Wednesday, September 5, 2012

No More Mr. Nice Girl | Wonderful Machine Blog

Wonderful Machine Blog: Caesar Lima | No More Mr. Nice Girl

T-Mobile recently decided it was time to give their brand, along with their well-known mascot Carly Foulkes, a refresh. The company wanted customers to “take a second look” at the brand and decided to add some edge to their new campaign. To do so, they called in Publicis Seattle who in turn, brought in photographer Caesar Lima to help bring their vision to life. Caesar—who describes his photography style as unique and dramatic—was the perfect shooter to bring out more of Carly’s edge. So, after some back and forth and some help from Wonderful Machine producer Craig Oppenheimer, Caesar and Publicis came to a deal. Soon after the estimates were approved, everyone got to work helping Carly ditch the good girl pink dresses in favor of a jet-black Ducati. The new slogan?

No More Mr. Nice Girl. No More Mr. Nice Girl
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