Saturday, November 15, 2008

Home Appliances Resort

The opening of the Merkur's biggest shopping centre. So big, that we had to give him a name & created the story of a new tourist destination. The "aloha shirts" became the main character and a storyteller in one, as their patterns were actually the illustrations of the products sold in store individual departments. In this way the consumers easley identified themselves within the immense assortment.
TITLE: Merkurjeva Riviera
AGENCY: Merkur, M., Slovenia
CLIENT/PRODUCT: Merkur DIY & Home Improvement Retailer
CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Aljosa Senk, An Savinjsek
COPYWRITER: Katja Kozina
ACCOUNT: Natalija Sketa, Romana Zorman, Spela Hafner

Friday, November 14, 2008

Joas shaver: Round

Amazing performance by round-type shaver.
Advertising Agency: Daehong Communications, Seoul, South Korea
Art Director: Kim Junghwa
Copywriter: Lee Kikwan
Photographer: Lucy Pringle

Dali: Gut feeling

Dali: Gut feeling
Advertising Agency: Geschke/Pufe & BBDO Stuttgart
Creators: Jan Geschke, Armin Jochum, Stefan Pufe, Marcus Weiss

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sportlife Gum: Boy

Brand: Sportlife Chewing Bigger Gum
Agency: UbachsWisbrun/JWT Amsterdam
Art Director: John De Vries
Copywriter: Wouter Kiewiet de Jonge
Photographer: Alex ten Napel, Mitch Jenkins
Retoucher: Magic
Country: Netherlands

Above the Influence

Advertiser: Partnership for a Drugfree America
Brand: Above the Influence
Tagline: What's the worst that could happen?

Agency: McKinney, Durham
Photographer: Thomas Mangold
Retoucher: Stacy Evans
Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Cude
Executive Creative Director: David Baldwin
Art Director: Owen Tingle
Copywriter: Brandon Willingham
Art Buyer: Kellie Bingman
Print Producer: Lauren March
Group Account Director: Denis Budniewski
Account Supervisor: Kelly Quinn
Project Manager: Felisha Midgett
Country: United States of America

Pizza Hut: Emergency

Every order's urgent.
Advertising Agency: DRAFTFCB, Thailand
Creative Director: Kingrak Ingkawat
Art Directors: Nitipun Sorat, Natthapong Sriprasart
Copywriter: Chonlada Sirampuj
Retoucher: Nattakarn Nakchot
Photographer: Nitipun Sorat

SuanYai Medical clinic: Snake

Powerful but not harmful.
Advertising Agency: DRAFTFCB, Thailand
Creative Directors: Kingrak Ingkawat, Chaiyasit Simasathien
Art Directors: Vilaporn Eiamsam-ang, Eknarin Suksa, Chanisorn Ampairatanapon
Copywriters: Krit Sarakosol, Tassanachai Jullapolpinit
Retouch: 62 Graphic & Retouch

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: Choose the right tool

Advertising Agency: Facto saatchi & saatchi, France
Creative Director: Fabrice Boutin
Art Director: Sébastien Ruyssen
Copywriter: Jean-Guillaume Pascaud
Photographer: Laurent Diat

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bit Copa: Clown

Refreshingly Brazilian, a Bit more exciting.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt Alster, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Goetz Ulmer, Fabian Frese
Art Director: Christian Kroll
Copywriter: Peter Gocht
Photographer: York Christoph Riccius

Havaianas: Think twice

Think twice about that boob job. Imagine looking down and not being able to see your Havaianas.
Advertising Agency: Almap BBDO, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Marcello Serpa
Art Director: Bruno Prosperi
Copywriter: Renato Simões
Illustrator: Marcos Sachs
Photographer: Hugo Treo, Fernando Nalon

Ms Rogge

In the contemporary art scene, Claudia Rogge is an exceptional person. This is not only because she travelled through Europe alone, in a glass lorry, but because she presented naked men on their knees, bent forward and neatly stacked, to amazed passers-by in Brussels, Paris or Munich. Mass made into shape and a compact installation transportable for Europe. Art is brought to people. They are confronted with it so that they can only choose between continuing their way or stopping. Many did stop and were eager to talk to the artist. Authorities appeared reasonable, forgot laws and rules and proved themselves curious and ready to talk.

