Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ideabook 11 | Book Preview

Ideabook 13 | Book Preview
photography by Caesar Lima
Portfolio on Blurb

Metrokane, Electric Rabbit: Printeractive Campaign

Scan the code and place your phone within the dotted lines. Automatic cork/frustration remover. The Electric Rabbit by Metrokane. A simple campaign centered around how simple Metrokane products make the whole wine "process." The ads remain simple and straightforward, but yet delve deeper than the average print ad by incorporating interactive elements. Art Director / Copywriter: Tim Turnquist

Friday, May 11, 2012

RAW | Caesar Lima interview

RAW | Caesar Lima interview

Tell us a little about yourself?
Born in Sao Paulo Brazil, crazy about photography, technology and soccer, have a studio in Los Angeles.

What made you get into photography?
I have a BA in Advertising. I should be working as an art or creative director, but when I was in school, the first time I’ve stepped into a professional studio, I knew exactly what I wanted to do! I felt in love with the equipment, cameras and the whole mood.

How did you get started?
I started shooting in Brazil assisting couple photographers. Than in 1984 I had an opportunity to come to Los Angeles for the Olympics, liked it so much that I moved to LA in 1985. I opened a studio in my garage and start shooting a lots of product for advertising

What sort of photography do you mainly do?
I do a lot of conceptual photography in the beauty and fashion industry, and a little bit of still life, we’ve been shooting a lot of people. I love to work with a big crew, enjoy working with a creative group. ie. models, make up artists, stylists, hair people, art directors etc…

What gear are you using?
For beauty I use a Fuji GX680 with a 33 MP Sinar back and for fashion and location I use a Canon 5D Whats your favourite lens and why? Canon 85mm f1.2 I love the DOF. It’s an amazing piece of glass!


Wrangler: Stunt

We are animals Advertising Agency: Fred & Farid, Paris, France Creative Directors / Copywriters / Art Directors: Fred Raillard, Farid Mokart Agency's supervisor: Rasjida Bouharrak Production company: Gorgeous London

Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza: Get closer

First Lady. First Witness. Get closer, and see where the story began. The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza features over forty-thousand items related to President John F. Kennedy's life. From the legacy to conspiracies, explore, learn, and remember the moments that changed a generation. For Museum and admission information visit There's a lot more to the story of JFK. The museum gets you closer to all the different aspects of it: Presidency, Family, Assassination. Advertising School: University of North Texas: Communication Design, Denton, TX, USA Art Directors / Copywriters: Federico Pacheco, Jordan Hill Professor: Jeff Joiner

Nu-Way Weiners: Uncle Sam

Advertising Agency: Brunner, USA Chief Creative Officer: Jay Giesen, Rob Schapiro Executive Creative Director: Brett Compton Copywriter: Brett Compton Producer: Jeff Wiggins Associate CD / Art Director: Scot Crooker Account team: Frank Compton

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Camel advertising campaign

Thought by Saatchi & Saatchi Italy , here is the new advertising campaign for Camel cigarettes in Italy soberly called "Discover More". Declinations visually successful. All visual outlining the camel at the 4 corners of the world to discover in the future.

Ovaltine: Airplane

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Executive Creative Directors: Travis Sorge, Sachin Ambekar Copywriters: Travis Sorge, Trong Nguyen Art Directors: Sachin Ambekar, Tung Le, Yerry Indrajaya, Jules Kim, Dian Widjaya Illustrator: Afi Kafi Typographer: Afi Kafi Art Buyer: Clariss Alvarez-producer Account Supervisor: Tarun Dhawan Account Executive: Hau Pham

Vhils in Venice

A superb Vhils wall; it was done on the side of Post No Bills to coincide with the European Bailout show. It's also worth checking out what Vhils went on to do in Italy for FAME.

See more by Vhils.

artist: Vhils
location: Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Sadness is a feeling that when there is no external factors, the loneliness will . Have a sad or even crying. The feeling is that I have a certain period of time alone Feeling.
This work introduces a detailed portrait of a close-up portrait faces and personalities of the Characterization. In shape, in color grasp on how to proceed. At the same time on a painting
Face to create the atmosphere.
yuehui Tang more+

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Facebook icons

Facebook icons

Youngblood Cosmetics

Youngblood photoshoot with brazilian model Marilia Moreno,
hair by Davon and make up by Valerie Hernandez.
Photography by Caesar Lima

Soviet Jeans: Polar Bear

Advertising Agency: Promoplan, Chile
Creative Director: Alvaro Camilla
Art Directors / Copywriter: Horacio Alegría, José Luis Morán
Illustrator: Salamagica
Photographer: EK
Published: July 2011

Mountain Riders: Cardiac Massage

Save the Mountain
Participate in our clean the slopes days
Mountain Riders

Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France Creative Directors: Emmanuel Lalleve, Florent Imbert Art Director: Julien Simons Copywriter: Xavier Le Boullenger CEO: Pascal Nessim Account Supervisor: Céline Colin Photographer: Sacha Goldberger Art Buyer Supervisor: Jean-luc Chirio Art Buyer: Anne Traonouil

Paralympics Ad Filmed In One Shot Without CGI Effects

Paralympics Ad Filmed In One Shot Without CGI Effects In hopes of inspiring people
with disabilities to take up para-sports to remain active, ad agency BBDO in Toronto
created an amazing commercial for the Canadian Paralympic Committee.

Monday, May 7, 2012

BTS of my shoot with Carly Foulkes

Behind the scenes of my shoot with Carly Foulkes for T-Mobile
photography by Caesar Lima

T-Mobile Alter Ego Commercial here

Handicap Car: F*** off

Handicap car. Very different cars for not-that-different drivers. Over 10 years, we have adapted cars of all kinds, so that nobody is deprived of their freedom. Advertising Agency: Publicis, Brussels, Belgium Executive Creative Director: Paul Servaes Creative Director: Alain Janssens Associate Creative Directors: Tom Berth, Geert De Rocker Copywriter: Eric Piette Art Directors: Sophie Norman, Laurence Van De Putte Designer: Christophe Vantricht Photographer: Serge Leblon Retoucher: L'Asile Art Buyer: Laurence Maes Account Director: Francis Lippens Account Managers: Jonas De Wit, Julie Oostvogels Planners: Annemie Goegebuer, Henk Ghesquière, Tom Theys