Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sun Media: Diver

Size is nothing without precision. No other media tool combines circulation size and the precision of customized media options.
Advertising Agency: Marshall Fenn Communications
Creative Director: James Dunlop
Art Director / Copywriter: Steven Kim
Photographer: Philip Rostron

Centraltec Air Conditioning: Ice tray

Advertising Agency: OCP, Salvador, Brazil
Creative Director: Victor Azevedo
Art Directors: Victor Azevedo, Daniel Prata
Copywriter: Ricardo Longo
Illustrator: Finisher Studio

Chevrolet Tahoe: Street

Advertiser: GM Colombia
Brand: Chevrolet Tahoe
Agency: Sancho BBDO Bogotá
Executive Creative Director: Hugo Corredor - Giovanni Martinez
Creative Director: Nicolás Nieto - Miguel Rojas
Art Director: Andrés Montes - Miguel Rojas - Alvaro Navarro
Copywriter: Nicolás Nieto - Hugo Corredor - Juan Felipe Rodriguez
Producer: Plastic Studios
Country: Colombia

Friday, December 5, 2008

Suzuki Grand Vitara: Don Juan

Behind every great woman there is a Grand Vitara SZ

Suzuki Grand Vitara: Don Juan
dvertising Agency: SANCHO BBDO, Bogotá, Colombia
Creative Directors: Giovanni Martínez, Hugo Corredor
Graphic Design: Giovanni Martínez, Óscar Bejarano
Copywriter: Hugo Corredor
Photographer: Alfonso Torres
Other additional credits: Eduardo Carvajalino, Carlos Felipe Arango, Carolina González

Fiat Mille: Play

Advertising Agency: Giovanni + DraftFcb, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Adilson Xavier, David Romanetto, Ricardo John, Sidney Araújo
Art Directors: Sidney Araújo, Juliana Utsch
Copywriters: Ricardo John, David Romanetto

IKEA: Kidsroom

Advertising Agency: DDB GERMANY BERLIN
Country: GERMANY
Executive Creative Director: Stefan Schulte, Bert Peulecke
Creative Director: Tim Stuebane, Birgit van den Valentyn
Art Director: René Gebhardt, Bjoern Kernspeckt
Photographer: Mikael Strinnhed
Art Buyer: Kerstin Kraus

Steven Meisel’s Vogue Patterns

For a fashion photography icon, it’s rather hard to find a printed piece of work you can purchase from Steven Meisel. Until now the only way to collect his work was Madonna’s 1992 “Sex” book, or ripping pages out of Vogue. The incredible series you see here was shot last year for Italian Vogue and 1 image (shown after the jump) will be made into a puzzle with a limited run of 1,000 for $750 each.
While we think we’d rather just buy a print, we are truly stunned by how beautiful this series is. Check out all the loveliness after the jump.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reach dental floss: Chicken

Your teeth can hide many things.

Agency: JWT São Paulo
Executive Creative Director: Mario D'Andrea
Creative Director: Mario D'Andrea, Roberto Fernandez
Art Director: Pedro Izique
Copywriter: Leandro Pinheiro
Illustrator: Pedro Izique
Photographer: Regis Fernandez

Aspirin: Pain

Aspirin: Pain
Advertising School: Sectionpub, Mons, Belgium
Art Director / Copywriter: Quentin Watelet

Sonntags Zeitung: Baby

Agency: Advico Young & Rubicam
Creative Directors: Philipp Skrabal, Christian Bobst
Copywriter: Martin Stulz
Art Director: Rob Hartmann
Photographer: Scheffold Vizner

MTV/TMF: Amy WInehouse

Tagline: Reincarnation anyone?

Executive Creative Director: Jens Mortier/Joost Berends/Philippe Deceuster
Copywriter: Niels Schreyers
Art Director: Koenraad Lefever
Photographer: Frieke Janssen Real

Agency: Cesario Migliozzi, llc., Los Angeles
Creative Director: Enzo Cesario, Michael Migliozzi
Art Director: Enzo Cesario, Michael Migliozzi
Copywriter: Enzo Cesario, Michael Migliozzi
Illustrator: Enzo Cesario, Michael Migliozzi

AFE: Deer

Every minute we lose 40 acres of our forest.
Will you take him into your home when he no longer has his?
Advertising Agency: Publicidad Comercial Lowe Honduras
General Creative Director: Juan Jesús Martínez
Creative Director/ Copywriter: David Cruz
Art Director / Illustrator: Franklin Guevara

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Agency: Nextmedialab Milan/Italy
Client: Ovo/Martini
Motion graphics: Gustavo Sonoda

Bianco Footwear: How to double your collection

Bianco Footwear, "How to double your collection" Campaign
Agency: & Co, Denmark
Creative Director: Thomas Hoffmann
Art Director: Thomas Hoffmann, Martin Storgaard and Jesper Schmidt

Sonntags Zeitung newspaper: Bush

Agency: Advico Young & Rubicam
Creative Directors: Philipp Skrabal, Christian Bobst
Copywriter: Martin Stulz
Art Director: Rob Hartmann
Photographer: Scheffold Vizner

Fashion Outlet Zurich: Farmer's wife

Agency: Ruf Lanz Werbeagentur
Creative Directors: Markus Ruf, Danielle Lanz
Copywriters: Markus Ruf, Torsten Maas
Art Director: Grit Wolany
Photographer: Stefan Minder,Susstrunk & Jericke
Client Supervision: Peter Wider

