Saturday, January 8, 2011

Canal+: Guns

This summer on Canal+
No break for gangsters.

Advertising Agency: Betc Eurorscg, France
Creative Director: Stephane Xiberras
Art Director: Marie-Eve Schoettl
Copywriter: Laurence Badate

Minnesota Zoo: Ostrich

Think you've seen one before? See Africa as it really is. Giraffe, zebra, and ostrich, all sharing the same grassland.

Advertising Agency: Preston Kelly, USA
Executive Creative Director: Chris Preston
Art Director: Anne Taylor
Retoucher: Mike Fritz
Copywriter: Terry Thomas
Producer: Krista Krabel

Pixelpasta on MacDirectory Magazine

Pixelpasta is a full service image conception house, combining photography and post production under one roof. We utilize all
available resources on the image creation; photography, illustration, 3D and CGI, and mix them seamlessly together.
Our innovated merging of these mediums is what gives our work an edge, blurring the line between reality and the impossible, we create unforgettable images.
photography: Caesar Lima
digital imaging: Pixelpasta
make up: Veronica Hernandez

Friday, January 7, 2011

Matthew Cusick

Matthew Cusick è un artista di Dallas, Texas, capace di creare affascinanti ritratti e stupendi paesaggi utilizzando unicamente porzioni di cartine e vecchie mappe geografiche. L’uso abile e mai banale della tecnica del collage gli ha permesso di guadagnarsi parecchi riconoscimenti e premi soprattutto negli Stati Uniti.

La Boca

La Boca è uno studio inglese fondato nel 2002 da Scot Bendall e Alain de la Mata, specilizzato in lavori di arte e design legati a musica, cinema e moda. Le loro immagini trasportono in quel futuro visto dal passato, tra l’onirico e il surreale e sembrano continuare il percorso e il viaggio di Alan Aldrige.

"Our work ranges from limited edition vinyl record sleeves to full scale media campaigns, and our twisted touch has left its indelible mark on projects for a wide range of international clients."


The official Daft Punk music video for Derezzed, the first single off the Tron Legacy Soundtrack.

DAFT PUNK - DEREZZED (From the Tron Legacy Soundtrack) from Warren Fu on Vimeo.

Lawrence & Mayo: Schwarzenegger

He'll be back.
The studios have cashed out. The shotgun lies rusted. The Terminator is himself a Governor now. And his promises sound different. But a pair of Oakley frogskins sunglasses still hangs on to the legend. Just in case the world needs another round of saving.
Lawrence & Mayo. Your glasses are you.

Advertising Agency: Eleven Brandworks, Mumbai, India
Creative Directors: Puneet Kapoor, Prateek Bhardwaj
Art Director: Puneet Kapoor
Copywriter: Prateek Bhardwaj
Illustrators: Puneet Kapoor, Anand Chodankar
Photographer: Altaf Khan
Planner: Imran Khan

Volkswagen: Laces

We're proud to support the Sunshine Coast Stingrays

Advertising Agency: Publicis Mojo, Brisbane, Australa
Creative Director: Andy Ward
Art Director: Shay Devery
Copywriter: Ryan Petie
Photographer: Asaki Koshikawa
Retoucher: Shay Devery
Account Director: Andrew Harding

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Swatch: Purple

30% off.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Hugo Rodrigues, Kevin Zung
Art Director: Marcelo Moura Leite
Copywriter: Marcelo Sato
Illustrator: Eduardo Almeida
Photographer: Marcelo Menegaldo

Piaggio MP3: Tilting Doll

Advertising Agency: ACV Grey, Israel
Executive Creative Director: Yonatan Stirin
Creative Director: Tal Riven
Art Director: Lena Shein
Copywriter: Zack Feldman
Agency Executive Producer: Lilach Itzhak
Agency Producer: Nurit Rimon
Illustrator: Aviram Cory
Account manager: Dani Brande
Account Supervisor: Helit Saad
Acount Executives: Itamar Regev, Patricia Romero

Avianca Cargo: Wrong Right

Fast, safe and, of course, stylish.

Advertising Agency: Z+Comunicação, São Paulo Brazil
Creative Directors: Leo Macias, Alan Strozenberg
Art Director: Elias Carmo
Copywriter: Leandro Leal
Illustrator: Ilustra Design

Tetra Pak: Loose milk

Milk: Best served with several thousand fewer ingredients

Advertising Agency: Erasmus Partners, London, UK
Creative Directors: Ross Cairns, Matt Follows
Art Directors: Oscar Powell, Nick Shea
Copywriter: Oscar Powell
Photographer: Ross Cairns

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

American Laser: Hair Removal

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Tel Aviv, Israel
Creative Director: Ronen Gur Fonarov
Art Director: Eyal Carmi
Copywriter: Tomer Avramovich
Account Supervisor: Keren Elisar
Account Executive: Limor Gutfroind

Diesel: Fresh & Bright Superheroes

Fresh & Bright Superheroes
Visible woman
No eye can escape her attraction field

Advertising Agency: DoubleYou, Spain
Photographer: Robert Bartholot
Published: December 2010

Avianca: Coffee

The columbian coffee's tast is unique.
Our flights to there, on the other hand, are two.

