Saturday, June 11, 2011

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Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, India
National Creative Director: Prasoon Joshi
Executive Creative Director: Anil Thomas
Art Director: Ratheesh.p
Copywriters: Anil Thomas, Ratheesh.p
Illustrator: Vibin K venugopal

TEDx Vienna: Gagarin

Hey Fogg. 80 Days? HEHE. You know what happens when I write 80 days whilst holding the shift key?
Ideas worth spreading.

Advertising Agency: Agency 4e7, Vienna, Austria
Creative Director: Alexander Schönburg
Art Director / Copywriter: André Huber
Account Service: Christoph Jeschke
Published: June 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

Shieldtox Naturgard

Natural protection.
Shieldtox Naturgard
Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Bangkok, Thailand

IE9: Battle for beauty


TAXI has created a unique game for Internet Explorer 9. Called The Battle for Beauty, it is the first HTML5 multiplayer game to be played simultaneously online and in the real world. This game demonstrates that by supporting HTML5, Internet Explorer 9 provides a radically faster and richer browsing experience.

Advertising Agency: Taxi, Montreal, Canada
Creative Directors: Jean-François Houle, Dominique Trudeau
Art Director: Nicolas Thiboutot
Copywriters: Martin Charron, Jean-François DaSylva-Larue
Producers: Maxime Boivin, Jacques Latreille
Strategic Planner : Valery Loranger
Account management team: Marie-Ève Verreault, Jessica Wong, Julie Simon
Offsite experience: Moment Factory
Interactive programming: QuatreCentQuatre
Event staffing: NewAd
Social media seeding: Hypractif
Published: June 2011

TEDx Vienna: Warhol

Hey me. 15 minutes?! Why the hell did you say 15 minutes?
That's way too long.
Ideas worth spreading.

Advertising Agency: Agency 4e7, Vienna, Austria
Creative Director: Alexander Schönburg
Art Director / Copywriter: André Huber
Account Service: Christoph Jeschke
Published: June 2011



Advertising Agency: DDB, Shanghai, China
Chief Creative Officer: Michael Dee
Executive Creative Director: Victor Ng
Creative Director: Yanchay Tan
Copywriter: John Wish
Art Director: Ivan Wang

The commercial titled Leg was done by DDB China Group advertising agency for Gatorade (for Gatorade) in China. It was released in the June 2011. Business sector is Non-alcoholic drinks.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The works of hyper - realist sculptors Jamie Salmon and Jackie K. Seo.

The works of hyper - realist sculptors Jamie Salmon and Jackie K. Seo.

Jamie Salmon is a British born, self taught contemporary sculptor, living and working in Vancouver, Canada. He started his career working as a commercial artist and sculptor for the movie effects industry. He specialises in hyper-realist sculpture, both figurative and portrait, utilising such materials as silicone rubber, resin, hair and fabric.

Jamie says of his working process; "The most important part of the artistic process for me is the initial idea behind the work. If it isn`t as strong as possible, then the lenghty process of sculpting, moulding, painting etc, no matter how well done, will be for nothing and the work will fall flat.

I think hyper-realist art too often tries to reach what is ultimately an unattainable level of perfection. That should not be the goal with it anyway.

At the end of the day, I hope that my works contain meaning and convey a real sense of emotion as well. And if they also take people by suprise and affect them on perhaps an unexpected level, I really feel I`ve succeeded".

Jackie K. Seo is a Korean born, self taught contemporary sculptor, living and working in Vancouver, Canada. She also started her career working as a commercial artist for the movie industry and specialises in hyper-realist sculpture.

Jackie says of her working process; "Whenever I think about life, it reminds me of that car repair ad you sometimes see in the classifieds, "scratches, dents, peeling?". Life is also never perfect, there`s always something that needs constant maintenance.

I can show things like the wetness of tears in the eyes, the flushing of skin or the story that the fine lines and wrinkles of the face tell. The biggest challenge is balancing the overall feel of the piece without getting lost in the details.

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Paul Insect

Paul Insect is a London-based artist whose cutting viewpoint on modern life has resulted in a controversial body of work. Insect uses screenprinting, Xerox, collage, spray paint, acrylic, sculpture and the streets of the urban core to get his message across.
Political Satire, celebrity skewering, icon destruction, gun violence, consumerism, human rights, greed, war and hubris of the superpowers all come under the scrutiny of insect.
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Studio Site update

Caesar Lima Studio Site update
Unique Photography
Represented by Wonderful Machine

Reflections: KAWS

KAWS speaks with the ongoing video series REFLECTIONS as he discusses about his past working in the streets. He goes onto talking about his interest in using advertising spaces which was less about having an anti-advertisement but rather due to their prime real estate and visibility. KAWS also goes into his toy design and what it represents.
Director: Matt Black

The Drift

The Drift
This is a short film that features the story of space exploration though frame-by-frame animating images found at thrift store bookshelves and flea markets.