Tesa: Ultra stron

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Neckar, Stuttgart, Germany
Creative Directors: Joachim Silber, Michael Ohanian
Art Director: Stefan Roesinger
Copywriters: Lennart Frank, Tassilo Gutscher
Graphic Designer: Dominic Stuebler
Account Supervisor: Harald Isenmann
Illustrator: Mark Khaisman

Magic is back

Title: adidas: Magic is back
Agency: TBWA ESPAÑA (Barcelona)
Creative Director: Miquel Sales
Copywriter: Miquel Sales, Albert Calsina
Art Director: Amilcar Guevara
Illustrator: Marc Sardà

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


photography: Caesar Lima
digital imaging: Pixelpasta
make up: Veronica Hernandez

Sony PSP: Skirt

Agency: TBWA ESPAÑA (Madrid)
Creative Directors: Juan Sánchez, Guillermo Ginés, Montse Pastor, Vicente Rodríguez and Bernardo Hernández
Copywriter: Vicente Rodríguez
Art Director: Bernardo Hernández
Photographer: Txema Yeste

VW Polo BlueMotion: Dali

Agency: DDB Germany, Berlin
Creative Directors: Ludwig Berndl, Kristoffer Heilemann
Art Directors: Marian Grabmayer, Marcus Intek
Illustrator: Kirill Chudinskiy
Chief Creative Officer: Amir Kassaei
Executive Creative Director: Stefan Schulte, Bert Peulecke
Account Manager: Kathrin Thiele

IKEA: Long Live Diversity

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg
Media Agency: MEC
Reproduction/Retouch/Original: Factory F&B
Advertiser's Supervisor: Christine Eliasson

Project leader: Susanna Fagring, Olle Victorin
Production manager: Ewa Edlund, Elin Sohlberg
AD: Anders Eklind, Anna Helmet
Copy: Fredrik Jansson, Anders Hegerfors
Designer: Christoffer Persson
Illustrator: Charis Tsevis (Tsevis Visual Design)
Original: Factory F & B

Nikon S60 Camera: Voyeurs

Ads from Euro RSCG Singapore depicts Nikon S60 camera screens with unexpected face detection boxes, dramatizing how the S60 can capture up to 12 faces.

Brand: Nikon S60 Camera
Agency: Euro RSCG Singapore
Photographer: Jeremy Wong
Executive Creative Director: Charlie Blower
Creative Director: Victor Ng
Art Director: Lee Hsueh Ling
Copywriter: Victor Ng, Stephen Kyriakou
Country: Singapore
Other Credits: Digital Artist/Retouching: Ricky Haryadi
Production Manager: Joel Ng
Account Service Credit: Mark Ho
Client Credit: Jeffrey Low

Absolut: Web

Have a look:

Advertising Agency: Wysiwyg, Madrid, Spain
Executive Creative Director: Marga Castaño
Account Manager: Marta Sánchez
Strategy Planning Manager: Patricia Cavada
Creative Supervisor: Daniel Molinillo
Interactive Supervisor: Cristian Díaz
Copywriter: Jairo Ciurana
Art Directors: Kike Besada and Álvaro Pérez-d’Ors
Account Executive: Pepe Alamar
Creative Programming: Cristian Díaz and Enric Adrián
Back-end Programmer: Elena Sánchez
Front-end Programmer: Rafael García

Monday, December 1, 2008

Nissan Navara: Lion

Advertising Agency: Corida Martinique
Art Director: Bernard Royer
Photographer: Marcel Veelo
Retouching & 3D: Glucône

Willems Mattagne: Purple

Art Director: Benoît Hilson
Photographer: Marcel Veelo
Retouching: Glucôn


Taeyoung Choi
Taeyoung loves character and background design, traditional painting, caricaturing, traditional and computer modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, and storyboarding. Thorough understanding of color and composition.

Ministère de la Santé: Fall

To be sent in the air without protection, it is dangerous.
Advertising Agency: Advantage, Luxembourg
Art Director: Samy Guenane
Photographer: Marcel Veelo
Retouching: Glûcone

Oriflame T Balance

Evens out and corrects the imperfections of the skin.
Advertising Agency: BBDO Guatemala
Creative Directors: Victor Garcia, Adolfo Lazo
Art Directors: Adolfo Lazo, Mario Guerra
Copywriter: Adolfo Lazo

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Royal Magazine

The Royal Magazine
Young Hollywood
New Pop Culture

Hospital Alemán: Doctor

For the second consecutive year the hospital is performing a children 2 Km-run, in line with its philosophy of prevention and sport for a healthy life. 
To communicate this initiative, the agency, Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, carried out a campaign that graphically shows us those things all children are afraid of and to which the most immediate reaction is to start running. 
The marathon, scheduled for Sunday Nov. 23, at 8:45 in Costanera Sur, is participatory and non-competitive. It will be a meeting in which all people will have an appointment with sport and health. It will be held before the classical adults 8 Km run that the Hospital has been carrying out for several years.

Advertising Agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina

Creative Directors: Mariano Serkin, Maxi Itzkoff,Diego Medvedocky 

Art Director: Nicolas Foresi 

Copywriter: Diego Medvedocky
Account Director: Valeria Magrini

Account Assistant: Catalina Saine Ferrer

Production Director: Adrian Aspani
Agency Producer: Koko Puch

Photographer: Sisso Chouela

Post production: Pablo Romanos 

Green Korea United: Hand

We are drowning. Rescue us from global warming.
Advertising Agency: Daehong Communications, Seoul, S.Korea
Art Director: Kim, Junghwa
Copywriter: Lee, Kikwan
Illustrator: Lee, Juyong