Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nutcase: Your Style, but safe

Your Style, your brain.

Nutcase helmets not only protect, they also look good. The American firm designs, produces and sells these high-quality, multi-sport helmets which are differentiated from the competition by their distinctive design. Nutcase is now in Europe. We express: Your Style, but safe.

Advertising Agency: Tillmanns, Ogilvy & Mather, Düsseldorf, Germany
Creative Directors: Volker Kuwertz, Bernd Grellmann
Art Director: Lars Ecker
Post Production: Tex Redfield, Lars Ecker
Photographers: Robert Eikelpoth, Michael Breyer
Account Director: Birgit Gosda
Published: November 2009

Monster Radio RX 93.1: Lost

Beware of last song syndrome.

Advertising Agency: DM9JaymeSyfu, Manila, The Philippines
Chief Creative Officer: Merlee Jayme
Executive Creative Director: Eugene Demata
Creative Director / Copywriter: Louie Sotto
Art Director: Herbert Hernandez
Illustrator: Apol Sta Maria

Tck Tck Tck: Sky

What they do happens to us. The powers are the main cause of the changing climate. Let's demand a fair agreement in Copenhagen.

Advertising Agency: Francisco Espinosa, Mar del Plata, Argentina
Creative Director: Francisco Espinosa
Art Director: Barrilete Dg
Copywriters: Francisco Espinosa, Rocío Vazquez
Photographers: Ron Jeffreys, Rybson
Other additional credits: Rocío Vazquez

Friday, November 20, 2009

Luna Foxx

model Luna Foxx
photo by Caesar Lima
imaging by Pixelpasta

Chilli Beans

Chilli Beans - Brazil
Creative director: Jose Caporrino
Art director: Leonardo Malachias
Copywriting: Lilian Auricchio e Beto Rando
Photography: Ignácio Aronovich e Louise Chin – Lost Art
Make up: Theo Carias e Betina Schutze

Super Bock Abadia Gold

Super Bock Abadia Gold. Turns an oyster into a masterpiece.

Advertising Agency: Caldas Naya, Barcelona, Spain
Creative Director: Gustavo Caldas
Art Director: Oriol Sendra
Copywriters: Roberto Castro, Gustavo Caldas
Photographers: Mike Diver, Pedro Aguilar (United Kingdom)
Account Director: Fabiana Casañas
Client Supervisors: Paulo Valentim, Maria Joao Monteiro

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The artist who simply goes by the name Mia has come a long way in a very short time. Having shown at such galleries as Copro Gallery, Roq La Rue, Gallery1988 (LA & SF), La Luz de Jesus, and Ad Hoc Art (just to name afew), the artist known as Mia has made an incredible impact using her huge imagination and finely tuned artistic skills.
[via juxtapoz] more +

Youngblood Beauty

Client: Youngblood Cosmetics
Models: Courtney McCann
Make up: Valerie Hernandez
Photography: Caesar Lima
Digital Image: Pixelpasta

Guy Denning

Upcoming show with Guy Denning, which opens Thursday August 6 and runs through Thursday August 27. Celebrity Will Eat Itself is Guy’s debut US solo. His new body of work explores his feelings on the public’s obsession with the idea of celebrity, the socially dysfunctional icons of our times, and the potentially damaging effects of Hollywood idolatry on both the idols and the idol-worshippers.
Here is a great video of Guy Denning working away in his studio in France. It provides some insight into Guy’s work process and shows the many layers involved in his creative process.
A select preview of work for the show can be viewed here

Movistar: Sharks + Bees

Your movistar number always survives.

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Lima, Peru
Executive Creative Director: Flavio Pantigoso
Art Director: Mirko Cuculiza
Illustrator: Renzo de Checo
Photographer: Lucía Arana
Copywriter: Daniel de León
Agency Producer: Daniela Dañino
Account Director: Eduardo Grisolle
Account Supervisors: Manuel Ahumada, Manuel Bellido

Yellow Pages

Advertising Agency: Ade, Bogotá, Colombia
Creative Director: Nacho Martínez
Art Directors: Leonardo Silva, Cristian Borrero, Tomas Casallas
Copywriter: Leonardo Silva
Photographer: Cristian Borrero
Published: October 2009

De Bijenkorf

Advertising Agency: Selmore, Amsterdam, Holland
Creative Directors: Jakko Achterberg, Niels Westra
Art Director: Esin Cittone
Copywriter: Dominic Nash
Photographer: Fritz Kok
Post production: Souverein

Super Video LIDO Game Store: Be a guitar hero

Advertising Agency: Nölck Red America, Caracas, Venezuela
Creative Executive Director: Alonso Junior
Creative Directors: Eduardo Sepúlveda, Richard Lara, Omar Camejo
Art Director: Eduardo Sepúlveda
Copywriters: Richard Lara, Omar Galavis, Johnny Pizzurro
Photographer: Pedro Primavera

Spid Advertising Photographer: Baby

Spid will look after your baby. But not that baby.

Advertising Agency: DDB New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot
Creative Director: Adam Kanzer
Art Director: James Conner
Copywriter: Christie Cooper
Director of Photographer: Spid, The Collective Force
Photographer: Gavin McGregor, The Collective Force
Production: Our Production Team
Retoucher: Gordon Moir
Account Manager: Sophie Martignier

MXM print house: Wrong color

The wrong color changes everything.

Advertising Agency: RGA Comunicacão, Recife, Brazil
Creative Director: Daniel Zago
Art Director: Marcelo Maciel
Copywriter: Leonardo Parnes
Published: October 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tobacco Free Florida: Pressure

Your strength makes you unique. Don't be pressured, be yourself, don't let tobacco define you.

