Saturday, April 12, 2008

Well Bras: Dots

Agency: Callegari Berville Grey Paris
Executive Creative Director: Andrea Stillacci
Art Director: Daniele Ricci
Copywriter: Charles Locatelli
Illustrator: Daniele Ricci
Advertiser's Supervisor: Stéphanie Courtois

Ford Expedition: Tricycle

Ford Expedition with rearview camera.

Advertising Agency: JWT Mexico
Creative Directors: Manuel Techera, Ignacio Zuccarino, Esteban Sacco, Enrique Codesido
Art Directors: Manuel Techera, Esteban Sacco
Copywriters: Ignacio Zuccarino, Enrique Codesido
Photographer: Yann Le Pape
Production house: Breathe
Producer: Lourdes Milano
Account Director: Ademir Márquez
Agency producers: Gilberto Amezquita, Mayra Brito
Client responsible: Juan Antonio Garcia

Levi's: Need more space

What happens when you love decorating your body with tattoo art – but run out of space? The answer appears to be laser art etching as offered by Levi’s in Japan. Take your design onto denim and customize your favourite threads with your favourite marks.
Shot by renowned portraitist Simon Harsent (who is known to be no stranger to the inky needle himself) the understated shots capture the cult world of tattoo design and originality of Levi’s denim combined.

Levi Strauss Japan K.K.
Advertising Agency: BBH, Tokyo, Japan
Agency website: http://
Executive Creative Director: Steve Elrick
Creative Director: Graham Kelly
Art Director: Yohey Adachi
Copywriter: Graham Kelly, Satoko Takada
Designer: Seiya Yamada
Photographer: Simon Harsent

KFC: Drumsticks

Advertising Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London, UK
Executive Creative Director: John O'Keeffe
Creative Director: Mark Hatfield
Art Director: Kevin Stark
Illustrator: The Augurs
Designer: Ali Augur
Copywriter: Nick Kidney

Friday, April 11, 2008

Strep: Strep-tease Legs

Agency: Grey Milano
Executive Creative Director: francesco emiliani
Art Director: Letizia Bozzolini
Copywriter: Livia Cappelletti
Photographer: inkler&Noah Fish

Every year, 38 billion water bottles end up buried in the earth. Drink tap.
Advertising Agency: DiMassimoGoldstein, New York, USA
Creative Director: Rich Buceta
Art Director: Kevin Gentile
Copywriter: Mike Abell
Photographer / Retouching: Bartholomew Cooke
Executive Creative Director: Mark DiMassimo

Nokia / Comcel / Ideas Music Store

Download your favorite songs whenever you want to, wherever you want to.
Advertising Agency: BLINK
Creative Director: Carlos Moreno
Art Director: Julio Aparcana
Copywriter: Carlos Espinosa
Graphic Designer: Ricardo Gómez

Thursday, April 10, 2008

El Lagar

Headline Translation: Keep home safety alert.
Advertising Agency: Publimark Lowe Costa Rica
Creative Director: Javier Zeledon
Art Director / Photographer: Roger Leiton
Copywriter: Eliot Gonzalez

Planeta Brasil

Planeta Brasil Interview
Planeta Brasil - Moda - Caesar Lima
by Tanira Lebedeff
Los Angeles, CA
TV Globo International

Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer

A campaign for Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer that illustrates the fact that germs are everywhere.

Product : Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer
Photographer: Justin - Studio ROM
Retoucher: Studio ROM
Executive Creative Director: case deenadayalan
Creative Director/ writer: Ramanjit Singh Gulati
Art Director: Hital Pandya

Weetabix: Nature's breakfast

Nature's breakfast

AGENCY: Dentsu Brussels
COPYWRITER: Jan Vandenplas
PHOTOGRAPHER: Studio Habusha

Polo Xtra Strong mints: Plaster

Agency : JWT London
Country : United Kingdom
Creative Director: Howard Willmott
Art Director: Ross Callow
Copywriter: Simon Bullett
Other Credits : Planner - Nicole Rulka
Retoucher: Maria Tall & Mark Boyle

Mega Bazar

Fashion can stop hunger

Mega Bazar

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Olympus 2GB Memory Card: Sophie's Memories

Olympus demonstrating the vast amount of memories that can be captured with a 2GB memory card.

Product : Olympus 2 GB Memory Card
Agency : JWT Sydney
Designer: jeffrey oley
Photographer: Sean Izzard
Executive Creative Director: Andy DiLallo & Jay Benjamin
Art Director: Michaela Brown
Art Director: Allie Buckle
Copywriter: Allie Buckle
Copywriter: Michaela Brown
Country : Australia
Other Credits : Retoucher: Marcus Thyer @ The Cave
Visualizer: Morgan Denton
Group Account Director: Peter Bosilkovski

First Indiana Bank: ATM fees

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Indianapolis, USA
Art Director: Jan Michael Bennett
Copywriter: Mike Sherman

EA Games, FIFA: Goal

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Directors: Rob Mclennan, Leon Moodley, Erin Brooks
Art Director: Leon Moodley
Copywriter: Erin Brooks
Photographer: David Prior
Other additional credits: Richard Bibby

FFC Barcelona / Unicef: Aids FC

In Swaziland it's not the love of football that fathers pass down to their sons.

