Saturday, August 23, 2008

Premiere Pay TV: Bathroom

Agency: DDB Germany (Berlin)
Advertiser: Premiere Fernsehen GmbH
Brand Name: Premiere Pay TV
Product Name: Digital-Recorder with Time-Shift
Business Sector: TV/Radio Programs & Stations
Creative Director: Stefan Schulte, Bert Peulecke
Art Director: Johannes Hicks, Christian Jakimowitsch, Marc Isken
Copywriter: David Oswald, Kai Abd El-Salam, Marian Götz

Friday, August 22, 2008


To resolve all kinds of problems: Those that you can't get out of your head and those that keep nipping at your heels.
With Famastil you resolve.
Advertising Agency: e21, Brazil
Creative Director: Pablo Bohrz
Art Directors: Beto Dias, Agnes Cristina, Guilherme De leon, Marton Santos, Gilberto Basualdo
Copywriters: Matheus Lehembauer, Luciano Sobrosa
Illustrator: GRB
Photographer: Lima
Production: Mariza Finck

Animal Planet

Authentic wildlife documentaries.
Advertising Agency: DDB Germany / Duesseldorf
Creative Directors: Heiko Freyland, Alexander Reiss
Art Directors: Alexander Reiss, Michael Kittel
Copywriter: Heiko Freyland
Illustrator: Stefan Kranefeld

Maggi: Bitter sweet sauce

Advertising Agency: Gelisim Creative Istanbul, Turkey
Art Director / Illustrator: Mustafa Genc
Copywriter: Erhan Ali Yilmaz

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Caffeine buzz

In celebration of its new aluminum bottles, Coca-Cola is celebrating at the Soho Grand Hotel in New York on Thursday, Aug. 25, and bringing on the most scandalous Gossip Girl star, Ed Westwick, to host the evening. Coca Cola has been focusing on redesigning and redecorating its bottles lately — first when it enlisted the help of designer Roberto Cavalli earlier this summer to “dress” a limited edition of the couture bottles in the designers signature animal prints for Coca-Cola Light. The three different animal print designs were released to the Italian market, and after the new aluminum bottles are released here in the U.S. on Thursday, they will be popping up in the hands of Coca-Cola drinkers across the country.

Gossip Girl: Nasty

Advertising Agency: WONGDOODY, Los Angeles, USA
Creative Directors: Tracy Wong, Michael Boychuk
Art Directors: Ben Schneider, Aria Shen
Copywriter: Julia Regan
Account Management: Skyler Mattson, Andrew Vranicar

View: Live more

Advertising Agency: Seven Comunicação Total, Blumenau, Brazil
Creative Director: Juliano Tejada
Art Director: André Sanches
Copywriter: Chico Lima
Illustrator: Alopratoons
Photographer: Nuno Papp
Retoucher: Kadopress

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

McDonald's: Rock 'n' Fries

McDonald's: Rock 'n' Fries
Advertising Agency: Taterka Comunicações, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director / Copywriter: Rodrigo Vezzá
Art Director: Luciano Honda
Photographer: Arnaldo Pappalardo

Greenpeace: Aurora

Greenpeace: Aurora
Every signature helps save our seas.
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Jonathan Beggs
Art Directors: Mike Martin, Jen Maestre
Copywriter: Alison Hingle
Photographer: Dean Powell

The Home Depot: Lime popsicle

New Origenes. Hispanic inspired colors from Behr Paint.
Advertising Agency: The Vidal Partnership, New York, USA
Creative Directors: Mauricio Galvan, Marcelino Sellas
Art Directors: Aaron Alamo, David Galvan
Copywriters: Martin de la Fuente, Santiago Uribe
Photographer: Mauricio Alejo

Motor Magazine: Speed track

Advertising Agency: Apex BBDO, San Salvador, El Salvador
Creative Directors: Salvador Martínez, Pablo Hernández
Art Directors: Giovanni Martínez, José Flores
Illustrator: Giovanni Martínez
Photographer: Odir Marroquín


Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Jonathan Beggs
Art Director: Mike Martin
Copywriter: Alison Hingle
Photographer: Michael Lewis
Retoucher: Rob Frew

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Advertising Agency: JWT Sydney, Australia
Creative Group Head: Richard Apps
Art Director: Blair Kimber
Copywriter: Adam Fine
Photographer: Ian Butterworth
Retoucher: Pieter Owen at Cream

Jacobs Ice Coffee: Polar bear

Create your own summer tale.
Advertising Agency: Scala JWT Bucharest, Romania
Executive Creative Director: Mihai Cojocaru
Art Director: Virgiliu Andone
Illustrator: Alex Tamba
Copywriter: Andreea Dragomir

The Westin Auckland, Lighter Quay: Panties

Advertising Agency: Republik Auckland, New Zealand
Creative Director: Andrew Sims
Art Directors: Greg Wylie, Andrew Sims
Copywriter: Duncan Blair
Retoucher: Colin Falefata

Monday, August 18, 2008

Linda: Pregnant

The taste that bring you right back home.
Advertising Agency: KRANEO, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Creative Director: KRANEO
Copywriter: Maryanne Fernandez
Art Director / Illustrator: Eduardo Suárez, DCO
Photographer: Jaime Guerra
Other additional credits: Jesus Portela, Piedad Montes de Oca, Muriel Alfonseca

Animax Channel: Spirits

Animax Channel: Spirits
For people used to fighting spirits and creatures from other worlds, a 12 hour time difference is a piece of cake.
Advertising Agency: Publicis Brasil
Creative Director: Hugo Rodrigues
Art Director / Illustrator: Fabio Onofre
Copywriter: Rodrigo Strozenberg

Volkswagen Beetle

The New Beetle: A Timeless Classic.
Advertising Agency: DMG, China
Chief Creative Officer: Dan Mintz
Creative Director: Xu Weibing
Creative: Martin Barnes
Art Directors: Ni Yuanyuan, Alan Guo
Copywriter: Leo Dong,
Illustrators: Caroline Beckert, Liu Xinyu, Jiang Jiajia
Photography: Sheng Yan Dong Tian Zao Xing Studio
Brand Director: Nyoke Ching
Account Directors: Sebastian Zirnbauer, Eva Zou
Account Executive: Zhang Bo, Tommy Li
Media Director: Apple Chen
Media Planner: Jasmine Zhang

Beko: Singin' in the rain

Beko DVD recorder. 205 hours of non-stop recording.
Advertising Agency: TBWA, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Murat Arlı
Creative Head: Gökhan Yücel
Art Director: Barış Sarhan
Copywriter: Esin Erol

Sunday, August 17, 2008


A little air on earth.
Advertising Agency: BETC Luxe, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Rémi Babinet
Creative Director: Safia Bouyahia
Art Director: Yuki Kani
Photographer: Phil Poynter
Art Buyers: Jean-Luc Chirio, Dominique Mornet
Account Direction: Claus Lindorff, Isabelle Sestier

Audi TT TDI: 50mpg

The new Audi TT TDI. The world's first 50mpg sportscar.
Advertising Agency: BBH London, UK
Typographer: Richard Kennedy
Photographer: Paul Zak
Executive Creative Director: Nick Gill
Creative Directors: Kevin Stark, Nick Kidney
Art Director: Victoria Daltrey
Copywriter: Will Bingham

Jeep Wrangler: Desert

Let’s be there!
Advertising Agency: BBDO, Beijing, China
Creative Directors: Danny Chan, Ryan Peng, Bamboo Ye
Art Directors: Ryan Peng, VK Guan
Copywriters: Danny Chan, Bamboo Ye
Illustrator: VK Guan

Proclin bleach: Molotov

Fear No Stain!
Advertising Agency: Advantage Advertising, Jakarta, Indonesia
Creative Director: Rajesh Menon
Art Director: Alvin Daniel
Copywriter: Burat Pangeran
Photographer: Jerry Aurum