Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tine Milk: Mountains

Has Norwegian nature got anything to do with how the milk tastes?

Advertising Agency: TRY, Norway
Copywriter: Lars Joachim Grimstad
Art Director: Egil Pay
Photographer: Ole Musken
Other credit: Terje Johnsen

Perrier: Melting Car

Perrier: Melting Car
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy France, Paris, France
Creative Director: Thierry Chiumino
Copywriter: Benjamin Bregeault
Art Director: Eve Roussou
Photographer: Jean-Yves Lemoigne
Illustrators: 3d Illustrator : Mathematic
Retouching : Adrien Bernard
Art Buyer : Laurence Nahmias

Eurostar: When Was the Last Time...?

When was the last time you visited London?
London from €99 return

Advertising Agency: leg., Paris, France
Creative Director: Gabriel Gaultier
Copywriters: Gabriel Gaultier, Clémence Cousteau
Art Directors: Stéphane Richard, Hugues Pinguet

El Observador: Fighter jet

Following the Lincoln Maiztegui Casas column turns you into an unbeatable opponent.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Gurisa, Montevideo, Uruguay
Creative Director: Marcelo Waintraub
Art Director: Guillermo Larrosa
Copywriters: Gastón Rosa, Andrea Charpantier
Illustrator: Guillermo Larrosa

Friday, November 26, 2010

Mini Chupa Chups

Advertising Agency: DDB, Paris, France
Creative Director: Bertrand Pallatin
Copywriter: Gwen Vatin
Art Director: Sophie Montfort
Photographer: Nicolas Descottes
Art buyer: Marine Rolland

Elixia Vitalclub: Partner Programs

Advertising Agency: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Rolf Leger, Stefan Wuebbe
Art Director: Felix Schulz
Copywriter: Dennis Krumbe
Post: Cathrin Bauendahl / elektronischeschoenheit
Photographer: Marcel Schaar
Additional credits: Franziska Ziegler, Maik Spreen


Agency: Scholz & Friends
Art Director: Walter Ziegler
Art Director: Philipp Weber
Copywriter: Felix John
Cannes Lions 2010 Design Gold

The selection of earphones is huge and the products are often interchangeable. Only a packaging with a clear visual idea is able to stand out at the market among the generic packagings of the competition.
Describe the brief from the client:
The brief was to design a new packaging for the Stereo Earphones RP-HJE 130 that clearly communicates the product benefit: the unique sound quality. The packaging design has to appeal to a target group that usually owns well-designed high-class mp3 players.
Description of how you arrived at the final design:
The packaging uses the universal symbol for music: the note. By specially arranging the earphones inside a special box they appear to look like two eighth notes. So the earphones show at first sight for whom they are made: for passionate music lovers.
Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market:
The new packaging was met with positive reactions from retailers and clients because it clearly stood out from the generic packaging of the competition. As such it helped to attract new target groups for Panasonic.

C.R.A.B. Robot

The C.R.A.B (Cybernetic Autonomous Remote Barricade) Droid, is a revolutionary robotic sentry system designed by Jamie Martin.
"Robot design, modelling and animation by Jamie Martin. Modelled and animated in Maxon Cinema 4D. Edited in Final Cut Pro."
"Policing has been revolutionised with the introduction of the C.R.A.B. robotic sentry system, due to soon be trialled live on the streets of London, England. via
more +


Job benefits include STDs, cancer, trauma, humiliation, and multiple abortions. Please apply in person.
A prostitute only becomes one when you hire her.

This is an ad campaign done for a NGO called Prajwala, which deals with human-trafficking/prostitution. They spread awareness and also provide care for rescued girls. We had kept the copy in a clean font and background, but the client wanted it to be more visually appealing. They were put up in railway stations/truck stops/taxi stops.

Advertising Agency: Bushtail, Bangalore, India
Creative Director: Jeevan Sebastian
Art Director: Deepak P.
Copywriter: Shikha Gupta

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Illustration by Alberto Seveso

Royal Elastics

Client: Royal Elastics
Store: Leap Shoe Lounge
Art Director: Dawn Spillman
Photography: Caesar Lima


Rafael Simoes Miranda ( is one of the finalists of the "Design de Botequim" competition, with the project " Choppinho" produced by Vimoso and exhibited at bar Brazooka, in Rio de Janeiro. A furniture system of four chairs a table and a side table, that together takes a form of a "carioca beer" the chopp caldereta.
The competition " Design de Botequim" looks for the ideal furniture to seat, to eat, to drink and to talk with your friends. The idea was to create an extremely important element for the main icons of the Carioca's style: the bar furniture.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jillian Michaels for K-Swiss

Client: K-Swiss
Photography: Caesar Lima
Model: Jillian Michaels
Imaging: Chung Yuem
Digitech: Felipe Silva
1st assistant: Gil Franco

Kerstin zu Pan (NSFW)

Supervision is an incredible set of images created from the photographs German Kerstin zu Pan, in which nude bodies and ethereal do from contrast to colored and elaborated foliage.

