Saturday, April 11, 2009


Ad-Agency: Leo Burnett , Italy
Ad Info: Kofli chocolate with coffee inside.
Agency: Leo Burnett, Milan
Executive Creative Director: Enrico Dorizza, Sergio Rodriguez
Art Director: Milos Obradovic
Copywriter: Andrea Rosagni
Illustration: Studio Ros
Photography: Studio Ros

PAYSAFECARD: The easiest way to pay online games.

H/L: Don't let your hero down.

The TRAKTOR Wien Campaign for online prepaid-card paysafecard ventures into the realm of online-gaming and MMORPGs with the slogan „Don’t let your hero down“.

The Idea: „When gamers neglect their heroes in the gaming-world because they don’t know how to pay online, their heroes need to find another way of making a living. If neccessary with crappy temporary jobs“, according to the Agency. The Campaign encompasses classic print-ads, online-banners, viral-spots, 3D- animations and a raffle at
Agency: TRAKTOR Wien, Vienna
Concept: George Moringer, Aleksandar Stojanovic
Creative Directors: George Moringer, Aleksandar Stojanovic
Art Directors: Aleksandar Stojanovic, Bernhard Hörlberger, Julia Reißfelder
Copywriter: Helmut Stekl, Aleksandar Stojanovic
Graphic Designers: Bernhard Hörlberger, Julia Reißfelder
Photographer: Dieter Brasch
3D & Retouching: Vienna Paint

Friday, April 10, 2009

POP internet: Boyfriend

Live Soccer everyday at
Advertising Agency: Original Studio, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Directors: Victor Beuren, Rafael Oliveira
Art Director / Illustrator: Victor Beuren
Copywriter: Rafael Oliveira

Abandoned pets: Dogs

Advertiser: Acção Animal
Agency: Partners Portugal
Retoucher: Aaron Padin
Illustrator: Diogo Pereira
Creative Director: Lourenço Thomaz e Susana Sequeira
Art Director: Ivo Purvis
Copywriter: Pedro Lima

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mazda MX-5: Snails

Everything else seems slower.
Advertising Agency: PerceptGulf FZ, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Prashant Sankhe
Art Directors: Prashant Sankhe, Pramod Surwase, Prashant Yeware
Copywriter: Wayne Fernandes
Illustrator: Ratheesh Radhakrishnan
Photographer: Prakash Brags
Other additional credits: Carlton D'Cruz, Saurabh Ail, Shiboo S
Published: March 2009


TITLE: Superhero
AGENCY: Just/Kidde
ART DIRECTOR: Bengt Persson
COPYWRITER: Rasmus Springborg
PHOTOGRAPHER: Mikkel Tjellesen

GMC Acadia

GMC Acadia
Media: Print
Country: United Arab Emirates
Ad-Agency: Leo Burnett Dubai
Ad Info: Keep your eyes on the road with see through head-up display

Agency: Leo Burnett Dubai
Executive Creative Director: Malek Ghorayeb
Creative Director: Yayati Godbole
Copywriter: Abraham Varughese
Art Director: Yayati Godbole
Photographer: Anuchai Secharunputong


74 Baltic Av.
Media: Print
Country: Germany
Ad Info: Agency: JWT Frankfurt, Germany
Art Director: Petra Sievers
Copywriter: Michael Muck
Illustrator: Lichtmaschine Berlin
Photographer: Ralph Baiker
Retouching: Henning Moser

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yamaha Yamalube oil: Heart

Advertising Agency: 1861 United, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Directors: Pino Rozzi, Roberto Battaglia
Creative Directors: Francesco Poletti, Serena Di Bruno
Copywriter: Danilo Tarquinio
Art Director: Paolo Perrone
Photographer: Carlo Grimaldi
Post Production: Carlo Grimaldi
Art Buyer: Maria Benenati

Beso de Loco: Boy + Girl

Advertising Agency: Dr. Brain & Mr. Storm, Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Director / Art Director: Matija Vujovic
Copywriter: Dragan Vekic
Photographer: Milos Nesic
Published: February 2009

Orange: Popcorn (Chopsticks)

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, France
Creative Director: Steve O'Leary
Art Director: Nicolas Ermakoff
Copywriter: Daniel Chandler
Copywriter: John Whelan
Photographer: Alain Courneau

Valspar Paints: Peppers + Leaf

Now the colors of life can last a lifetime.
Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Chicago, USA
Creative Directors: Amanda Butts, Elyse M
Art Director: Puja Shah
Copywriter: Ecole W
Photographer: Peter Shafrick
Other additional credits: Stephen MacLeod
Published: March 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Unicef / Tap Project: Keep it clean

