieri
Art Director: Mariano Haefeli
Copywriter: Daniel Alfieri
Photographer: StudioWallace, fotografias
Producer: Juje
Postproducion: DCH Studio, Diego Chiliano

Supor kitchen knife: Smoke

Advertising Agency: CC&E Advertising, Guangzhou, China
Creative Directors: Leo Zou, Tango Wang, Allen Chen
Art Directors: Reeves lin, Allen Chen
Copywriters: Leo Zou, Tango Wang, Joe He

Byggmax: Price war - Tank

Price war on building materials.
As our competitors bombard you with explosive offers, our only weapon is building materials at constantly low prices.
Advertising Agency: Kitchen, Norway
Art Directors: Ole Henrik Stubberud, Björn Andreassen.
Copywriters: Heidi Mittun-Kjos, Didrik Hallström.
Illustrator: Björn Nordberg

Carnevale Restaurant at Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Carnevale Restaurant at Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Agency: TBWA\RAAD, Dubai
Regional Creative Director: Nirmal Diwadkar
Art Director: Mohanad Shuraideh
Photographer: Tejal Patni
Illustrator: Frog, Dubai
Account Director: Veronique Breugelmans

VIP magazine: Skydiving

Advertising Agency: MatosGrey, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Silvio Matos, Leandro Castilho
Art Directors: Ricardo Sarno, Lucas Heck
Copywriters: Filipe Medici, Fernando Silva

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sexy Subaru

Agency: DDB, Toronto
Creative Director: Andrew Simon
Art Director: Paul Riss
Copywriter: Matt Antonello

Comcast High-Speed Internet: Rabbit

Avertiser: COMCAST
Country: USA
Category: Internet service providers

VIP magazine: Police

Advertising Agency: MatosGrey, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Silvio Matos, Leandro Castilho
Art Directors: Ricardo Sarno, Lucas Heck
Copywriters: Filipe Medici, Fernando Silva

Ducati: Cupid

Advertising Agency: MatosGrey, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Silvio Matos, Leandro Castilho
Art Director: Lucas Heck
Copywriter: Filipe Medici

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nissan Pathfinder Platinum

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Rome
Creative Director: Alessio Riggi
Art Directors: Anna Di Cintio, Fabrizio Caperna
Copywriter: Francesca De Sisto
Photographer: Winkler & Noah

First Class Institute: The Green Mile

Translated, is not the same. Learn English today.
Million Dollar Baby was translated as Destiny Blows (Golpes del Destino)
Minority Report was translated as After Judgement (Sentencia Previa)
The Green Mile was translated as Miracles Unexpectedly (Milagros Inesperados)

Advertising Agency: Nexus BBDO Bolivia
Creative Director / Copywriter: Oscar H. Castañeda
Art Director: Jorge Ortiz Molina

Bob Martin Conditioning Tablets

Imagine what it could do for your dog.
Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Marthinus Duckitt
Art Director: David Mthembu
Copywriter: Candice Claassen
Photographer: Michael Lewis

International Children's Games: Golf

Agency: Grey, San Francisco
Executive Creative Director: Guy Seese
Creative Director: Brian Clevenger
Art Director: Andres Herrera
Copywriter: Eric Flynn
Studio Artist: Lindsay Hull
Photographer: Jill Greenberg

Voltaren Pain Relief Gel: Nails

Advertiser: Novartis
Product: Voltaren Pain Relief Gel
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Amsterdam
Creative Director: Magnus Olsson, Jean-Francois Fournon
Art Director: Magnus Olsson
Copywriter: Avinash Sampath
Country: Netherlands
Typographer: Jeroen Wartenbergh
Photographer: Valerie Van Der Wal
Typographer: Roger Kennedy

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Playboy TV: Remote

Advertising Agency: Beijing Dentsu, China
Creative Director: Zhanfeng Sui
Art Director: Wenjin Chen
Photographer: Lao Bai


from the book Urban Toys
photography by Caesar Lima
Digital Imaging: Pixelpasta

WESC: Sunglasses

Advertising Agency: KING Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Frank Hollingworth
Art Director: Tommy Carlsson
Copywriter: Christian Karlsson
Photographer: Calle Stoltz / LundLund
Account Manager: Catharina Erlandsson

Sparkasse Construction Financing: Starling's home

"Anyone can make their dream house come true with the Sparkasse Bank“.