Advertising Agency: Contrapunto, Spain
Creative Directors: Tomás Oliva, Carlos de Javier
Art Director: Jaime Vilalta
Copywriter: Jofre Biscarri
Photographer: David Ruiz
Published: February 2008

Sympatico/MSN: Be

Advertising Agency: OneMethod, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director / Copywriter: Steve Miller
Art Directors: Andre LeMasurier, Dylan Upper
Photographer: Richard Sibbald
Account Supervisor: Kate Horne

Model: Brandy
Make up: Veronica Hernadez
Photography: Caesar Lima

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nugget Shoe Polish: UFO

Product: Nugget Shoe Polish
Agency: Euro RSCG Buenos Aires
Executive Creative Director: Gustavo Reyes
Creative Director: Maxi Sánchez, Mariano Duhalde, Pedro Pappalardo
Art Director: Ivan Zimmermann
Copywriter: Rodrigo Raices

Band Aid

Advertising Agency: JWT, New Delhi, India
Art Director / Copywriter / Illustrator: Rakesh Ranjan


Everyone's entitled to an opinion. Voice yours at
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Beijing, China
Executive Creative Directors: Nils Andersson, Wilson Chow, Andrew Lok
Creative Directors: Andrew Lok, Wilson Chow
Copywriters: Matthew Curry, Andrew Lok
Art Directors: He Shi Yang, Wilson Chow, David Seah, Nils Andersson
Photographer: Corbis
Retouching: He Shi Yang

Growing Brains: Home

Don't let your baby, lead the way!
Advertising Agency: Grey - Mena Network
Creative Director / Copywriter: Ahmed Bahey
Art Directors: Mohamed Farid, Osama Mahran

Emirates Environmental Group

What goes around comes around. Keep the sea clean.
Advertising Agency: JWT, Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Chafic Haddad
Art Director / Copywriter: Rola Ghotmeh
Illustrators: Nabil Kamara, Ashish Vaze
Photographer: Trevor Vaughan
Food Stylist: Gabby Atkinson

Monday, April 7, 2008

Pioneer Car Subwoofer: Airbag

Breaking the 180db sound barrier.

Advertising Agency: BPG The Big Idea, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director / Copywriter: Thomas Fernandes
Art Director: Gopakumar M
Illustrator: Samir Padwal
Photographer: Kundan Raut

Foster: Blood

Social tendency.
Give blood give life.
Advertising Agency: Panda Communication, Santiago, Chile
Creative Director / Copywriter: Sebastian Massoud
Art Director: Bernardita Cossio
Illustrator: Ricardo Salamanca
Photographer: Claudio Divella

Purina: Pool

Creative Director: Fadi Yaish
Copywriter: Kartik Aiyar
Art Director: Fadi Yaish / Makarand Patil
Photographer: Anuchai / Remix Studio
Account Supervisor: Hasaan Akasheh / Charbel Mezher

Downy Softener: Naked

Product: Downy Softener
Agency: Grey Buenos Aires
Executive Creative Director: Pablo Gil, Sebastián Garín
Creative Director: Diego Rubio, Coco Olivera
Copywriter: Coco Olivera, Diego Rubio


ART DIRECTOR: Matthew Jones
COPYWRITER: Vincent Fichard
PHOTOGRAPHER: Adam Browninghill

NHS Smokefree

NHS Smokefree

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Sauerkids is an artist duo based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Besides their current day jobs as graphic designers, they started the label Sauerkids on the side as an outlet for their non-client based work. Their character based art has been shown in several exhibitions and art projects (Gallery 1988 LA, MF Gallery NY, Munky King LA, Vallery Barcelona) and several magazines & books (Pictoplasma Encyclopaedia, Latex for Fun, Hi-Fructose magazine, IDN Magazine). They've been accused of "being on medication" or "sick (in a good way)", but in the end their work is probably best described as a combination of innocent childhood imagery and the mental confusion of everyday life.


Marcelo's wanderings through the streets of Paris and London in 2005 resulted in his first solo book of photographs. The tittle 336Km refers to the distance between the two cities, their people and cultures. Though Paris and London are identifiable by some familiar landmarks as the sites where the photographs were made, these images are not about the specificity of place or appearance but rather about a particular moment of time and space mediated by technology.
more info @

Sony VAIO: Birds

Lightweight like no other.

CLIENT: Sony VAIO Notebook, Latin America
AGENCY: Ignited, US
ART DIRECTOR: Garrett Jones
COPYWRITER: Jason Carter, Lori Ellison
PHOTOGRAPHER: Pier Nicola D’amico

Aquafresh: Tongue

Advertising Agency: Grey, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Francesco Emiliani
Art Director: Daniele Dagrada
Copywriter: Claudia Bavelloni
Post production 3D: Rumblefish



Advertiser/Client: ZIPPO
Product/Service: ZIPPO LIGHTER
Entrant Company: FP7 DOHA
Country: QATAR
Advertising Agency: FP7 DOHA
Country: QATAR
Creative Director: Fadi Yaish
Copywriter: Kalpesh Patankar
Art Director: Fadi Yaish / Kalpesh Patankar
Account Supervisor: Maisa Taha