Advertising Agency: Z+Comunicação, São Paulo Brazil
Creative Directors: Leo Macias, Alan Strozenberg
Art Director: Elias Carmo
Copywriter: Leandro Leal
Illustrator: Ilustra Design
Photographer: Rodrigo Ribeiro
Published: December 2010

Samsung SF Notebook: True beauty is curved

The revolutionary curved Samsung SF notebook.

Advertising Agency: Cheil, Delft, Netherlands
Creative Director: Ton van Jole
Art Director: Ton van Jole
Copywriter: Mattijs Winter
Photographer: Martin Dijkstra
Published: October 2010

Raar Art

Studio RAAR teamed up with Photographer Ruud Baan and stylist Isis Vaandrager & Kim Keizer to capture RAAR at it’s best. “Studio RAAR is a design studio with a passion beauty and experiences. Designs of RAAR have an attraction, you want to touch, use modify them. Tactile values are at the center of their concepts. Usability and practicality are not the most common words in the RAAR dictionary.”


Havaianas Sandals: Taxi

Arrive in a convertible.
Havaianas. A Brazilian original since 1962.

Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Marcello Serpa
Executive Creative Director: Marcello Serpa
Creative Director: Luiz Sanches
Art Directors: Marcello Serpa, Luiz Sanches, Julio Andery
Copywriter: Sophie Schoenburg
Advertiser's Supervisor: Carla Schmitzberger
Planners: Cintia Gonçalves, Sabrina Guzzon, Amanda Thomaz
Typographer: Jose Roberto Bezerra

Camper: Waterproof

Extraordinary Crafts

Advertising Agency: Swing Swing, Madrid, Spain
Creative Director: Judith Francisco Baeza
Art Director: Gabriel Da Silva
Copywriter: Adolfo Pahissa
Illustrators: Gabriel da Silva, Judith Francisco
Photographer: Ángel Álvarez
Published: March 2009

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Seat: Access

SEAT Altea Freetrack. Access all areas.
Advertising Agency: Atletico International, Barcelona, Spain
Creative Directors: Jason Bramley, Jonny Biggins
Executive Creative Director: Arndt Dallmann
Art Director: Amrit Jandu
Copywriter: Ben Carson
Illustrator: Diego Ghirardo
Retoucher: Magic Group

Adanac Glass: Invisible showers

Advertising Agency: Juniper Park, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Alan Madill, Terry Drummond

Art Director: Alan Madill

Writer: Terry Drummond

Photographer: Regina Garcia

Client contact: Jim Bottrell


Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town / Geneva
Executive Creative Director: John Pallant
Creative Director: Anton Crone
Art Director: Larissa Elliott
Copywriter: Alice Gnodde
Illustrator: Am I Collective
Photographer: Jillian Lochner

Axe: Finally

Finally! My fingers are burning.
New Axe Day & Axe Night. One is suitable for general audiences. The other one is not.

Advertising Agency: Ponce, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Hernan Ponce, Walter Aregger, Hernan Ibarra
Creative Directors: Ricardo Armentano, Analia Rios
Art Director: Pedro Losada
Production Manager: Roberto Carsillo
Account Executives: Nestor Ferreyro, Francisco Odriozola
Copywriter: Antonio De Federico
Photographer: Martin Sigal
Client Services Director: Vanina Rudaeff

Monday, January 3, 2011

Martini: Blu Party

Advertising Agency: Armando Testa, Turin, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Michele Mariani
Art Directors: Luca Cortesini, Laura Sironi
Copywriters: Daniele Bona, Dario Digeronimo
Photographer: Emilio Tini


Atleta Book
Muay thai fighter: Mikaela Mayer
Make up: Veronica Hernandez
Photography: Caesar Lima

Veikkaus Football Betting

Advertising Agency: TBWA\PHS, Helsinki, Finland
Creative Director: Erkko Mannila
Art Directors: Tuukka Tujula, Hermanni Kanerva
Copywriters: Erkko Mannila, Tommy Makinen
Photographer: Antti Viitala
Client Service Director: Teppo Juuvinmaa
Project Manager: Heidi Nieminen
Post Production: Fake Graphics
Published: June 2010

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Street Artwork in Salvador

Street Artwork in Salvador Bahia

Heinz Apple: Popeye

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, San José, Costa Rica
Creative Directors: Marvin "Pra" Leiva, Philippe Quillery
Art Director: Daniel Flores
Copywriter: Jonathan Sánchez
Photographer: Green photo studio, San José, Costa Rica
Published: September 2010