Saturday, April 9, 2011

UIPA: Naughty Pets - Bob

It was a laaazy grey day.
Mum was at work. And so was dad.
Bob was all by himself. Alone. Not a damn soul to play with. As usual. Definitely boring.
He stumbled on a rock, and hurt his knee. A crazy yellow dog came to him with a frenetic moving tail. A funny dog. Lonely, just like Bob. But quite different: the dog was absolutely mad, trying & keeping other dogs away. Loneliness was an option. But, as every rule has its exception, the dog wasn’t trying to keep Bob away from him. Yeah! He liked Bob! No loneliness anymore. Neither for Bob, nor for the dog. That’s when Bob decided to name it… EL PERRO. A genuine CHICANO NAME! WOW! Now they will always be together. For the good and the bad. And so it was.

So this is the story Bob tells everybody.
Truth is he went to this place & simply found the perfect dog.
You think the story is not that spicy, hu?
Make up yours!
Adopt a naughty pet!!!

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director (teacher): Toni Rodrigues
Creative: Andrea Cotrim

Friday, April 8, 2011

National Park Service: Experience Your America, Put the phone down

The forest interferes with the cellphone reception. You're welcome.
National Park Service
Experience Your America

Advertising School: University of North Texas, Communication Design, USA
Art Director / Copywriter / Photographer: Ryan Smith

Leroy Merlin Store: Grand opening

Grand Opening
Big dreams for your home

Advertising Agency: Kuryo, Paris, France
Creative Director / Copywriter: Marc Giampieri
Art Director: Thierry Fèvre, Rémi Courgeon
Photographer: Peter Lippmann
Model Maker: Alain Roussel
Published: April 2011

The commercial titled Grand opening, Brush was done by Kuryo Paris advertising agency for Leroy Merlin Store (for Leroy Merlin) in France. It was released in the April 2011. Business sector is Household maintenance & pet products.

Save the Children: Picture Protect

Send to your friends:

What if your pictures on the internet are modified or end up somewhere you never intended? Unfortunately, this happens more often than you think, especially to young people. We created Picture Protect to make it easier to keep track of your pictures online. To promote the service, we created a viral generator where anyone can create an email with a link to a fake site and send it to a friend. The friend will appear on the fake site with their personal pictures found on google. It's an eye opening example to make you aware of the problem and start using Picture Protect. We used it successfully ourselves to send email to influential people like journalists.

Advertising Agency: Åkestam Holst, Sweden
Creative Director: Martin Cedergren
Art Director: Björn Gustafsson
Copywriter: Patrick Dry
Code / Design: Andreas Fernhede Dagman

Japan Saver: Screensaver


Advertising Agency: BooneOakley, USA
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Matt Klug
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Keith Greenstein
Interactive Agency: Studiobanks
Designer: Matt Daniels
Senior Developer: Chris Goodwin
Senior Developer: Will Jardine
Producer: Shruti Chandra
VP of Accounts: Christy Vannetta
Interactive Creative Director: Banks Wilson

Corona Beer: Ballet

As a child I used to dance ballet.
Drink responsibly or you’ll regret what you said last night.

Advertising Agency: JWT Madrid, Spain
Executive Creative Director: Miguel Bemfica
Creative Directors: Jaime Chávarri, Juan García-Escudero
Art Director: Juan García-Escudero
Copywriter: Jaime Chávarri
Photographer: The unknown artist
Producers: Antonio Ortega, Ana Malpica

National Park Service: Experience Your America, Go hiking

Enjoy the forgotten pastime of walking outside with boots on.
National Park Service
Experience Your America

Advertising School: University of North Texas, Communication Design, USA
Art Director / Copywriter / Photographer: Ryan Smith

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eurostar: Still tempting

Still Tempting

Advertising Agency: TBWA Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director:Jan Macken
Art Director:Tony Naudts-Ducene
Copywriter: paul Van Oevelen
Photographer:David Stewart
Published: March 2011

Rosen & Meents Bicycle Stores: At your service

Rosen & Meents VIP, at your service.

