Saturday, August 1, 2009


Great photographer from Chile


Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Budapest
Art/Copy/Creative Director: Dalbir Singh
Photo: Rich Adkin

IWC: Darts

Tagline: Passion for details.
Advertiser: International Watch Co. Schaffhausen
Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/ Alster, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Daniel Frericks, Götz Ulmer
Art Directors: Andre Price, Florian Zwinge
Copywriter: Robert Müller
Photographer: Reinhard Hunger
Project management: Markus Wieser, Miriam Paneth

PSP: Hand

Advertising Agency: TBWA/Madrid, Spain
Art Director: Ely Sánchez
Copywriter: Vicente Rodríguez
Photographer: Gonzalo Puertas

Friday, July 31, 2009

Citroen C3: Dog

New Citroen C3 Picasso Spacebox. A compact car never felt so spacious.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Giovanni Porro, Luca Cinquepalmi, Marco Venturelli
Art Director: Luca Cinquepalmi
Copywriter: Marco Venturelli
Photographer: Alberto Callari
Illustrator: Cow Boys Evolution

Foster's Fat Yak: Alcohol

Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, Australia
Executive Creative Director: James McGrath
Creative Director: Damian Royce
Art Director: Damian Royce
Copywriter: Damian Royce
Designer: Naomi Creek
Retoucher: Electric Art

Citroen C3: Bike

New Citroen C3 Picasso Spacebox. A compact car never felt so spacious.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Giovanni Porro, Luca Cinquepalmi, Marco Venturelli
Art Director: Luca Cinquepalmi
Copywriter: Marco Venturelli
Photographer: Alberto Callari
Illustrator: Cow Boys Evolution

Windolene: Bling + Ring

Brings out the best in glass.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG South Africa
Creative Director: James Daniels
Art Directors: Romy Lunz, Laura May Vale
Photographer: Clive Stewart
Copywriter: Sarah Keevy

Romanian Traffic Police

Advertising Agency: Mercury 360, Bucharest, Romania
Art Director: Ionut Rusu
Copywriter: Alexandru Malaescu
Creative Group Director: Liviu Turcanu

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seagulls Fly

Brasileiros kicking ass!

Seagulls Fly is a post house from Brazil
they post production and web animation

Seagulls Fly


Riccardo Bagnoli, one of the most famous italian photographers, started his professional career in fashion world; since a few years he works in advertising. With his photos he managed to create a unique and personal style, melting great care in images and details with settings and themes always different. Actually he is one of the most appreciate and prized photographers in Europe and in the world.


Over 20,000 mother pigs in New Zealand spend most of their lives in cages not much bigger than their bodies. Help us stop this cruel practice. Make sure you don't buy factory farmed pork, bacon or ham.

Advertising Agency: Special, Auckland, New Zealand
Creative Directors: Rob Jack, Tony Bradbourne
Art Director: Tony Bradbourne
Copywriters: Freddie Coltart, Rob Jack

Christchurch Women's Refuge: Slap

The path to domestic violence happens one step at a time. Many women in violent relationships don't know when they're in one. If this sounds like you, phone 0800 1REFUGE. All calls are strictly confidential.

Advertising Agency: HooperNagel, Auckland, New Zealand
Art Director / Copywriter: Jonathan Horner
Art Director: Will Farmer
Typographers: Geoff Francis, Ben Fraser
Retoucher: Brent Backhouse
Photographer: Jeremy Blincoe
Foam model: Brent Backhouse, Jonathan Horner, Will Farmer

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Omax Lens

Wide angle lens.

It's extremely rare to find a tasteful ad campaign that uses sex and clever humor to perfectly define the qualities of a technology product. This series of print ads for Omax wide-angle lenses is one of them:

The campaign was created by Publicis India, showing alternative uses for the wide shots that these lenses can get.

Agency: Publicis India
Executive Creative Director: Emmanuel Upputuru
Creative Director: Anindya banerjee
Creative Group Head/ Art Director: Raylin Valles
Copywriter: Emmanuel Upputuru

Bacaolinita: Healthier kids

Advertising Agency: Lowe Honduras
Creative Directors: Juan Jesús Martinez, Sergio Burgos
Art Director: Bruno Barbosa
Copywriters: Carlos Andino, Andres Cruz, Bruno Barbosa
Illustrator: Franklin Sandres

Biker Gang

Biker Gang
AGENCY: Ogilvy Cape Town
CLIENT/PRODUCT: Volkswagen Golf 6
ART DIRECTOR: Prabashan G. Pather
COPYWRITER: Sanjiv Mistry
PRODUCER: Merle Bennett

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

3M Scotchguard

Takes the stings out of stains

AGENCY: Dentsu Brussels
CLIENT/PRODUCT: 3M Scotchguard
COPYWRITER: Jan Vandenplas
PHOTOGRAPHER: Studio Habousha
RETOUCHER: Studio Habousha

Tappening: Start a Lie, Puppies

Bottled water causes blindness in puppies.
*If bottled water companies can lie, we can too. Find out the truth at or spread your own lie at

Advertising Agency: DiMassimo Goldstein, USA
Creative Director: Mark DiMassimo
Art Director: Chris Carlberg
Copywriter: Justin Prichard
Illustrator: Jan Kallwejt

Absolut Vodka: No label

Advertising Agency: Family Business, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: John Lagerqvist
Designers: Mangus Lundgren, John Lagerqvist
Art Directors: Miki Grujovic, Christian Styffe, Fredrik Lindquist
Copywriter: Tove Norström
Photographer: Christoffer Edling

Filadelfia Comunicação: Worst job in the world

Worst job in the World - Filadelfia's creative department trainee program.
As a parody to Cannes winner "Best job in the world", we created a blog to advertise the agency's creative department trainee program, called "The Worst Job in the world"

Advertising Agency: Filadélfia Comunicação, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Creative Director: Dan Zecchinelli
Art Directors: Rene Bionor, Joao Paz, Marcio Doti, Sandro Martini,
Daniel Corrêa, Gustavo Leite
Copywriters: Hellen Mundim, Dan Zecchinelli, Lucas Antunes, Deborah
Vasques, Leandro Neves, Cristiano Sarmento

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lexus IS 250C: Jealous

Client: Lexus
Agency: CHI&Partners, London
Designer: Kylie McLean
Creative Director: Charles Inge
Art Director: Dave Masterman
Copywriter: Ed Edwards
Country: United Kingdom

Copy: "Bose Quiet Comfort. Acoustic noise cancelling headphones.

Agency: Euro RSCG Singapore
Art directors: Shawnn Lai & Hans Ibrahim
Copywriters: Victor Ng & Tham Yin May
Stylist: Xindi
Photographer: Jimmy Fok (Calibre)
Illustrator: Kris Tan (Magic Cube)

Youngblood beauty 2

Client: Youngblood Cosmetics
Models: Angela Marcello
Make up: Valerie Hernandez
Photography: Caesar Lima
Digital Image: Pixelpasta

Elite luxury car rental: Black

Get there faster.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Directors: Štepán Zálešák, Michal Gabriž
Art Director: Michal Gabriž
Copywriter: Štepán Zálešák
Photographer: Adam Holý

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Land Rover: Amphibious

Excellent performance on land and water.
Advertising Agency: Maruri Grey, Ecuador
Creative Directors: Pipo Morano, Luis Campoverde
Art Directors: Luis Campoverde, Cesar Chica
Copywriter: Pipo Morano

Stihl: Leaf

Advertising Agency: DDB New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot
Art Director: Dave Brady
Copywriter: Joe Hawkins
Managing Partner: Scott Wallace