Skate Pinball by Jae Morrison

MOUNTAIN DEW SKATE PINBALL from Jae Morrison on Vimeo.

In order to promote its new products, the drink mark Mountain Dew had the good idea to create a skatepark in the form of a giant flipper. An idea illustrated very well by a video realized by Jae Morrison.

Digital Love

Digital Love
Artist Unkown

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The human skull is an obvious and frequent symbol of death, found in many cultures and religious traditions. Human skeletons and sometimes non-human animal skeletons and skulls can also be used as blunt images of death. The skull and crossbones motif has been used among Europeans as a symbol of both piracy and poison.
Also it is the symbol of "Rock" because it gives you a feeling of freedom and fear all together, it's a great graphic icon, skulls have been a huge element in design.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nightsurf by Iker Elorrieta, Produced by Pantoma

Nightsurf from Iker Elorrieta on Vimeo.

Produced by Pantoma, Iker Elorrieta carried out this video “Nightsurf”. Making it possible to admire surfers to take the waves under full moon, this video with the neat realization gains in-depth thanks to the music of Nico Casal.

Belcuore Strong Coffee

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Anselmo Ramos
Creative Director: Claudio Lima
Copywriter: Eduardo Marques
Art Directors: Lucas Zaiden, André Kirkelis, Vinicius Valeiro
Photographer Lucio Cunha
Illustrator: Vinicius Valeiro
Art Buyer Nanci Bonani
Media: Sergio Brotto / Toco

Corona Extra: Log off

Log off. Lime in.
Find your beach.

Advertising Agency: Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago, USA
Creative Director: G. Andrew Meyer
Art Director: David Levy
Copywriter: Brian Bennett
Producer: Rob Jaeger
Production Company: Smuggler
Editorial Company: General Editorial LA
Effects Company: Mass Market

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Becca hits LA

Star Girl
Becca hits LA
Amazing artist check her work.
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Stockholm Subway

Discovered in images of the subway of Stockholm, considered as one of most beautiful of the world. Called Tunnelbana, it is composed of 100 stations, of which 47 are underground. Opened in 1950, some of these subway stations are cut in the rock. The visual ones are to be discovered in the continuation.


Isaac Cordal, 'Electoral Campaign', Berlin

Street Art
Isaac Cordal, 'Electoral Campaign', Berlin
See more by Isaac Cordal.

artist: Isaac Cordal
location: Gendarmarkt, Berlin

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The Cure

Shoot Me Fashion

Mastercard: Priceless, Seedorf's boots

Tagline: Owning 'four times UEFA Champions League winner' Seedorf's boots: Priceless
Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, London, UK
Creative Directors: Simon Hepton, Matt Crabtree
Art Director / Copywriter: Elias Temsamani
Art Buyer: Pam Oskam
Photographer: Gary Burchell

The commercial titled Priceless, Seedorf's boots was done by Mccann-erickson London advertising agency for Mastercard (for Mastercard) in United Kingdom. It was released in the June 2011. Business sector is Banking.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Full Photoshop Disclosure

French MPs want health warnings on airbrushed photographs
Airbrushed photographs could be given government health warnings in France to protect women from 'false' images of female beauty. more+

Kawasaki: Bull

New Kawasaki Z1000. More than horsepower.

Advertising Agency: Casiraghi Greco&, Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Cesare Casiraghi
Art Director: Emanuele Pezzetti
Copywriter: Corteggiano Luca
Photographer: Enrico Ummarino
Retoucher: Marco Oliosi
Published: May 2011

Jafra shoot

Model: Ashley A. LA Models
Makeup by Veronica
Hair : Manuel Benevides
Photo: Caesar Lima
Wardrobe : Annie Funn


Max Croc: Nhac Matchsticks

The brazilian onomatopoeia “Nhac” has the same meaning of the onomatopoeia “chomp” in english. Used for eating.

Advertising Agency: Africa, São Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Sergio Gordilho
Executive Creative Director: Carlos Fonseca
Creative Directors: Humberto Fernandez, Rafael Pitanguy
Art Director: Humberto Fernandez
Copywriter: Rafael Pitanguy
Producer: Ednalva Farias
Production Company: Mockup10, Hugo Miguel
Photographer: Rodrido Pirim
Retoucher: Boreal