For one week, Vegas is keeping it clean.
Advertising Agency: R&R Partners, Las Vegas, USA
Group Creative Director: Arnie DiGeorge
Sr. Art Director: Mark Naparstek
Copywriter: Chris Hagan
Photographer: Roger Hagadone
Retouchers: Liv Ducci Playground

Tylenol: Question

There are some questions that are such a headache.
Advertising Agency: Vale Euro RSCG, México DF, México
Regional Executive Creative Director: Gustavo Reyes
Executive Creative Director: Leopoldo Gardea
Creative Directors: Alexis Alvarez, Jorge Evia
Art Directors / Copywriters: Federico Galván, Diego Fernández Brun, Alexis Alvarez
Photographer: Juan Salvarredy
Agency Producers: Estela Salgado, Lorena de Vizcaya
Account Director: Luis Miguel Ezquerra
Account Executive: Rocío Fernández

Brown Sugar Summer Fashion

Fashion is more than just clothes, even because you wouldn't need many to get attention around here.
Advertising Agency: 9mm Propaganda, Florianópolis, Brazil
Creative Directors: Daniel Bornhausen, Isidro Sallaberry
Art Director: Luis Bacellar
Copywriter: Anderson Nascimento
Illustrator: Luis Bacellar
Account Management: Felipe Malta poster provides support and resources for anyone contemplating suicide and for their support system—family members, friends and professionals. Salt Lake city-based Richter7 created this poster to help direct people to the site by providing a graphic explanation of its purpose. Although viewed by some as too direct for such a sensitive problem, the idea was to breakthrough with something bold. It seems to have paid off; traffic to the site has increased exponentially.
Jeremy Oviatt, art director/photographer; Gary Sume, writer/creative director; Dave Newbold, executive creative director.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Camilla d'Errico

Fresh off a sold out solo exhibition at LA's Copro Nason gallery, Camilla d'Errico is gearing up for so much more - starting with a new print release from Paper Tiger. Titled Malificent, this beauty is an edition of only 25, and is sure to be a collectors dream.
Already a comic industry veteran, Camilla realized she could expand her style into a variety of other industries; snowboards, magazine covers, toys, clothes. Camilla has begun to carve out a niche for herself in the fine art field thanks to her fiery nature, high level of ambition and persistence in following her dream.
Her work is characterized by an emotional complexity that spans the full array of human emotions and touches the soul. She is part of what may be the first art movement in Western history where women are not second-class citizens, but may even have an edge in the mind of the public, especially when it comes to capturing the essence that is woman.

Hyundai Israel: Dog

Hyundai Coupe. 0 to 100 km/h in 8.4 sec.

Advertising Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay / Y&R, Tel Aviv, Israel
Chief Creative Officer: Gideon Amichay
Creative Director: Nir Livni
Copywriter: Tzach Feldman
Art Director: Tomer Inbar
Planner: Yehoram Davidi
Strategic Planning director: Noam Manella
Photographer: Emily Martian
Supervisor: Adam Avnon

Shopping Metrópole Mall: Sale

Advertising Agency: Full Jazz, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Marcelo Pino
Art Director: Daniel Galvão
Copywriter: Cristiano Werkhauser
Photographer: Rogério Mesquita

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Zok Vampire shoot - behind the scenes

Client: Marzocchi
Photography: Caesar Lima
Art director: Neil Vilppu
Models: Brittney Hastings, Jennifer England and Kinberly Girard
Make up: Veronica Hernandez
Cameraman/editing: Kevin Marco
Digital Imaging: Felipe Silva
Photo assistant: Tiffany Wardinsky
Casting director: Michael Lane
watch it on YouTube


Flower power.
Advertising Agency: EURO RSCG Spain
Creative Directors: German Silva, Eva Conesa, Felipe Crespo
Art Director: Paulo Cuellar
Copywriters: Andres Travi, Gus Leon

Volkswagen: Exponent

Genuine Volkswagen Accessories®
Advertising Agency: DDB, Milan, Italy
Creative Director / Copywriter: Vicky Gitto
Art Director: Massimo Valeri

Healthy Clown: Marbles

Advertising Agency: Publicis Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Director: Tomas Kopecny
Art Directors: Helena Sidova, Pavel Bures
Copywriters: Iva Bizova, Petr Vanek
Illustrator: Tomas Nestarec
Photographer: Adam Bartas
Production: Denisa Dastychova & Boogie Films


If you love pop-up books and trashy pulp-fiction book covers, then you're sure to love these pictures by Thomas Allen. By taking an X-acto knife to the pages of vintage books and manipulating the images, he is able to make two-dimensional characters come to life by playing with lighting, angles and focus. The books’ wrinkled and worn pages, as well as their crumbling spines only help add to his constructions. These little paper dioramas are colorful, melodramatic and playful. See more images here. And, until tomorrow, 3 March 2007, you can see his show at Foley Gallery in New York.