Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bakwaas Bandh kar: Rope

The commercial titled Rope was done by Origin Beanstalk advertising agency for Bakwaas Bandh kar (for 9xM) in India. It was released in the August 2011.

Outdoor from Origin Beanstalk, Mubai Headline text (in English):"Stop the nonsense.No mobiles, while driving"

Category: Public interest
Client: 9xM (TV Channel)
Agency: Origin Beanstalk, Mumbai
Country: India
Creative Director: Mustafa Kapasi
Creative Director: kisan solanki
Art Director: kisan solanki
Copywriter: Mustafa Kapasi
Account Director: Shom Majumdar
Account Director: Shilpa Nambiar
Retoucher: Praveen Bhandary
Illustrator: kisan solanki
Illustrator: Sachin Gawde

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