Monday, July 16, 2012

Images & Mobile Apps

Perhaps one of the most overlooked opportunities for mobile apps is in the area of photography. While many apps take advantage of the medium to share images and allow their customers or fans to do the same, photographers may shy away from the mobile app simply because they don’t feel it will present their work well. With the debut of the HD iPad and the new iPhone 4s, it’s time to revisit these ideas and see just what a mobile app can do with photographs.

Caesar Lima Photography utilizes a mobile app to showcase their work and bring in new customers. For them, the app is all about the pictures, along with the customer interaction. With this app, the company’s customers can stay up to date on advertising photography, video and design. Not only does the app feature Caesar Lima’s portfolio, it also has Pixelpasta news and updates, behind the scenes video and a fan wall to leave feedback and interact with other customers. As you can see from the screenshot, the pictures are highlighted very well within this app.

You can download the Caesar Lima app here:

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