John Lewis: From me to you

Copywriter: Ed Morris
Art director: Ed Morris
Planner: Tracey Follows
Media agency: MG OMD
Media planner: Tim Pearson
Production company: Therapy Films
Director: Malcolm Venville
Editor: Final Cut
Post-production: Shiny
Audio post-production: Morgan Bandan
Exposure: TV
John Lewis has launched its national Christmas advertising campaign in what is set to be the most competitive Christmas shopping season for two decades.
The five week long John Lewis campaign, created by Lowe London, encompasses one 60” tv ad, two 40” and six 10” spots with a poignant but feel-good soundtrack of a re-recording of The Beatles track “From Me To You”. The track includes vocals from Matt Spinner, a member of the John Lewis music society who works in IT at John Lewis’s head office. The re-recorded re-arranged track – which can be listened to on You Tube - received the thumbs up from both the Lennon and McCartney estates.

The £5.6m campaign focuses on the idea of matching people and presents, and demonstrates that if someone has really put thought into choosing a gift the recipient will feel special and understood. The strapline is: “If you know the person, you’ll find the present”.

Peugeot invites you for a tour of French cinematography.

Peugeot invites you for a tour of French cinematography.
Advertising Agency: EURO RSCG Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Director: Dejan Stajnberger
Art Director: Pavel Slovacek
Copywriter: Zdenek Maly
Designer: Anna Barton

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nissan: Built for the concrete jungle

Advertising Agency: TBWA Thailand
Creative Director: Veradis Vinyarath
Art Director: Resham Shah
Copywriter: Itt Sukthongchaikul, Tarakorn Kamolprempiyakul
Photographer: J-RIO
Retoucher: Neabniyom

Chatel: Goyavlet

Advertising Agency: Facto saatchi & saatchi, France
Creative Director: Fabrice Boutin
Art Director: Jean-Philippe Taochy
Photographer: David Dijoux
Other additional credits: Shutterstock

Ghiras TV: Jerry

Advertising Agency: Talent, Kuwait
Art Director: Saif El Degwi
Photographer: Yuri Arcurs

Chocolate Addict: Black Jesus

Pure Chocolate.
Advertising Agency: ACLC, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Tony Miller
Art Directors / Copywriters: Natasha Romanelli, Ann Aberin
Photographer: Matt Barnes
Account Supervisor: Anne Cayer
Print Production: Darcy Paniccia


Stop for nothing.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Mike O’Sullivan
Creatives: Tim Huse, Hywel James,
Illustrator: Trevor Powell
Designer: Nick Smith
Account Director: David Bowles
Print Producer: Craig Vary

Ariel: Crab

Corporate Name of Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Guangzhou
Executive Creative Director: Polly Chu
Creative Director: Au Kin Cheong
Associate Creative Director: Wendy Chan
Copywriters: Au Kin Cheong/Wendy Chan
Art Directors: Wendy Chan/Ron Lau
Photographer: Shi Yuan Gao
Account Supervisor: Ann Jingco

Monday, November 10, 2008


Fueled by a combination of intense demand, sleepless nights and brutal competition, the four men at the center of L.A.’s airbrush art market–Charles E. White III, Peter Palombi, Dave Willardson and Peter Lloyd–embarked on careers encompassing work for Playboy, Levi’s, the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and major studio films including American Graffiti and Tron. Together, their work came to define the look of illustrative graphics for a generation of viewers. This book tells the story of these four artists for the first time through hundreds of images of the artists’ best and best-known work, unseen production roughs, documentary photographs and other ephemera. Viewed now, their surreal, funny and utterly slick imagery seems all the more fantastic–combining technical precision with wild flights of imagination that bring to mind the work of some of today’s top artists.