Advertising Agency: Accentmarketing, Miami, USA
Creative Director: Juan Piedrahita
Art Director: Andres Henao
Copywriters: Daniel Stewart, Juan Piedrahita
Illustrator: Iancarlo Reyes
Photographer: Andres Hernandez

Nurture Egg Donor Program

If you can’t fall pregnant, is it all you can think about?
The Nurture team has been there, done that, and got the IVF maternity T-shirt. The experience – the heartache and happiness – inspired us to create South Africa’s premier egg donor and surrogacy program. So contact us. We’ll call back. We’ll write. We’ll care.

Advertising Agency: At Pace, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: John Pace
Art Director: Frederick Peens
Copywriter: Jonathan Bain
Photographer: Russell Smith
Published: May 2009

Allen Solly: I hate ugly

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore, India
Creative Directors: Malvika Mehra, Amit Akali, Vipul Thakkar
Art Director: Ajesh N
Copywriter: Kunj Shah
Photographer: Steve Koh
Retouching: Studio Rom, MV Gopinath
Typography: Vincent Vadakkan, Ajesh N

TUS Haltern

Haltern is the gateway to the Münsterland. But we won't let anyone pass.

Advertising Agency: Scholz&Friends, Germany
Creative Director: Niels Alzen
Art Directors: Christof Deutscher, Mario Zaradic
Copywriters: Florian Schneider, Annika Hüllebrand, Grischa Mentgen
Photographer: Carsten Sander


Refugees would like to have the same problems you have.

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Creative Director: Hernán Damilano
Art Director: Gustavo Sucri
Copywriter: Francisco Ferro
Illustrators: Daniel Romanos, Gastón Cardozo
Photographer: Matías Posti
GCD: Martín Mercado
Account Manager: Giselle Boyer

Feltrinelli Editore / Richard Overy: War

Advertising Agency: Tita, Milano, Italy
Art Director: Emanuele Basso
Copywriter: Giuseppe Mazza
Photographer: Enzo Monzino
Producer: Sonia Rocchi

Monday, November 16, 2009

China Town: Night

Premium low-alcohol cocktail.

Advertising Agency: Maxbrandson, Moscow, Russia
Art Director / Designer: Sergey Budanov
Photographers: Ilya Plotnikov, Sergey Danduryan
Illustrators: Vitaliy Mashinskiy, Victoria Bereznitskaya


Advertising Agency: TBWA Barcelona, Spain
Creative Directors: Ramón Sala, Miquel Sales, Fer Garcia
Art Director: Jordi rins
Copywriter: Albert Calsina
Photographer: Ramón Serrano

Buspak: Nest

Crossing paths with the best for 60 years of achievement in China.
Buspak – Hong Kong’s leading bus advertising agency – proudly celebrates National Day.

Advertising Agency: JWT Hong Kong
Creative Directors: Steven Lee, William Tsang, Ming Chan
Art Directors: Ming Chan, Thomas Chung, Bobby Chan
Copywriters: Kennex Ma, Steven Lee
Illustrator: Anton
Print Production: Jimmy Pong
Client Service: Dennis Lam, Claudia Tsang

OSIM Sona Pillow: Acrobatics

OSIM Sona Pillow: Kung Fu

Quality sleep makes everything easy.

Advertising Agency: JWT Hong Kong
Creative Directors: Steven Lee, Timothy Chan, Ming Chan
Art Directors: Ben Ling, Ming Chan
Copywriters: Timothy Chan, Jessie Fung
Illustrator: S Kwan
Photographer: William So
Print Production: Jimmy Pong

The Garage: Keep Music aLive

Find music that's worth saving.
110 West 7th Street, downtown Winston-Salem.

This poster campaign was created for a live music venue in Winston Salem, NC. They feature obscure and/or up-and-coming bands who need the exposure. So this campaign tells live music fans that bands will live or die based on how many fans show up to support the music.

Advertising Agency: Trone, Greensboro, USA
Creative Director: Martin Buchanan
Art Director: Scott Scaggs
Copywriter: Taryl Fultz
Photographer: Black Horse Studio

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Extreme typography

Extreme typography
Swing City by Luke Lucas

Typography is much more than just graphic design or illustration with some text thrown in. It’s an art form in itself that combines carefully chosen and arranged fonts with visual elements, sometimes as a relatively straightforward communication device and sometimes as artistic expression. These 15 examples of typography artwork embody a broad variety of techniques and styles, but they’re all brilliant.

15 (somewhat) recent examples.

Juxtapoz Magazine

Looks like the new newsstand June 2009 Juxtapoz cover designed by Swiss born, Brooklyn based artist and designer GROTESK is already all over the internet, before it even hit our webstore (it will be available Monday) so we figured we’d take the opportunity to show off our fresh subscriber cover ourselves. So there you have it. It definitely has to be one of our favorite covers and the inside feature interview by our editor in chief, M Revelli, is top notch.

Yes, the cover art speaks for itself. Grotesk, the world-renowned graphic and apparel artist and Creative Director of Zoo York, made two special illustrations for the cover of June 2009's Juxtapoz magazine. A timeless classic in the making.

Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie

Equally sweet. Equally dark.
Advertising Agency: JWT Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Ali Shabaz
Art Director: Ed Cheong
Illustrator: Joseph Griffith
Copywriters: Elisa Tan, Arron Phua
Agency Producer: Anna Lee

Max: Girl

Now you can buy online.

Advertising Agency: Special, Auckland, New Zealand
Creative Directors: Rob Jack, Tony Bradbourne
Art Director: Tony Bradbourne
Copywriter: Rob Jack
Photographer: Derek Henderson