Mauro Caramella

Art Director with more than 10 years of experience in the field of the advertising, to the costing search for new sources of inspiration. Fascinated of art, photography and typography

Alis Skate Gear

Alis Skate Gear
New collection out now

Advertising Agency: DDB, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Director: Jesper Schmidt
Art Director / Copywriter: Mikkel Møller
Photographer: Morten Bengtsson / JSB Photography
Photo editing: Christian Wang / Werkstette

Volkswagen TSI + DSG: Lion

Powerful with natural balance. TSI + DSG

Advertising Agency: DMG, Beijing, China
Creative Director: Kelvin Lai
Art Director: Woody Hu
Copywriter: Kelvin Lai

Saída de Emergência: Walking Head

There are places only a book will take you.

Advertising Agency: FUEL, Lisbon, Portugal
Creative Directors: Marcelo Lourenço, Pedro Bexiga
Art Director: António Silva
Copywriter: Richard Warrell
Illustrator: André Kano

PKP Express InterCity: First Class Travel

Manicure, pret-a-porter, salsa, ticket please, spa. Express InterCity. First Class Travel

Advertising Agency: Mather Communications, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Director: Paweł Merecz
Art Director: Tomek Włodarczyk
Copywriter: Paweł Merecz, Bartek Grzesiak, Magda Kaczor
Photographer: Łukasz Murgrabia
Published: November 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

John West Tuna & Beans: Bear hug

Client: Simplot
Agency: Grey, Melbourne
Account Director: Ben Dalla Riva
Executive Creative Director: Ant Shannon
Copywriter: sharon condy
Art Director: Josh Murrell
Agency Producer: SANDI GRACIN
Retoucher: Cream
Photographer: Andreas Smetana
Photographer: Michael Corridore
Account manager: tim clark
Country: Australia

The commercial titled Bear hug was done by Grey Melbourne advertising agency for John West Tuna & Beans (for John West) in AUSTRALIA. It was released in the November 2010. Business sector is Savoury foods.

Chaco: Women's owl

Fit for Adventure.

Advertising Agency: Cultivator Advertising & Design, Denver, USA
Creative Director: Chris Beatty
Creative Director / Copywriter: Tim Abare
Art Director: Jeremy Pruitt

Brandi Milne

Brandi Milne, a self-taught artist from Anaheim California is no stranger to candy, clowns and funk music. Using fashion, music and childhood memories as her main pool of influence, she tends to favor beauty and aestheticism in her work as opposed to commenting on social issues or propaganda.
While she has worked with large companies such as Hurley and Gelaskins, she recently worked on a tee-shirt line that will debut in Wet Seal stores soon. Milne puts on her show Run, Rabbit, Run, at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles on April 10th. A show that is sure to be adorned with smiling popsicles, drizzling strawberries and fuzzy little bunnies, this show will be nothing less than a “sweet’ time.
Read our full-length interview with Brandi Milne here

Saraiva Classics book jackets

Packaging, Education
Brazilian agency REX Design developed this contemporary graphic project for the “Clássicos Saraiva” book collection that brings together 24 titles of classic literature masterpieces, adopted by most schools in Brazil. Getting away from the predominant visual code, the agency has created a contemporary identity more connected to a youth-current universe. The starting point was to change teenagers’ perceptions of literature at school, from something not interesting. By playing with vibrant colors and sinuous forms, coupled with caricatures of the respective authors and fluctuating positions of the titles, the flexible structure makes each book a unique object.
Gustavo Piqueira, creative director Gustavo Piqueira/Samia Jacintho, designers Thais Guerra/Camile Leão, assistant designers

Volkswagen: Clown

Volkswagen lane assist. Gives you an alert when you're not.

Advertising Agency: Try, Olso, Norway
Creative Directors: Petter Bryde, Thorbjørn Ruud
Art Directors: Thorbjørn Ruud, Egil Pay
Copywriters: Petter Bryde, Lars Joachim Grimstad
Macdesigner: Thomas Bråten
Photographer: Sigve Aspelund

Eyelab optometrist: Couple

R250 off all eye tests.

Advertising Agency: Canvas, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Michael Ipp
Art Director: Tim Church
Copywriter: Jacques Laubscher
Retoucher: Still images, Cape town


DTC Mücevher
Photographer : Cüneyt Akeroğlu
Agency : Manajans/JWT

Monday, November 22, 2010

Superhero Grandma

From photographer Sacha Goldberger, featuring a very twilight and modern “Mamika”, his Jewish 91 year old grandmother born in Hungary. Impressive pictures with this fictional hero of modern times.
Via Paranoias

Conceptual Photography

photography by Caesar Lima
imaging: Erlon Silva - Pixelpasta
make up by Veronica Hernandez
model: Kerry Barker CESD

Facebook Book

After short-measuring Life There is Facebook, here this original initiative of Siavosh Zabeti and agency DDB for Bouygues Télécom. a concept centered on the Facebook social network, and materialized in the shape of a book memory: profile, statutes, photographs, charter and interface.

When Facebook becomes a book from Siavosh Zabeti on Vimeo.

Fender Guitar Shop

Back in the 50's oil price didn't cause riots. This did.
Fender Telecaster starting from 1690 ron.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Bucharest, Romania
Executive Creative Director: Razvan Capanescu
Art Director: Dragos Ometita
Copywriter: Cezar Panait
Illustrator: Vali Petridean

Killer Jeans

Get addicted

Advertising Agency: Karan Rawat, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Karan Rawat
Illustrator: Ajay Borle
Photographer: Prasad Naik