Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Pixel Pasta

Tattoo Santa

Just in time for the holidays, R/GA has a little fun site where you can tattoo yourself on santas body and than send it to your friends. I like this better than the dancing elf.

Centrum / Whitehall-Much: Thinker

Nutrients for the brain.
Advertising Agency: GREY Duesseldorf, Germany
Creative Directors: Frank Dopheide, Lindsay Cullen
Art Directors: Eric Straub, Chris Voutsas
Copywriters: Joern Sonnenberg, Micha Walmsley
Photographer: Anja Frers
Digital Composing: Andreas Furtner, Rotfilter Wien

Friday, December 21, 2007

Audi TT: Quattro Snowboard

ART DIRECTOR: Francesco Guerrera
ILLUSTRATOR: I’m collective

Top ten images of 2007

Top ten images of pixelpasta blog in 2007

Honda CR-V: Snow

Agency: RPA
City: Santa Monica
Advertiser: Honda Motor Co.
Brand Name: Honda
Product Name: CR-V
Campaign Name: Something New to Crave
Market: United States

ARS Chalk: Glass

Zoning Pest Area.
Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson Worldgroup, Thailand
Executive Creative Director : Philip Rowell
Creative Directors: Suvit Jaturiyasajagul, Surachet Srikokcharoen, Wichit Jiamsirikarn, Thidarat Nitikijphaiboon
Art Director: Suriya Chanvipaswongse
Copywriters: Suriya Chanvipaswongse, Sugree Sirisamphan, Onanong Pratakpiriya
Illustrator: Magara Jungprasit
Photographer: Chub Nokkaew

Regional Environmental Awareness

Don't let this be our future.
Save our rainforest, stop global warming.
Advertising Agency: Naga DDB Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: Ted Lim
Art Director: Chow Kok Keong
Copywriters: Raymond Ng, Ted Lim

"Hope and Fear"

Phil Toledano’s photographs are a contemporary representation of what he believes to be the hopes and fears that run through America today. The warp and weft of the American dream are changing, and these changes are worn by the people in this series. While one man is covered in babies of every colour, a woman is touched by a multitude of hands.
Photography: Phil Toledano

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Freshly Hypnotic.

Freshly Hypnotic.
Jones. For the new taste.
Jones Soda Co.Viral Ad
Creative: Jason Pires MVC Agency
Photography: Caesar Lima

Brazilian Beauty Bikini Waxing: Tidy

Brazilian Beauty.
Keep yourself tidy
Advertising Agency: The Cavalry Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: Tony Greenwood
Art Director: Craig Maclean
Copywriter: Tony Greenwood

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Red Haus Condos: Tied up

Escape the yard.
And all that work that goes with it. Let a new Red House Salzburg condo take care of everything - inside and out.
Advertising Agency: Creative Intelligence, Calgary, Canada
Creative Director: Ernest Burden
Art Director: Brian Allen
Copywriter: Sean Mitchell
Photographer: Noah Fallis

Wonderbra: Umbrella

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Paris, France
Art Director: Julien Hablainville
Copywriter: Julien Sens

Agent Provocateur: Cheeky Copies

Vancouver created a mobile office, with a difference, to raise awareness for Canada's first Agent Provocateur location.
Product : Agent Provocateur Lingerie
Agency : Vancouver
Photographer: Philip Jarmain
Executive Creative Director: Alan Russell
Creative Director: Dean Lee
Art Director: Chris Moore
Copywriter: Jarrod Banadyga
Producer: Zara O'Shannacery
Country : Canada
Other Credits : AE: Sarah Duyker


Katy is going to China this summer for the paralympic games, running in the 100 & 220. She is the only woman that is running on two carbon fiber legs, period, with a bit of determination we can go far indeed. Mobilita magazine is the biggest magazine for the disabled community in Italy.
Photography by Christopher Voelker
Wardrobe by Mike Sam

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Take one look at our holiday luxury collection and the gifts won't be the only thing that will leave you lusting. Give 'til it hurts... you can still enjoy the unwrapping.

Head Magazine

HEAD Magazine is an online publication designed to showcase the
creative talents of established and emerging visual artists from all
over the world.
From the outset, the central ethos and conceptual objective of HEAD
Magazine has been to provide artists with a global platform of the
"purest" form. It was the primary intention of Steven and Nicolene to
create a publication that concerned itself entirely and exclusively
with the presentation of visual art, without any of the influence or
distraction that editorial association can often apply.

Hico 6 Man Football Judgment Saturday

Sins will be forgiven. Fumbles will not.
Advertising Agency: TM Advertising Dallas, USA
Creative Director: Andy Mahr
Art Director: Silver Cuellar
Copywriter: Brian Dunaway
Screenpress: The Decoder Ring Design Concern Austin

Monday, December 17, 2007

elf yourself

Amazing viral site
PixFusion for Office Max

AECC: Body painting

International Day of Fighting Against Breast Cancer.
Advertising Agency: Delvico Barcelona, Spain
Creative Executive Director: Pedro Soler
Creative Director / Copywriter: Beto Nahmad
Art Director: Javi Garcia

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nintendo Ds lite

Choose your own style.
First time Nintendo advertises its console in woman's magazines as a style partner.
Advertising Agency: Sr.Lobo Madrid, Spain
Creative Director: Nacho Martínez
Art Director: Javier Carmona
Copywriter: Nano Bringas
Photographer: David Duhnan

New Balance: Heart

Run with the heart.
Advertising Agency: Los Quiltros, Santiago, Chile
Creative Director: Marcelo Feliú
Art Director: Eduardo Montes de Oca
Copywriter: Cristián Garcés
Photographer: Estudio Modolo