Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fire Service: Distractions - Neigbours

One of the leading causes of house fires in New Zealand is unattended cooking. This print ad by M&C Saatchi Wellington shows how everyday distractions, such as answering the door whilst cooking can lead to a fire.

Client: New Zealand Fire Service
Agency: M&C Saatchi Ltd Wellington
Date Uploaded: 2011-02-03
Account Director: Christina Mossaidis
Executive Creative Director: Dave King
Art Director: AJ Norton
Art Director: Dan Fastnedge
Copywriter: Dave King
Account manager: Lizzie Yates
Country: New Zealand

The commercial titled Distractions - Neigbours was done for Fire Service (for New Zealand Fire Service) in New Zealand. It was released in the February 2011. Business sector is Public health & safety.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Kia Optima: One Epic Ride

One Epic Ride

Advertising Agency: David&Goliath, USA
The commercial titled One Epic Ride (Print) was done by David/goliath advertising agency for Kia Optima (for Kia) in USA. It was released in the February 2011. Business sector is Cars.

Kia TV Spot
Kia Optima: One Epic Ride

Decathlon: Surf

Come with old gear. Leave with new.
Advertising Agency: Y&R Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Les Six
Art Directors: Mark Forgan, Stephanie Pasteur
Retoucher: Sparklink
Photographer: Richard Fremont
Copywriter: Josselin Pacreau

Parmalat Malu: Fries

Born to be a cult.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Vincenzo Gasbarro, Luca Scotto di Carlo
Art Director: Laura Girola
Copywriter: Gaja Manzini
Photographer: Luigi Fiano
Post production: Vincenzo Gasbarro

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Café Tainá

When sleeping is not an option.

Advertising Agency: Giovanni+Draft FCB, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Adilson Xavier, Ricardo John
Head of Art / Art Director: Benjamin Yung Jr
Copywriter: Ricardo John
Illustrator: Andrey Gordeev

Phantasm: Out of your mind, Hair

It’s impossible to get her out of your mind.
Phantasm. Bringing you closer than ever before.

Phantasm is a soft erotic game that brings partners closer together.

Advertising Agency: The Oddshop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Art Director: Niels de Wit
Copywriter: Robert van der Lans
Photographer: Jaap Vliegenthart
Account director: Oscar Hamming

Clarín Newspaper: Sell or Sell

TITLE: Sell or Sell
AGENCY: Altheim Comunicaciones
CLIENT/PRODUCT: Clarín Newspaper
ART DIRECTOR: Leandro Bertoia / Christian Party
COPYWRITER: Darío Lecchini / Nico Zarlenga
ILLUSTRATOR: Fernando Falcone

Orange: Sports are moving in

Sports are moving in
Orange sport, orange's sports network is available for 1€ / month

Advertising Agency: Publicis conseil, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Olivier Desmettre, Fabice Delacourt
Art Director: Raphael Halin
Copywriter: Benjamin Sanial
Assistant ad: Yves Sarhadian
Photographer: Ronan Merot
Retoucher / 3D: Asile
Account Managers: Alice Pigeon, Céline Veyrard

Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism: Moose

Yesterday, 120,000 moose hated John. Today, 119,999 really hate John.

Advertising Agency: Target, St. John's, NL, Canada
Creative Director: Tom Murphy
Head Creative Director: Jenny Smith
Art Director: Jeff McLean
Copywriter: Terri Roberts
Photography: Roth & Ramberg
Senior Account Manager: Ernie Brake
Account Manager: Kristen Baker

nrockuptibles Magazine: Warhol

Advertising Agency: DDB Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina
General Creative Directors: Hernán Jauregui, Pablo Battle
Creative Director: Felipe Vieyra
Art Directors: Pablo Fernandez Russo, Fernando Frontiñán
Copywriter: Beto Cocito
Illustrator: Gabriel Vañek
Producer: Wenceslao Tomada
Published: May 2009

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jonsered: Trade-in campaign, Trimmer

Trade-in days
Make sure your old workmate doesn't end up in mistery. We will buy your used machine regardless of manufacturer or condition. Visit your local dealer or

Advertising Agency: Stendahls, Sweden
Art Director: Nicklas Gottrup
Copywriter: Bo Brunoson
Key Account Manager: Håkan Hermansson
Photographer: Carl-Johan / Paulin

Ecological Movement of Venezuela: War on garbage, Ship

All we throw away turns against us.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Venezuela
Creative Directors: Douglas Rios, Demian Campos
Art Directors: Jose A. Hernadez, Demian Campos
Copywriters: J.J. Sanguinetti, Omar Fernadez
Photographer: Pedro Primavera
Planning: Carlos Rodrigues, Julio Grande

Kohler: Trapeze

The product is called the Flipside Handshower. It offers four unique spray patterns when you spin the shower head. The need was to feature the four sprays so the viewer knew they got all this in a single handshower â not four different shower heads. GSD&M Idea City, Austin. about a trapeze artist? They flip. Thatâll work. And we can show the four unique shower sprays on the other trapeze bars. Done. Itâs a cool product. You should get one. Because when you flip the shower head you get four unique shower sprays.

