Saturday, September 17, 2011

CANAL+ Borgia: Lucrezia

Meet the Borgia's, a powerful, immoral and scandalous family, symbol of the decadence of the Church in the 15th century, immortalised through the latest series produced by CANAL+. To promote the series, BETC brings out 4 prints where the flamboyant photographer David Lachapelle has succeeded in revealing the duality of the members of the BORGIA family: behind their angelic appearance, we discover that their innocent and beatified faces barely conceal the greatest vices. Advertising Agency: BETC Euro RSCG, France

Friday, September 16, 2011

Absolut Lima

Madison Sourdough: Lincoln

Madison Sourdough is a Bread bakery that takes pride in their unique style of rustic artisan bread. They keep it pure and simple creating over 20 styles of bread with only 3 ingredients, Salt, Water & Flower. Advertising Agency: Lindsay Stone & Briggs, USA Chief Creative Officer: Bill Winchester Senior Copywriter: Lee Schmidt Copywriter: Brett Newski Art Director: Jake Lee Magyar

L’armeede l’air lance

L’armeede l’air lance
  • Euro RSCG C&O
The commercial titled L’armeede l’air lance, 2 was done by Euro Rscg C&o, Paris advertising agency for L’armeede l’air lance (for L’armeede l’air) in France. It was released in the September 2011.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Ritz-Carlton: Umbrella Drink

Let us invent a drink in your honor. Let us transform your room into a tropical paradise. Let us turn a weekend getaway into a honeymoon you never thought you’d have. Let us create a memory so indelible, you’ll savor it long after you’ve left. Let us stay with you. Agency website: Team One, USA Creative Director: James Hendry Art Director: Steve Hanlon Copywriters: Phil Henson, Emily McDowell, Simon Mainwaring, Kevin Raich Illustrator: Tom Saputo Photographer: Geof Kern Published: September 2011

Parissa Wax Strips

You're not shaped like this. Why is your razor? Advertising Agency: Rethink, Vancouver, Canada Creative Directors: Chris Staples, In Grais Art Director: David de Haas Copywriter: Katie Ainsworth Illustrator: Dale Schulz Photography: Stock Retoucher: Steve Pinter Published: October 2011

Sweetbands: The Stache, Censored

Sweetbands is a product started in conjunction with thirtysevenclick and several employees work for both entities. Sweetbands is a new headband retailer trying to promote our products to young urban dwellers. The idea is to touch upon this demographic with a fun product that can be worn by anyone who wished to be an individual and stand out from the crowd. This demographic is often marketed to in specific groups, (hip hop, yuppies, hipsters, etc) by stripping the models of clothes we hopefully appeal to all genres. At the same time the brand is a novelty product and does not want to take itself too seriously. Advertising Agency: Thirtysevenclick, USA Creative Director: Paul Klinke Art Director: Tobin Nageotte Photographers: Tim Hook, Tobin Nageotte Special thanks: Emily Denker, Karen Hirsch, Lindsay Soule Published: September 2011

Production Paradise Advertising Showcase

Advertising book
Production Paradise Advertising Showcase
Caesar Lima

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monarto Zoo

Come and see our baby rhino Advertising Agency: Showpony Advertising, Australia Creative Director: Parris Mesidis Art Director: Jonathan Pagano Copywriters: Andrew Bensley, Parris Mesidis Account manager: Vanessa Schiller The commercial titled Baby Rhino was done by Showpony Advertising advertising agency for Monarto Zoo (for Monarto Zoo) in Australia. It was released in the September 2011.

Muscle Milk: Woman

Iron muscles. Advertising Agency: Alch1m1a ADV, Milan, Italy Creative Director / Art Director: Raul Riccardo Pisani Copywriter: Viviana Giovannini Post production: R. Monero Photographer: O'cean

Bioenergy Nutrition: Dumbbell

Getting big is a child's play! Advertising Agency: Alch1m1a ADV, Milan, Italy Creative Directors: Viviana Leveghi, Raul Riccardo Pisani Art Director: Raul Riccardo Pisani Copywriter: Viviana Leveghi Illustrator: O'cean

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beautiful Britt

Brittany Dailey for Maxim Magazine
photo by Caesar Lima
Hair by Heather Kershaw-Mason
Styling by Stella Row
make up Pamela Megan

Criterion Knives: Fine Cut Knives

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bogota, Colombia Chief Creative Officer: John Raúl Forero Creative Executive Director: Juan José Posada Copywriters: Mauricio Guerrero, John Forero Art Directors: Juan Jose Posada, Diego Cardenas Photographer: Darío Mora Post Producers: Alexander Sanchez, Sebastian Lapidus

Sky TV: Miracles

Miracles happen only on Sky Sport. Advertising Agency: 1861 United, Milan, Italy Executive Creative Directors: Pino Rozzi, Roberto Battaglia Creative Directors: Federico Ghiso, Giorgio Cignoni Art Director: Giorgio Cignoni Copywriter: Federico Ghiso Photographer / Post Producer: Joan Garrigosa

Monday, September 12, 2011

IMAX: Float

Return to your seat prior to re-entry.
Advertising Agency: LOUD, Sydney, Australia
Creative Director: Andy Firth
Art Director / Illustrator: Mo Shono
Copywriter: Luke Fox
Photographer: Mark Mawson

The Model Apartment: Bathroom

Welcome to The Model Apartment.
16w21 New York

Advertising Agency: Imagination, USA
Creative Director: Josh Rogers
Art Director: Will Dean
Photographer: Steve Hellerstein
Set & Production Design: Robert Pyzocha
Writer: Josh Rogers
Designers: Will Dean, Miho Nishimaniwa, Yazmany Arboleda
Producer: Sharon Mendelow, Kyle Boynton
Production Assistant: Katie Courson

Converse: Fall/Winter 2011

Advertising Agency: in House Converse Creative Director: Brandon Avery Art Directors: Hadley Adams, Simone Bilota Photographers: Jeremy Weiss, Claire Weiss / Day19 Project manager: Jess Oldham

OXO: Control The Chaos, Twister

A simple solution for the twists in life. OXO. Control The Chaos. Advertising School: Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA Art Directors: Hansley Kasih, Carolina Gallegos, Kritika Kommuri Copywriter: Breanna Dobbe Instructor: Marlin Neufeld

Puma: Pump Up

  • Credits:
    Audio Post Company: Sound Lounge
    Mixer: Tom Jucarone
    Mixer: Peter Holcomb
    Mixer: Philip Loeb
    Executive Producer: Gloria Pitagorsky

The commercial titled Pump Up was done by Sound Lounge advertising agency for Puma (for Puma) in United States. It was released in the September 2011.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Memorial: Reflect

  • Reflect. 2001-2011

    A 9/11 tribute poster encouraging people to look back and reflect after 10 years.

    Advertising Agency: Extra Credit Projects, Grand Rapids, USA
    Creative Director: Rob Jackson
    Art Director: Joshua Best

The commercial titled Reflect was done by Extra Credit Projects advertising agency for for 9/11 Memorial in United States. It was released in the September 2011.