Saturday, May 8, 2010

Reebok: Centenario

It's time to celebrate. We've just been called to a cruel and unhuman war.
Congratulations for the classification to Libertadores, S. C. Internacional.
Reebok is going to enter the filed with the team.

Ad congratulating Sport Club Internacional, a brazilian soccer team which celebrated it’s 100th aniversary in 2009. In this year, the team also qualified to Copa Libertadores da América 2010, a tournament that gathers the best 32 teams of Latin America.

Advertising Agency: DCS Comunicações, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Creative Directorz: Roberto Callage, Rafael Bohrer
Art Director: João Pedro Vargas
Copywriterz: Claudia Tajes, Samir Arrage
Illustrator: Meca, Andre Mello

Body One Gym: Fat

Advertising Agency: DCS Comunicações, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Creative Directors: Roberto Callage, Rafael Bohrer
Art Director: João Pedro Vargas
Copywriter: Claudia Tajes
Illustrator: Meca
Photographer: Celso Chittolina
Published: January 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010


Adhesive Bandages

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Lima, Peru
Creative Director: Jorge Santibañez
Art Directors: Jorge Romero, Celso Zelaya
Copywriter: Fernando Rizo-patrón
Photographer: Jason Sullivan
Additional Credits: Frank Delgado

Globo News: Microchips

Special on the 40th anniversary of the first man landing on the Moon. An achievement that lead to many others. Learn more about the impact of technological advancements brought to our lives by the Space Race. Watch it on July 12, always at 11pm.

Advertising Agency: CGCOM, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Director: Marcos Pedrosa
Art Director: Bruno Di Celio
Copywriters: Danielle Pascoalino, Eduardo de Castro
Photographers: Studio do Cais, Aderi Costa, Diomedia
Published: July 2009

Saroor Bar

Advertising Agency: Rediffusion Y&R, Delhi, India
Creative Directors: Abhinav Pratiman, Daniel Uputturu
Art Director / Illustrator / Typographer: Arnab Ray
Copywriter: Abhinav Pratiman

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sekunda Glue: Soldiers

Extends life

Advertising Agency: BBDO Russia, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Mihai Coliban
Art Directors: Pavel Ganin, Alexander Solodkiy
Copywriters: Maxim Ponomarev, Egor Gavrilin
Studio: Wireframe

Disney's Hollywood Studios, Star Wars Weekends: Grievous

Advertising Agency: Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group
Creative Director: Will Gay
Art Director: Matt Stewart
Copywriter: John McCall
Illustrator: Ed Brown, Lenny Labato
Photographer: Garth Vaughan

Spinaca Sound Production Company

The sound offers infinite possibilities.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Peru
Chief Creative Officer: Aldo Canchaya
Copywriters: Manuel Malempré, Mario Anchorena
Art Director: Enrique Benitez, Luis Santillan
Photographer: Carlos A. Rojas Villa
Illustrator: Oswaldo "Chatín Del Solar, Ronald Rojas
Account Manager: Úrsula Canchaya
Producer Director: Carla Chuiman

Amnesty International

Advertising Agency: JWT Barcelona, Spain
Executive Creative Director: Alex Martínez
Creative Director: Carles Puig
Art Director: Ferran Mendizàbal
Copywriters: Oscar Galán, Mireia Vila

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Indian Premier League 2010: Dhoni

The Indian Premier League (IPL) India's biggest annual 20-20 cricketing event, where eight domestic teams (with Indian and International players) compete for glory.

The Task: To ignite team loyalties, and get people into the stadiums.
The Thought: It’s the fans who make the game.

This was run as an outdoor campaign across India. as well as Innovative full page print ads in India’s leading newspaper Hindustan times (and also in MID-DAY mumbai edition). where the reader was delivered a copy of Hindustan Times on the launch day morning with their chosen team captain on the front page ad.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Mumbai India
Creative Directora: Piyush Pandey, Anup Chitnis, Anuraag Khandelwal
Art Director: Priyank Bengali, Anuraag Khandelwal
Copywriter: Satish Desa
Illustrator: Illusion Co. Ltd. Bangkok

Pest Insecticide: Newspaper

Before they get used to living with you

Advertising Agency: Art Grup, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Ateş Çavdar
Group Head: Efsun Güneş
Art Director: Mert Yarapsan
Copywriter: Çağlar Kurtaran
Illustration: Lighthouse Visual Effect

Telstra T-Hub: Moon

A home phone with one touch calling? What's next, a man on the moon?