Client: Kohler Co.
Agency: GSD&M Idea City, Austin
Date Uploaded: 2011-02-01
Group Creative Director: David Crawford
Copywriter: Nicole DuMouchel
Art Director: Carly Conrad
Photographer: Liz Van Hoene
Country: United States of America
Art Buyer: Marilyn Rodriguez
Account Service: Catherine Campbell, Lauren Haga
Strategy & Insights: David Matathia

The commercial titled Trapeze was done by Gsd&m's Idea City, Austin advertising agency for for Kohler in USA. It was released in the February 2011. Business sector is Home appliances & furnishings.

Lebeau Auto Glass: Mafioso

Fast repairs

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Montreal, Canada
Creative Directors: Nicolas Massey, Carl Robichaud
Art Director: Fabrice Bouty
Copywriter: Adrien Le Grand
Photographer: Jean Malekste

Rawud Atelier: Hanger

Bring Happiness Back to your Closet
for appointments: 014400441 - 0501563087
Happiness in a Dress

Advertising Agency: Word of Mouth Communication, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Creative Director: Jamil Asidy
Art Director: Rahaf Ghoneim
Copywriter: Modather Abdelnour

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Harvey Nichols: Reborn

Are you ready to be reborn!
Advertising Agency: Concept, Turkey
Creative Director: Niyal Akmanalp
Art Directors: Ömer Durgut, Deniz Demirbas
Copywriter: Özlem Uçkun
Photographer: Nejat Talas

Tervolina shoes: Inconvenient world

Tervolina shoes: Inconvenient world
Agency: BBDO Moscow
Creative Director: Mihai Coliban
Art Director: Holger Paasch
Copywriter: Viktor Sokolov
Account-director: Dasha Osminina
Production: Carioca.
Photographer: Dragos Coman
Producer: Marina Shponko

Viva Foundation: Starlet

Starlet. Mare. Ingredients: disappointment, fear, pain, moan, misery, tears.

Advertising Agency: Szwejkowski, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Director: Maciek Ufnalewski
Art Director: Marta Białostocka
Copywriters: Piotr Wronek, Ryszard Kunce
Photographer: Robert Majewski

Deutscher Tierschutz Bund e.V.: Animal Rights, Mink

Put yourself in a mink's place.
Don't buy animal skins!
Animals suffer like we do.

Advertising Agency: Frese & Wolff, Oldenburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Uwe Linthe, Ingo Steuber
Art Director: Thorsten Abeln
Graphic Designer: Alexander Wille
Photographer: Tim Thiel

British Airways: Penknife

Advertising Agency: BJL, Manchester, UK
Creative Director: Gary Fawcett/Lisa Nichols
Art Director: Gary Fawcett
Copywriter: David Forster
Illustrator: Gary Fawcett

BIC: Duchamp

Anyone can be an artist.
Advertising Agency: S4, Poland
Creative Director: Norbert Wawro
Art Director: Peter Olszewski
Copywriter: Tytus Klepacz

Monday, January 31, 2011

Butler's Club: We do miracles

We do miracles

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Montreal, Canada
Creative Directors: Nicolas Massey, Carl Robichaud
Art Director: Carl Robichaud
Copywriter: Nicolas Massey
Photographer: Alain Desjean

Los Angeles Zoo: Memory

Memory where learning happens naturally

Advertising Agency: RLR Advertising, Pasadena California, USA
Creative Director / Art Director: Hans Castro Gallo
Copywriter: Roberto Leni
Illustrator: Salamagica
Photographer: R.Salamaca
Additional Credits: Albaro Ibarra, Nikki Robischon

Wella: Brunette

Your hair's got personality

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb+ Shimoni Finkelstein Barki, Israel
Executive Creative Director: Kobi Barki
Art Directors: Reuven Givati, Liat Tsur
Copywriter: Kobi Barki
Illustrator: Ayana Nissan

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Disposable Fame: Famous Shirts

Just like this. Only you. Spring/Summer 2011

Advertising Agency: Durso Design, Los Angeles, USA
Creative Director: Rovane Durso
Art Director: Rovane Durso
Copywriter: Jennifer Dowd Giuliano
Photographer: Caesar Lima
Stylist: Ebony Dee Cheyne
Makeup / Hair: Kathleen Ty
Female Model: Stephanie Kay
Male Model: Matt Wood

Lotto 649

Advertising Agency: DDB, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Directors: Dean Lee, Cosmo Campbell
Art Directors: Chris Moore, John Larigakis
Copywriter: Kevin Rathgaber
Photographer: Philip Jarmain
Retoucher: Christophe Huet
Published: January 2011

Don Toallín Paper Towels: Unicycle

Don Toallín. Paper Towels. Absorbs it.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Caracas, Venezuela
General Creative Director: Fabián Bonelli
Creative Directors: Virgilio Flores, Norberto Da Silva
Art Directors: Mariana Ortega, René Bustamante
Copywriters: María Fernanda Arroyo, Manuel Fleitas
Photographer: Rodolfo Benítez
Published: December 2010