Advertising Agency: Avraham, Tel Aviv, Israel
Chief Creative Director: Elad Stefansky
Creative Director: Maayan Karniel
Art Director: Kfir Peretz
Copywriter: Itamar Cohen
Photographer: Bar Stefansky
Account Manager: Lirit Guy
Published: April 2011


You won't miss a thing

Advertising Agency: Grey, Singapore
Creative Director:Ali Shabaz
Art Director:Susie Sun
Copywriter: Jay Tamati
Photographer: David Stewart
Published: March 2011

The commercial titled You won't miss a thing, Tennis was done by Grey Singapore advertising agency for ESPN HD (for ESPN) in Singapore. It was released in the April 2011. Business sector is Home electronics & audio-visual.

Clorox: Coffee beans

Tagline: Easy to remove Coffee stains
Advertising Agency: DDB, Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Shehzad Yunus
Creative Directors: Kartik Aiyar, Makarand Patil
Copywriter: Kartik Aiyar
Art Director: Makarand Patil
Photographer: Allen Dang / Wizard Photography Malaysia
Senior Account Director: Krishnakumar Panicker
Published: February 2011

The commercial titled Coffee beans was done by DDB Dubai advertising agency for Clorox (for Clorox) in United Arab Emirates. It was released in the April 2011. Business sector is Household maintenance & pet products.

Prolong: More Time for your fantiasies

More Time for your fantiasies
Against premature ejaculation

Advertising Agency: DDB, Chile
Excecutive Creative Directors: Matías Lecaros, Simón Subercaseaux
Creative Director: Eddy Fernandez
Art Director: Tomás Garin, Matías Lecaros
Copywriters: María de los Ángeles Contreras, Jordán Cáceres, Felipe Araya
Illustrator: Hugo Yáñez
Photographer: Alejandro Caputo
Published: 2011

The commercial titled More Time for your fantiasies was done by DDB Chile advertising agency for Prolong (for Prolong) in Chile. It was released in the April 2011. Business sector is Toiletries & pharmaceuticals.


CLM BBDO, Boulogne Billancourt launches New Campaign for Celebrations (Mars Group) Let anyone whoâs never gloated cast the first stone.Birthdays, new years and the happy milestones that mark out our lives are all great occasions to open a box of Celebrations. But letâs not deceive ourselves: while we enjoy all these moments of shared joy, weâre even keener on the times we share with just a couple of friends, often at a third partyâs expense.

Client: Mars Chocolate
Agency: CLM BBDO, Boulogne Billancourt
Country: France
Executive Creative Director: Jean-François Sacco
Executive Creative Director: Gilles Fichteberg
Head of Art: Sylvie Etchemaite
Art Director: Lucie Valloton
Copywriter: julien perrard
Photographer: Clive Stewart

The commercial titled Bus was done by Clm Bbdo, Boulogne Billancourt advertising agency for Celebrations (for Celebrations) in France. It was released in the April 2011. Business sector is Confectionery & snacks.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BMW Motorrad: Get on!

BMW motorrad season launch get on!

Advertising Agency: serviceplan campaign 1, Munich, Germany
Creative Directors: Matthias Harbeck, Alex Schill, Oliver Palmer
Art Director: Michel Maurice Lück
Copywriters: Oliver Palmer, Sebastian Wolf
Illustrator / Photographer: John Rankin Waddell / Rankin Photography

Pringle of Scotland

Advertising Agency: fischerAppelt,furore Berlin, Germany
Creative Directors: Tobias Holland
Art Director: James Cruickshank
Copywriter: Lina Jachmann
Photographer: Andreas Hempel
Production: Tom Stein, Sonja Rump / Zerone Düsseldorf
Published: April 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fiji Blend Devilish Obsession

Client: Fiji Blend
Design: Xavier Caceres
Photography: Caesar Lima
Models: Anderson Davis, Rachael Murphyl and Taylor Reynolds
Make up: Veronica Hernandez


Slinkachu, 'The Last Resort', London

Slinkachu, 'The Last Resort', London

Miss Bugs

Street artist Miss Bugs


Youngblood - Making of

Youngblood BTS from Caesar Lima on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes of Youngbloog photoshoot with brazilian model Marilia Moreno, hair by Davon and make up by Valerie Hernandez.
Photography by Caesar Lima

