Saturday, September 4, 2010

Grecco Buratto

Grecco Buratto
As a musician, Grecco Buratto does it all. The Brazilian native began his musical studies at age 8, eventually relocating to to attend the Musicians Institute. Now he’s playing with Canadian singer and songwriter K.D. Lang as a member of her touring band. In his already impressive career, he has also recorded with the likes of Pink, Earth Wind and Fire, Dionne Warwick, and Boyz II Men, and his list of past touring credits includes stints with Enrique Iglesias and Brazilian jazz greats Sergio Mendes, Airto Moreira, and Flora Purim. Grecco also composes for TV and movie soundtracks (Miami Vice, Dawson’s Creek, Jack and Bobby) and writes jingles (Honda, The Gap, Sony). Grecco is currently working on his first album due out this year. more info @

photography by Caesar Lima


Advertising Agency: Ceft and Company, New York, USA
Creative Director: Uceft Hanjani
Senior Art Director: Kim Norcott
PR Director: Hiromi Fujita
Production: HK Production
Producer: Miho Mochizuki
Photographer: Sofia + Mauro
Photo Assistants: Antoine Cadot, Jenny Hueston
Digital Capture: D Touch NY / Anna Tucker
Digital Tech: Stas Komarovski
Stylist: Karina Givargisoff
Hair: Diego Dasilva
Make-up: Polly Osmond
Published: Fall 2009

City Bike Depot: Jesus

Biking is believing
Advertising Agency: Loud, Sydney, Australia
Creative Director: Joe Van Trump
Art Director: Mo Shono
Copywriter: Luke Fox
Illustrator: Martin Bray
Photographer: Montalbetti+Campbell
Other additional credits:
Makeup: Martin Bray
Hair: Amanda Redgrave
Stylist: Cassandra Scott-Finn
Retouching: Cream Studios, Sydney

Friday, September 3, 2010

Urbanite | Soma Magazine

Salute, Hollywood!
We at SOMA are delighted to partner up with LA superstar mixologist Blake Landis and the team at Beso Steakhouse & Eve Nightclub, Las Vegas and put together a delicious list of favorite cocktails for some of Hollywood’s merging hipsters.

Blake Landis
The YardBar Manager / Co-Owner

Cydney Morris
Stone Cold Fox Co-Founder/ Designer

William Garner
COMUNE Clothing
Marketing Coordinator

Kate Lang Johnson
Actress / Model

Chris Cushingham
Cush Design Studio
Interior Designer / Mode

Photography Caesar Lima
Stylist Miram Choi
Hair Manuel Benevides
Makeup Veronica Hernandez
Imaging Pixelpasta


Where vegetables are delectable.

Advertising Agency: DDB, San Francisco, USA
Associate Creative Director: Kelly Colchin
AB: Issy Penaflor
Photographer: Zachary Scott
Artist Rep: Sharpe + Associates

The commercial titled Stairs was done by DDB SAN FRANCISCO advertising agency for HIDDEN VALLEY RANCH company in USA. It was released in the September 2010. Business sector is Savoury foods.

Room 13: Spliff

Help channel their creativity before someone else does.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Liezl-Mari Long
Art Director: siraaj Petersen
Copywriter: Siya tyali
Photographer: Knut Otto
Published: May 2010


Mini: Top half

* Warning: The top half is missing.
That's why you can get it at an incredible price.

Mini: Door

* Warning: one door is upside down.
That's why you can get it at an incredible price.

Advertising Agency: Bcube, Milano, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Francesco Bozza
Creative Director: Alessandro Sabini
Art Directors: Maria Piccinini, Giovanni Greco
Copywriters: Martino Lapini, Enrico Pasquino

People Against Racism: Facebook 1939

People Against Racism: Facebook 1939
After the establisment of the Slovak state on the 14th of March 1939 a lot of people lost lots of friends.

The origin of an independent Slovak state in 1939 was accompanied by racial oppression and later by the deportation of Jews to concentration camps. Print, which spread simultaneously also by means of galleries on Facebook, is reminiscent of the events after the birth of the Slovak state, and endeavors to present these events and their consequences to today's generation. This visual is at the same time an invitation to join the protest action ‘Enough of the Silenceʼ. A more comprehensive version of the visual made it to the cover of a publication on latent racism, published by the civic organization People Against Racism.