Advertising Agency: Three Drunk Monkeys, Australia
Executive Creative Directors: Justin Drape, Scott Nowell
Creative Director: Leslie Ali
Lead creatives: Damian Fitzgerald, Matt Heck
Creatives: Becky Alperstein and Russell Smyth
Group Content Director: Dan Beaumont
Content Directors: Jill Large, Georgina Ashley
Content Manager: Daniel Deutsch
Content Executive: Jacqueline Pollard
Agency Producers: Thea Carone, Helen Willis, Mel Herbert, Tom Harrison
Production: Soma Films, Sydney
Director: Martin Granger
Executive producer: Sam McGarry
Director of photography: Andrew Lesnie

Foorire FM Radio Comedy Station

Foorire FM 104.3FM

Advertising Agency: La petite boîte d'Euro RSCG, Belgium
Creative Directors: Stephane Daniel, Hugo Battistel
Art Director: Hugo Battistel
Copywriter: Stephane Daniel
Illustrator: Cedric Vermeirre / The Living room
Retouching: Yelle Vandenbruaene / The Living Room
Published: January 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

LG Air Conditioners: Cool Down Quickly, Teen Couple

Cool down quickly
LG TS-H2428 Air Conditioner with Jet Cool Technology

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam New York, USA
Global Executive Creative Director: Tony Granger
Executive Creative Directors: Scott Vitrone and Ian Reichenthal
Global Creative Director: Darren Moran
Assistant Creative Directors: Menno Kluin and Graeme Hall
Art Director: Michael Schachtner
Copywriter: Julia Neumann
Global Account Director: Mike Acken
Account Executives: Michael Wong, Paula Ventura, Sabine Haemmerle
Art Buyer: Maggy Lynch-Hartley
Photographer/Designer: Dimitri Daniloff
Set Designer: Herve Sauvage
Hair and Make-up Artist: Corinne Gues
Post Production: Sparklink
Agency Digital Artist: Raul Pardo

Master Dog Light: Pool

Life’s hard when you’re a fat dog.

Advertising Agency: Prolam Y&R, Santiago, Chile
Executive Creative Director: Tony Sarroca
Creative Director: Alvaro Becker
Art Directors: Andres Echeverria, Cristian Costa
Copywriter: Tomas Cisternas
Photographer: Patricio Pescetto
Illustrator: Ricardo Salamanca
Account manager: Pancho Cardemil

Prime Television, Man vs Wild

Man vs Wild. April. Prime.

Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, Auckland, NewZealand
Art Director: Kelly Lovelock
Copywriter: Matt Simpkins
Executive Creative Director: James Mok
Creative Directors: Billy McQueen, Chris Schofield
Photographer: Julie-Maree Southern
Retoucher: Denny Monk
Account Director: Fleur Head
Account Manager: Katie Loverich
Producer: Jason Jones
Published: March 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

Give a Night: Give an experience, Maastricht

Give a Night: Give an experience, Parijs

Give someone a night in Maastricht as a gift.
With the new hotel gift card. Give a Night

Advertising Agency: Lowe Amsterdam, Holland
Art Directors: Maarten Vrouwes, Friso Ludenhoff
Copywriters: Friso Ludenhoff, Maarten Vrouwes
Photographer: Jaap Vliegendhard

Burger King: Cows

BK Stacker

Advertising Agency: Publicidad Causa, Lima, Peru
Creative Director: Rafael Hernández
Art Director: Andrés Ocampo
Copywriter: Renato Farfán Basauri
Illustrator: Fernando Cuadros
Photographer: Alex Freundt

Skittles Sour: Henrietta

Skittles Sour scatter your senses

Advertising Agency: Impact BBDO, Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Oliver Maisey
Creative Directors: Jennie Morris, Jeremy Southern
Art Director: Mark Held , Andrej Arsenijevic
Copywriter: Grant McGrath, Darren McCall
Illustrator: Kosta Zdravkovic @ Whitewater Studios
Retoucher: Byju Ravindran

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Minus 10 anti-ageing cream: Fight ageing

Advertising Agency: Gulf Marcom, Manama, Bahrain
Creative Director: Jaafar Hamza
Art Director: Vinode Vareed
Copywriter: Vijish Rajan
Published: September 2009

Nova Schin Beer: São Paulo Fashion Week

Nova Schin is cool. Especially after you take it out of the cooler.

Advertising Agency: Y&R São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Marco Versolato
Art Director: Daniel Salles
Copywriter: Bruno Godinho
Photographer: Roberto Donaire