Agency: Jung von Matt / Hamburg
Art Director: Pablo Schencke
Copywriter: Sergio Penzo

OSO Food Wrap: Sandwich

Advertiser: Clorox
Product: OSO Food Wrap
Agency: DDB Sydney
Executive Creative Director: Matt Eastwood
Art Director: Jakub Szymanski
Copywriter: Alex Stainton
Designer: Jay Young, Erwin Santoso
Retoucher: Dennis Monk
Photographer: Mat Baker

TMZ: Jessica

Advertising Agency: Planet 3, Los Angeles, USATMZ
Art Director: Michele Castagnetti
Copywriters: Dylan Gerber, Stefan Gerber

Monday, June 9, 2008

13th Street, the crime channel: Lake

13th Street, the crime channel: Garage

We see crime everywhere.
Advertising Agency: BETC Eurorscg, Paris, France
Creative Director: Stéphane Xiberras
Art Director: Rémy Tricot
Copywriter: Olivier Couradjut
Photographer: Cédric Delsaux

Gillette Fusion: No Fusion, No Kiss

Agency: BBDO dusseldorf
ECD: Toygar Bazarkaya, David Lubars (BBDO New York)
Creative Director: Stefan Vonderstein
Art-Director: Olaf Reys, Jorg Tavidde
Copywriter: Anno Thenenbach, Alex Busch
Photo: Frank Schemmann, Stefan Kranefeld

Hebert Richers Dubbing Services : Rocky

Title: Rocky
Advertised brand: Hebert Richers Dubbing Services
Headline and copy text: Dubbing services
Advertising Agency: Publicis Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil
Agency website: http://
Executive Creative Director: Guilherme Jahara
Creative Director: Guilherme Jahara
Art Director: Nelson Costa, Ricardo Gurgel
Copywriter: Gabriel Sotero, Gustavo Alves
Photographer: Manolo Moran

Adidas: Impossible Goalkeeper

For the opening of the EuroCup 2008, we installed a 60m tall eight-armed Petr Cech on the Prater Riesenrad, the main tourist attraction in Vienna.
Agency: TBWA \ Berlin
Chief Creative Director: Stefan Schmidt
Art Director: Marco Bezerra
Copywriter: Emiliano Trierveiler
Photographer: Johan Sebastian Hanel
Account Managers: Falk Lungwitz, David Barton
Production: Katrin Dettman

Aquafresh ICE: Hola

Advertising Agency: Maruri Grey, Ecuador
Creative Directors: Pipo Morano, Luis Campoverde
Art Directors: Luis Campoverde, Cesar Chica
Published: March 2008

St. Mary's College: Achievers' Club

Gear up for global impact.
Advertising Agency: Mindset Advertising, India
Art Director: Balamurugan S.
Copywriter: Jitendra B. Lulla
Account Management: Sharmistha Choudhary
Creative Director: Mark Samuel

Husqvarna motorcycles: Pyramids

Husqvarna motorcycles: Helicopters

Advertising Agency: MatosGrey, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Silvio Matos, Leandro Castilho
Art Directors: Ricardo Sarno, Guto Kono
Copywriters: Marcos Piccinini, Fabio Leão
Published: April 2008

Domino's Pizza: Motorcycle

Now hiring delivery drivers.
Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, Puerto Rico
Creative Director: Ricky Soler
Art Director: Jose Llompart
Copywriter: Mandy Garcia
Photographer: Kenny Rexach

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pepsamar antiacid: Welcome to the real world

Advertiser: Sanofi Aventis
Product: Pepsamar (against the gastrointestinal symptoms, such as burning sensation and gastric acidity)
Creative Director: Guilherme Jahara
Art Director: Mauritius Mori
Art-buyer: Marinete Raimondi
Production: Fabio Alves / Alessandro Bonna
Editor: Gustavo Alves
photo: Thiago Antonovas

Martau: Temperature

Temperature variation between seven and eighteen degrees: basically a weather phenomenon.
Advertising Agency: One, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Creative Directors: Fernando Schwedersky, Daniel Olivieri
Art Director: Daniel Olivieri
Copywriter: Aroldo Anderson