Saturday, April 9, 2011

UIPA: Naughty Pets - Bob

It was a laaazy grey day.
Mum was at work. And so was dad.
Bob was all by himself. Alone. Not a damn soul to play with. As usual. Definitely boring.
He stumbled on a rock, and hurt his knee. A crazy yellow dog came to him with a frenetic moving tail. A funny dog. Lonely, just like Bob. But quite different: the dog was absolutely mad, trying & keeping other dogs away. Loneliness was an option. But, as every rule has its exception, the dog wasn’t trying to keep Bob away from him. Yeah! He liked Bob! No loneliness anymore. Neither for Bob, nor for the dog. That’s when Bob decided to name it… EL PERRO. A genuine CHICANO NAME! WOW! Now they will always be together. For the good and the bad. And so it was.

So this is the story Bob tells everybody.
Truth is he went to this place & simply found the perfect dog.
You think the story is not that spicy, hu?
Make up yours!
Adopt a naughty pet!!!

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director (teacher): Toni Rodrigues
Creative: Andrea Cotrim

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