Saturday, July 3, 2010

Millow The Girl | Days Of Power

Artist: Millow The Girl
Photo: Caesar Lima
Make up: Veronica Hernandez
Leopard: Ivory
Realize Records

behind the scenes footage


Title: AUNTS
Advertiser/Client: KOPELCO
Product/Service: TULIPAN CONDOMS
Chief Creative Officer: Martin Mercado
Executive Creative Director: Martin Mercado
Creative Director: Hernan Damilano
Copywriter: Federico Aubone
Art Director: Carolina Aguilar
Photographer: Matias Posti

The commercial titled AUNTS was done by Y&R BUENOS AIRES advertising agency for TULIPAN CONDOMS (KOPELCO company) in Argentina. It was released in the June 2010. Business sector is Toiletries & pharmaceuticals.

Stupid Cupid: Belt

Quite effective in luring the hunk. Equally so in tying him to the bedpost.

Advertising Agency: The Hive, India
Art Director: Natwar Singh
Copywriter: Pranjal Bordoloi


Advertiser/Client: PEPSICO
Product/Service: GATORADE
Entrant Company: ALMAPBBDO São Paulo, BRAZIL
Advertising Agency: ALMAPBBDO São Paulo, BRAZIL
Chief Creative Officer: Marcello Serpa
Executive Creative Director: Marcello Serpa
Creative Director: Luiz Sanches
Copywriter: Marco Giannelli (Pernil)
Advertiser's Supervisor: Gustavo Siemsen
Planner: Cintia Gonçalves/Valter Bombonato
Art Director: Andre Gola
Photographer: Hugo Treu
Typographer: Jose Roberto Bezerra

The commercial titled DROPS OF SWEAT 1 was done by ALMAPBBDO advertising agency for GATORADE (PEPSICO company) in Brazil. It was released in the June 2010. Business sector is Non-alcoholic drinks.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Title: POOL
Advertiser/Client: NUTRIPRO
Entrant Company: PROLAM Y&R Santiago, CHILE
Advertising Agency: PROLAM Y&R Santiago, CHILE
Executive Creative Director: Tony Sarroca
Creative Director: Alvaro Becker
Copywriter: Tomás Cisternas
Advertiser's Supervisor: Patricia Muñoz
Planner: Carmen Montes
Account Manager: Pancho Cardemil
Art Buyer: Constanza Valdés
Art Director: Andrés Echeverría/Cristián Costa/Nicolás Escalona
Illustrator: Ricardo Salamanca
Photographer: Patricio Pescetto
Typographer: Andrés Echeverría/Cristián Costa/Nicolás Escalona

The commercial titled POOL was done by Prolam Y&R advertising agency for MASTERDOG LIGHT DOG FOOD (NUTRIPRO company) in Chile. It was released in the June 2010. Business sector is Household maintenance & pet products.


Type of Entry: Newspaper and Magazine
Type of Entry: Product & Service
Category: Household: Other
Title: FISH
Advertiser/Client: KIMBERLY-CLARK
Product/Service: ALUKIM FOIL
Entrant Company: JWT MEXICO, MEXICO
Advertising Agency: JWT MEXICO, MEXICO
Chief Creative Officer: Manuel Techera
Executive Creative Director: Esteban Sacco/Enrique Codesido
Creative Director: Federico Macko
Copywriter: Federico Macko
Art Director: Esteban Sacco
Photographer: David Franco
Other Credits: Silvia Gomez/Damiana Marin/Abraham Navarrete

The commercial titled FISH was done by JWT Mexico advertising agency for ALUKIM FOIL (KIMBERLY CLARK company) in Mexico. It was released in the June 2010. Business sector is Household maintenance & pet products.

No More Grizzlies: Website

Problem: A recent study revealed that fewer than 700 grizzlies remain in the province of Alberta, down from an already low 1000 in 2002. Many Albertans don’t know that the grizzly population is being threatened; nor do they know habitat disturbance is the main cause (as opposed to hunting).

Solution: To raise public awareness of the threat facing the grizzly population, we created a fake organization called No More Grizzlies which demanded the elimination of grizzlies – advertised through posters, newspaper, radio, and a mock public rally, all directing people to visit the website – as a way of revealing and educating that if it’s not okay for an extremist group to endanger grizzlies, it shouldn’t be okay for Alberta to do it.

Results: The absurdity of the “destroy grizzlies” message from the advertising caught public and media attention immediately. The campaign got national media attention online and in newspapers, and was featured on a TV news report – amounting to wide spread unpaid media. Donations also increase approximately 240% over the same period of time last year.
Media: Online
Country: Canada
Ad-Agency: Calder Bateman, Canada
Ad Info: TITLE:
AGENCY: Calder Bateman
CLIENT/PRODUCT: Alberta Wilderness Association
ART DIRECTOR: Nicola Pringle
ILLUSTRATOR: Nicola Pringle

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Havaianas Sandals: Shoe

Live life unlaced.
Havaianas. A Brazilian original since 1962.

Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Marcello Serpa
Executive Creative Director: Marcello Serpa
Creative Director: Luiz Sanches
Art Directors: Marcello Serpa, Luiz Sanches, Julio Andery
Copywriter: Sophie Schoenburg
Advertiser's Supervisor: Carla Schmitzberger
Planners: Cintia Gonçalves, Sabrina Guzzon, Amanda Thomaz
Typographer: Jose Roberto Bezerra

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cholayil Medimix Soap: Assembly line

Advertising Agency: Creativeland Asia, Mumbai, India
Chief Creative Officer: Sajan Raj Kurup
Executive Creative Director: Vikram Gaikwad
Creative Director: Anu Joseph
Copywriters: Anu Joseph, Sajan Raj Kurup
Art Director: Shirin Johari
Photographer: Prateeksh Mehra
Typographer: Mahadeo Sawant
Other Credits: Prakash Mohite
Advertiser's Supervisors: Pradeep V S, Nivas Salian
Account Supervisors: Hiral Vasani, Parineeta Gopal

Vitakraft For You Beauty Shampoo

Shampoo for you beauty.
For softer and sweeter hair.

Advertising Agency: Leagas Delaney, Milan, Italy
Art Director: Selmi Bali Barissever
Copywriter: Marco D'alfonso
Photographer: LSD
Published: July 2010

Oise Language Coaching: Basketball

Precise pronunciation.

Advertising Agency: DDB Düsseldorf, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Amir Kassaei
Executive Creative Director: Eric Schoeffler
Creative Directors: Oliver Kapusta, Alexander Reiss
Copywriter: Mihai Botarel
Art Director: Dan Strasser
Account Supervisor: Soenke Bruns
Art Buyer: Anette Gruetter

Gambol Sandals

To cut series by gambol.

Advertising Agency: Spa-Hakuhodo, Bangkok, Thailand
Executive Creative Directors: Suvit Jaturiyasajagul, Wichit Jiamsirikarn
Art Directors: Suvit Jaturiyasajagul, Wichit Jiamsirikarn, Phakphoom Nopvaranon
Copywriters: Wichit Jiamsirikarn, Suvit Jaturiyasajagul
Advertiser's Supervisor: Dr. Teeradej Snongtaweeporn
Illustrator: Visionary
Typographer: Suvit Jaturiyasajagul

Paper dreams

This amazing art of FOLDED sheets of paper (that’s right, no pen or pencil) are done by artist Simon Schubert. For more of his work click HERE.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wonderful Machine Tears

Wonderful Machine

Sete Léguas Boots: Fire man

With Sete Léguas boots every foot is well protected.

Advertising Agency: Talent, São Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: João Livi
Creative Directors: Leo Macias, Philippe Degen
Art Director: Fábio Rodrigues
Copywriter: Antonio Nogueira
Art Buyer: Mario Coelho
Illustrator: Boreal
Photographer: Gustavo Lacerda
Advertiser's Supervisor: Eduardo Sabanai
Account Manager: Gabriela Aun
Account Supervisor: Rogério Dezembro

Epson: Memories of home

Long live memories.

Impossible to read, because the type is too small, but there are sentences written in the wrinkles.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Chris Garbutt
Creative Director: Christian Reuilly
Art Director: Stéphanie Surer
Copywriters: Christian Foulon, Andrew Joliffe
Art Buyer: Laurence Nahmias
Photographer: James Day
Typographers: Stéphanie Surer, Sid Tomkins
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Zineb Zehar
Account Supervisors: Benoît De Fleurian, Laurent Janneau

Monday, June 28, 2010

"Apple of My Eye"

"Apple of My Eye" - an iPhone 4 film from Michael Koerbel on Vimeo.

a Majek Picture |
Shot and edited entirely on the iPhone 4 / iMovie App (in 48 hours).

**Check back in the next day or two as we are currently editing a full behind the scenes video showing how exactly we did every step of the process.**

Directed by Michael Koerbel
Produced by Eric Edmonds and Rebekah Koerbel
Written by Anna James and Michael Koerbel
Edited by Anna James
Production Design by Leigh Koerbel
Original Score Composed and Conducted by Corey Wallace

Starring Greta Charness and Timothy Guest

Special thanks to
Allied Model Trains, Culver City, CA
Birns & Sawyer, Burbank, CA
Michael Rogers
Greta's parents

Robinho's Future

Click to see how Robinho writes his future with one kick.
Then write your future by starring in your very own film.