Avia Motor Oil: Play

Makes Your Horses Purr

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Munich, Germany
Creative Directors: Matthias Harbeck, Oliver Palmer
Art Directors: Robert Luciani, Michel-Maurice Lück
Copywriter: Vera Karpova
Photographer: Alex Howe
Published: January 2011

SuperBonder: Ming Vase

Advertising Agency: DDB, Santiago, Chile
Excecutive Creative Directors: Matias Lecaros, Simón Subercaseaux
Creative Director: Eddy Fernandez
Art Directors: Tomás Garín, Matías Lecaros
Copywriters: Felipe Ararya, Felipe Hernandez
Illustrators: Amazing, Leo Gallardo, Gonzalo Arevalo
Photographer: Amazing

Aparecida Jewellery: Small box

Style, luxury, glamour. It's amazing how they all fit in such a small box.

Advertising Agency: Solution Comunicação, Belo Horizonte/MG, Brazil
Creative Directors: Bruno Ramos, Patrícia Reis
Art Director: Bruno Ramos
Copywriter: Igor Oliveira

Monday, April 4, 2011

Akzia Student Journal: Beer Effect

Excessive consumption of beer affects feminity. It leads to an increase in facial hair and body odor because of an increase in male hormones.

Advertising Agency: M&C Ssaachi / EMCG, Moscow, Russia
Creative director: Alexander Alexeev
Art director: Alexander Kopyltsov
Copywriters: Asya Andreeva, Alexander Kopylov, John Mark Fitzpatrick
Photographer: Stas Solntsev
Postproduction: Alexander Kopyltsov, Stas Kireev
Manager: Julia Khrustcheva
Published: March 2011

Domino's Pizza: Pizza, you will fall in love with

Pizza, you will fall in love with

Advertising Agency: Grandes Kochonos, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Directors: Paweł Nowakowski, Michał Sorówka
Art Director: Bartek Grala
Copywriter: Daniel Piecka
Photographer: Paweł Fabjański
Published: March 2011

D.A.N.S.: Madonna

D.A.N.S.: Madonna
A dance can turn you into a club sex symbol
Advertising Agency: Provocative, Romania

Mason/Dixon Fish Rodeo: Lasso

North vs. South vs. Fish

This poster campaign was developed as a call for entries for the Mason Dixon Fish Rodeo, a fishing competition pitting fisherman from the Northern United States against those from the South.

Advertising Agency: Firehouse, Dallas, USA
Creative Director: Tripp Westbrook
Art Director: Silver Cuellar
Copywriter: Greg Hunter

Pizza & Love: Fight for the Amazonas

Fight for the last slice
Pizza & Love
We make pizza not global warming
100% organic ingredients

Advertising Agency: Contrapunto, Barcelona, Spain
Executive Creative Director: Tomás Oliva
Creative Director: Carlos De Javier
Art Director: Carles Nuñez
Photographer: Carles Nin
Retoucher: Lucas Pigliacampo

D&AD: The Graduate Academy

Looking for a way into industry
You may have just found it
The Graduate Academy is going to place 50 top UK graduates in 50 of the UK's leading creative organisations.
The Graduate Academy
Brought to you by HP and D&AD

Advertising Agency: The Chase, London, UK
Creative Director: Oliver Maltby
Art Director: Rebecca Low
Photographer: Paul Thompson
Published: March 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit Collection
Designed by D.L. & Company
Creative Director: Douglas Little
Photography: Caesar Lima

Playstation Movers

A new series “Movers” of the photographer Jean-Yves Lemoigne for the magazine Recreation, at the time of the exit of Playstation Move. A setting in scene of the future videoludic experiments, through several visual in the continuation of the article.

Economico: Caricatures

Advertising Agency: Fisher, Portugal
Creative director: Diogo Melo
Art Director: Marcelo Melo
Copywriter: Nuno Leal
Illustration: Carlos Laranjeira

Guinness: April Fool

Advertising Agency: Irish International BBDO, Ireland
Creative Director: Mal Stevenson
Copywriter: Ted Barry
Art Director: Catherine Lennon
Photographer: Muiris Moynihan