Advertising Agency: Lowe GGK, Slovakia
Creative Directors: Ondrej Kořínek, Jozef Červeň
Art Director: Luboš Kips
Copywriters: Ondrej Kořínek, Petra Števonková

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Frank Miller’s Short Film Gucci Guilty

Gucci is celebrating the launch of its latest fragrance in a grand way and called in the help of Frank Miller to create the short film: ‘Gucci Guilty’.

The film stars Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans in a tale of passion and defiance. It shows the stars as two damaged anti-heroes driving a flaming car through a gritty, nouveau-noir cityscape; Frank Miller’s signature

The short film premieres at the MTV VMA’s. Not yet on the guest list? Don’t worry: Gucci has set up a Facebook contest which allows fans to win two tickets to the award show and be amongst the first to watch the film exclusively on September 12th.
Written by Mireille Hakkenberg
source Miss


Volkswagen: The Moose is loose

Adaptive lights from Volkswagen. Be ahead of dangers.

Advertising Agency: TRY, Oslo, Norway
Creative Director: Petter Bryde, Thorbjørn Ruud
Art Director: Thorbjørn Ruud
Copywriter: Petter Bryde
CGI: Thomas Bråten, Ole Jakob Skattum Bø
Photographer: Sigve Aspelund


Earning your podium will take more than a handful of seconds.
Francesca Halsall
World Silver Medalist
100m Freestyle
Arena Water Instinct

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam Italy
Creative Director: Vicy Gitto
Copywriters: Valerio Lualdi, Vicky Gitto
Photographer / Postproduction: Garrigosa Studio

Josh Agle (SHAG)

Josh Agle (born August 31, 1962), is an American artist known by most followers by the nickname “SHAG” which is how he started signing his paintings in 1987 (derived from the last two letters of his first name, and the first two letters of his last name). He's best known for comical, richly-colored cocktail and tiki-themed scenes reminiscent of the slick commercial art of the 1950s to mid-1960s. SHAG started out as a freelance commercial illustrator, primarily for independent record labels, in the late 1980s and early 1990s before galleries and collectors began to take notice of his works. He had his first solo gallery exhibition in 1997, and has since had other shows in the United States, Japan and Australia. He's the author and illustrator of several books about tiki culture and cocktail recipes. He spent the first eight years of his life in Oahu, Hawaii, and currently lives in the hills overlooking Southern California.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

City of Nettuno, Drink or drive campaign, Staying Alive

Staying Alive. Stay sober and you'll stay alive.
Every year, 6000 people get killed in road accidents caused by alcool abuse, especially on weekend nights.
The City of Nettuno invites you to drink responsibly.

Advertising Agency: Link, Anzio, Roma, Italy
Creative Director: Hilde Capra
Art Director: Valerio Cicco
Copywriter: Francesca Carpineti
Photographer: Domenico Apruzzo
Published: July 2010

Adore: Spring 2010 Campaign

Advertising Agency: Ceft and Company, New York, USA
Creative Director: Uceft Hanjani
Senior Art Director: Kim Norcott
Photographer: Karen Collins
Photo Assistant: Nick Bean and Norman Nelson
Digital Capture: D Touch NY
Digital Tech: Stas Komarovski
Stylist: Natasha Royt
Hair: Peter Gray
Make-up: Rie Omoto
Production: CXA - Jaymie Wisneski / HK Productions

Bell Helicopter

Advertising Agency: Sengeworks Creative Marketing, USA
Art Director: Bill Senge
Copywriter: Scott Rasmussen
Photography: Michael Furman, & Stock

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Feeling Magazine: Take Your Pleasure Seriously, Beauty

Advertising Agency: Happiness Brussels, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Management: Karen Corrigan, Gregory Titeca
Creative Director: Gregory Titeca
Account Management: Inez De Pooter, Vanessa Boddewyn
Concept Providers: Naim Baddich, Patrick Glorieux, Philip Vandenberghe
Head of Copy: Philip Vandenberghe
Head of Art: Cecilia Azcarate
Producer: Caroline Marson
Photography: Christophe Gilbert

Dr Tint tinted windows

Feel like a star

Advertising Agency: Bleublancrouge, Montréal, Canada
Creative Director: Gaëtan Namouric
Art Director: Frédéric Roux, Laurent Salles
Copywriter: Maxime Paiement
Photographer: Alain Desjean
Published: September 2010

Samsung: Man

Easy self-portrait with Samsung Dual LCD PL100.

