Friday, May 11, 2012

RAW | Caesar Lima interview

RAW | Caesar Lima interview

Tell us a little about yourself?
Born in Sao Paulo Brazil, crazy about photography, technology and soccer, have a studio in Los Angeles.

What made you get into photography?
I have a BA in Advertising. I should be working as an art or creative director, but when I was in school, the first time I’ve stepped into a professional studio, I knew exactly what I wanted to do! I felt in love with the equipment, cameras and the whole mood.

How did you get started?
I started shooting in Brazil assisting couple photographers. Than in 1984 I had an opportunity to come to Los Angeles for the Olympics, liked it so much that I moved to LA in 1985. I opened a studio in my garage and start shooting a lots of product for advertising

What sort of photography do you mainly do?
I do a lot of conceptual photography in the beauty and fashion industry, and a little bit of still life, we’ve been shooting a lot of people. I love to work with a big crew, enjoy working with a creative group. ie. models, make up artists, stylists, hair people, art directors etc…

What gear are you using?
For beauty I use a Fuji GX680 with a 33 MP Sinar back and for fashion and location I use a Canon 5D Whats your favourite lens and why? Canon 85mm f1.2 I love the DOF. It’s an amazing piece of glass!


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