WWF India: Water

Polluted river water kills as many people as a nuclear explosion.
Advertising Agency: Everest Brand Solutions, Gurgaon, India
National Creative Director: N Padmakumar
Creative Directors: Satish Kirodian, Sumant Bhattacharya
Art Directors: Satish Kirodian, Hasnain Waris
Visualizer: Mitesh Sajwan
Copywriter: Sumant Bhattacharya
Illustrators: Avinash Mahadik, Surender

5 Photos That Cinched the Election for Barack

We took an informal survey of the PDN staff to determine our picks for the most influential still photographs of the 2008 election. Below are our top five, plus some runners up. What do you think? Your comments are welcome.

Instituto Endeavor

Agency: Africa
Country / City: Brasil / São Paulo
Client: Endeavor
Tittle: Neurons weren’t made to slack off
Creation: Fabio Seidl, Bruno Brasil and Rafael Borges.
Creative Director: Nizan Guanaes, Sergio Gordilho, Fabio Seidl and Bruno Brasil
IIlustrator: Pixel Labs

FearNet: Bags

Advertising Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers, New York, USA
Art Directors: Metin Sozen, Stephen Rutterford
Copywriters: Mike Pierantozzi, Guy Barnett
Director: Chris Bren
Production co.: Picture Farm Pro.
Rep: BA-reps.
Producers: Arianne Culley, Tina Lam, Paul Parton
DOP: Niels Dachler
Photographer: Robert Christensen
Typographer: Alice Cavalcante
Illustrator: (Splat poster) Moto Komatsu
Editor: Mariana Martin Capriles

Louis Vuitton: Sean Connery

Connery is captured on a rough wooden landing on a beach near his home in the Bahamas, with a waterproof version of Louis Vuitton's classic Keepall travel bag. The tagline reads: 'There are journeys that turn into legends. Bahamas islands. 10:07'.

It is an impressive coup for the label, which consistently uses high-profile figures to front its campaigns.

'We are extremely proud that an actor of such immense stature should have agreed to participate in Louis Vuitton's Core Values campaign' said Antoine Arnault, Head of Communications at Louis Vuitton.
'This wonderful portrait, which captures all Sir Sean Connery's legendary allure, is bound to have a tremendous impact.'

Product/Service: LOUIS VUITTON
Entrant Company, City: OGILVY & MATHER, Paris
Country: FRANCE
Advertising Agency, City: OGILVY & MATHER, Paris
Country: FRANCE
Creative Director: Christian Reuilly
Copywriter: Edgard Montjean
Art Director: Antoaneta Metchanova
Photographer: Annie Leibovitz
Art Buyer: Laurence Nahmias
Account Supervisor: S. Sethuraman/L. Janneau/S. Giblin/J. Wilbrenninck/M. Reynaud
Advertiser's Supervisor: Pietro Beccari/Antoine Arnault/Isabelle des Garets

Amwaj Waves: Beach

Advertising Agency: O2 Marketing Communications, Manama, Bahrain
Creative Director: Nermin Habib
Art Director: Gordon Lesage-Brown
Copywriters: Marcia Johnston, Nader Kassem
Illustrators: Issam Kerriou, Meghana Vaidyanathan

Sunday, November 9, 2008

FearNet: Spot

Advertising Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers, New York, USA
Art Directors: Metin Sozen, Stephen Rutterford
Copywriters: Mike Pierantozzi, Guy Barnett
Director: Chris Bren
Production co.: Picture Farm Pro.
Rep: BA-reps.
Producers: Arianne Culley, Tina Lam, Paul Parton
DOP: Niels Dachler
Photographer: Robert Christensen
Typographer: Alice Cavalcante
Illustrator: (Splat poster) Moto Komatsu
Editor: Mariana Martin Capriles