Advertising Agency: Cheil, Thailand
Creative Director: Aussanee Augsornnugul
Art Director: Phasu Chitrakorn
Copywriter: Vilasini Suwanmanee
Photographer: Saranuwat Thamniroth
Published: April 2010

Lancia Delta Hard Black: Batman

Lancia confesses its passion for great movies

Advertising Agency: Armando Testa, Turin, Italy
Creative Director: Raffaele Balducci
Art Directors: Dario D'Angelo, Vito Scandolo
Copywriter: Costanza Masi
Illustrator: OneMore

Clamper: Old tape recorder

Extend the life of your electronics.
Clamper surge protection devices

Advertising Agency: Filadélfia, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Creative Director: Dan Zecchinelli
Art Director: Ricardo Matos
Copywriters: Leandro Neves, Dan Zecchinelli
Illustrator: Aderson Fagundes
Photographer: Marco Mendes (Lumini)

Tramontina: Bones

Tramontina Professional Knives.

Advertising Agency: DCS Comunicações, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Creative Directors: Roberto Callage, Rafael Bohrer
Art Director: João Pedro Vargas
Copywriter: Claudia Tajes
Illustrator: Darcy Vieira, Meca

Land Rover: Goggles

Discovery 4

Advertising Agency: RKCR/Y&R, London, UK
Creative Directors: Mark Roalfe, Graham Lang
Art Director: Tim Brookes
Copywriter: Phil Forster
Photographer: Andy Green
Typographer: Lee Aldridge

Monday, August 30, 2010

The JFK Library and Museum: Tweet

Shake hands with JFK, 50 years later
Follow the campaign live on Twitter.
Use your QR code reader to directly access the JFK Twitter feed or visit

Advertising Agency: The Martin Agency, USA
Chief Creative Officer: John Norman
Creative Director: Joe Alexander
Art Director: Brian Williams
Copywriters: Joe Alexander, Wade Alger
Producer: Jenny Schoenherr
Art buyer: Cindy Hicks

Land Rover Gear: Binoculars

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Shahir Ahmed
Creative Director: Komal Bedi Sohal
Photographer: Tejal Patni
Illustrator: Jomy Varghese
via: theinspirationroom

Pictionary: Ship

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bogota, Colombia
Chief Creative Officers: Juan Jose Posada, John Raul Forero
Creative Director: Diego Ortiz
Art Directors: Camilo Ruano, Julián Perico
Copywriter: Diego Ortiz
Account Manager: Fabio Quiroga
Art Buyer: Daniel Restrepo
Illustration: Salamagica / EFE-X

St. Mary's College, Ragging Action Force

Presenting the new semester range.

Advertising Agency: JWT Mindset, Hyderabad, India
Copywriters: Jitendra B. Lulla, Mark Samuel
Art Directors: Sudhakar E.
Creative Director: Mark Samuel
Photographer: Satya Prabhu

City of Nettuno, anti-drug campaign: Sheep

Get a dose of personality. Be different, say NO to drugs.
Promoted by the City of Nettuno.

Advertising Agency: Link, Anzio, Roma, Italy
Creative Director: Hilde Capra
Art Director: Valerio Cicco
Photographer: Domenico Apruzzo
Published: June 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Americanino: Alternative energy

We are the real alternative energy.

Advertising Agency: Diaframma, Italy
Creative Director: Stefano Ginestroni
Art Directors: Stefano Ginestroni, Camillo Pecchioli
Copywriter: Stefano Ginestroni
Photographer: Keeho Casati
Digital Artist: Angelo Latronico

Hair Color: Pantone Red

Advertising Agency: Publicitas Publicis, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Creative Director: Alvaro Noboa S.
Art Directors / Illustrators: Gabriel Calderon, Andres Acosta

Copywriter: Javier Ramirez

Photographer: Bruno Bacigalupo

Published: April 2010

Marithé François Girbaud: The world has been turned on its head

Great ads!

This is a crazy world

Advertising Agency: La Chose, France
Creative Director: Pascal Grégoire
Art Directors / Copywriters: Pierre Dupaquier, Clément Durou
Photographer: Steve Hiett
Editing: Grannon
Art Buyer: Christine Brossart