Monday, August 19, 2013

Black Canvas

BLK - Black Canvas "Like many things in life, photography is a delicate balance between art and science. You need to master both to succeed. If you refuse to learn the artistic side, then you end up making mechanical decisions that are lifeless and boring. I like to break artistic boundaries by working in complete darkness, in opposite of a painter which will start with a “white canvas”, a photographer should start with a “black canvas”.Beginning from total darkness may seem difficult, it's like light painting, using light to sculpt the scene, it creates a beautiful and dramatic look similar in fashion to a Baroque painting. I have successfully transferred this technique to an array of different work ranging from beauty, fashion, and conceptual. " more images @

Jockey Club

Durval Filho e Cadu Vigilia CRIAÇÃO Carol Petrillo e Jonas Povoa CRIAÇÃO Luís Claudio Salvestroni DIRETOR DE CRIAÇÃO Camilla Oliveira e Athenea Bastos ATENDIMENTO Banco de Imagens KeyDisc FOTOGRAFIA Barbara Borges e Fernanda Pinheiro RTVC Sergio Barcellos e Gabriela Schlomer APROVAÇÃO

Alyssa Monks

Workshop: Flesh Painting: Volume through Color with Alyssa Monks

This workshop is designed to guide the students toward creating a figure painting, using both indirect and direct traditional painting techniques. The process will begin with preparations such as choosing a composition through quick studies and then drawing in the final composition with an imprimatura wash. When that is dry, the students will learn to create color relationships that portray the perfect space and volume, creating the illusion. Emphasis is then placed on paint application and ways of activating the surface. Finally the picture will develop through indirect layers of opaque and transparent painting
to achieve the delicate nuances of flesh. Students can choose to work from live model or digital photographs upon approval.

Bareface: Models in Demand

Advertising Agency: Livingroom, Dubai, UAE Creative Directors: Mansoor A. Bhatti, Martino O'Brien Art Directors: Carlos Khoury, Mansoor A. Bhatti Copywriter: Martino O'Brien Photographer: Martin Beck Producer: Kristy