Saturday, September 12, 2009

Government of the State of Santa Catarina: Hamburger

Don't swallow other people's smoke. Smoke free ambient: is everyone's right.

Advertising Agency: Fórmula Comunicação, Florianópolis, Brazil
Creative Director: José Raimundo Padilha
Art Directors: Gustavo Menyou, Tiago Ilha Zuccolo
Copywriters: José Raimundo Padilha, Marlon de Barros
Photographer: Marcelo Nunes
Published: May 2009

Riffel: Beach

You can't escape genetics.

Advertising Agency: Fórmula Comunicação, Florianópolis, Brazil
Creative Director: José Raimundo Padilha
Art Directors: Gustavo Menyou, Tiago Ilha Zuccolo
Copywriter: José Raimundo Padilha
Illustrator: BanditsGraphik
Photographer: Marcelo Nunes

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bayer Drontal Plus: Walking the dog

Never keep a parasite.

Advertising Agency: Shanghai J&J Advertising Co.,Ltd Shanghai China
Creative Director: Aaron Cheng
Art Directors: Apple Lee, Wang Xing, Sam Qu
Copywriters: Aaron Cheng, Zhang Yunfan, Chen Rui

Battleship New Jersey: Barber

Some use guns. I let my shears do the talking.
Meet the heroes behind the heroes. Enlist in the City at Sea Tour

Battleship New Jersey: Mailman

Delivering Victory… …One Letter at a time.
Meet the heroes behind the heroes. Enlist in the City at Sea Tour.

Advertising Agency: Masterminds, Atlantic City, USA
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: RT Herwig
Art Director: Chris Holland
Copywriter: Pragati Mulani
Illustrator: Chris Holland
Photographer: Michael Spain-Smith
Published: September 2009

Nexcare Bandages: Foot

Keep it in your veins.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Directors: Engin Kafadar, Tugbay Bilbay
Deputy Creative Director / Copywriter: Ergin Binyıldız
Art Director / Illustrator: Nezih Icoz

Düsseldorf Panthers American Football: Tougher Football

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson Düsseldorf, Germany
Creative Director: Roland Bartlett
Art Director: Holger Pfeifer
Photographer: Andreas Ande
Post-Production: tonic imaging düsseldorf
Published: July 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fiero Animals retouching studio: Lion & Zebra

The advert titled Lion & Zebra was done by Fiero Animals advertising agency in Russia. It was released in the September 2009. Business sector is Business equipment & services.
Agency: Fiero Animals
Production Studio: Fiero Animals
Creative Director: Nikolay Kvartnikov
Art Director: Nikolay Kvartnikov
Copywriter: Andreas Toscano
3D and retouching: Fiero Animals studio

The Moscow News: NY World Trade Center

The advert titled NY World Trade Center was done by BBDO MOSCOW advertising agency in Russia. It was released in the September 2009. Business sector is Publications & media.

Tagline: Things hard to explain, in a language you understand.
Agency: BBDO Moscow
Brand: The Moscow News newspaper
Creative Director: Andreas Toscano
Copywriter, Art Director: Andreas Toscano
Photographer: Nickolay Kvatnikov
3D and retouching: Fiero Animals Studio

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Foundation Abbé Pierre: The lifeguard

Advertising Agency : BDDP Unlimited , Paris, France
Creative Director: Guillaume-Ulrich Chifflot
Art Director: Fabien Nunez
Copywriter: Fabien Duval
Photographer: Vincent Dixon
Responsable agency: Laurence Petolat-Vivares, Irache Martinez, Cyril Champaud

Martini Bitter: Mutton

Martini Bitter: Pork

Makes food that easy

Advertising Agency: Publicis Romania, Bucharest
Creative Director: Razvan Capanescu
Art Director: Cristian Costea
Copywriter: Carmen Dobrescu, Mihai Ion
Illustrator: Sorin Sorasan
Media Buyer: Arsena Dragoi

Microsoft: My cousine

My cousin believes is hard to trendy
Windows Phone: Let your mobile become trendy.

Advertising Agency: Adimstudio SRL, Civitavecchia, Italy
Creative Director / Art Director: Alessandro Di Marco
Copywriter: Daniele Agliata
Illustrator: Stefano Cocino
Photographer: Alessandro Di Marco
Talent: Lara Scifoni
Scene outfitter: Damiani
Published: September 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Aero República: Seagulls

How I want to fly

Advertising Agency: Lowe/SSP3, Bogotá, Colombia
Executive Creative Director: Jose Miguel Sokoloff
Creative Director: Margarita Olivar, Juan Carlos González
Art Director: Margarita Olivar, Yenssy González
Copywriter: Juan Carlos González, Carlos Camacho
Agency Producer: Sonia Llanos
Account manager: Pablo Arango

MIA Lingerie

Advertising Agency: Ad Impact, Perth, Australia
Creative Director / Copywriter: Drew Ridley
Art Director: Neil Martin

Canadian Marketing Association: Who Pulls The Strings?

Today’s consumers control when, where and how they see your marketing message. Come to the 2009 CMA Direct Marketing Conference where we will show you how to take back control.

Advertising Agency: The Marketing Store, Toronto, Canada
Art director: Alexandra MacDonald
Copywriter: Will Hasenkrug
Photography and Imaging: AKA Photography
Via Ads of the World

Mr. Pop Culture

Are you experienced? Well, have you ever been experienced? Mike has. He really knows his shit, with over 40 years of expertise creating brands we all know and love. Been there done that is an understatement. California Cool is his legacy and now they're shooting a doc about it all. Keep your eyes open and until then, check out for the whole story.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Union National Bank: Hard Working Money

Make you Money Work Harder

Advertising Agency: Fortune Promoseven, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Creative Director / Art director / Copywriter: Moh'd Khatib

Toppits: Food from a good year, Tomato

Keep it fresh a little longer.

Advertising Agency: Germaine Antwerp, Belgium
Creative Director: Dirk Domen
Creatives: Jef Boes, Pieter Claeys
Account: Mieke van de Gehuchte

Melody Homes "Emirates Lands": The Big Pipe

Live Bigger Than Life

Advertising Agency: Fortune Promoseven, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Creative Directors: Moh'd Khatib, Moh'd Ali
Art Director: Moh'd Khatib
Copywriter: Moh'd Ali

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lebeau, tinted windows: Paris

Advertised brand: Lebeau, tinted windows
Advert title(s): Paris, Bob
Advertising Agency: Bleublancrouge, Montréal, Canada
Creative Director: Gaëtan Namouric
Copywriter: Jonathan Rosman
Art Director: Sébastien Deland
Client Services: Francis Armstrong, Christiane Rochon
Photographer: Olivier Staub

MacHerman: Mac repair service

MacHerman: Mac repair service
Advertising Agency: New Message, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Art Director / Copywriter: Chris Sant
Published: December 2008