Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Camera Holster

I have been using the 1-Second Camera Holster (Smaller size, made for Mirrorless cameras) for about 10 days now.  Mainly with my Leica M-10 and the Leica Q.

This holster is a well designed product. The Tuscan leather feels great. The magnets work well and it fits nicely around my Leica equipment. The 1-Second Camera Holster is a really cool solution for the minimalistic street photographer. Attach the holster to your belt and use a long camera strap, to get the most out of this little guy.

It’s called the 1-Second Camera holster because all you have to do is pull on the strap and bring the camera to your eye. Since the bag closes with magnets, pulling the strap to remove the camera is super easy. It feels very natural.

With this camera Holster, you get protection and a place to put your camera when not shooting. Also, it gives you fast access to your camera.

PROS: I really enjoyed the magnetic flap. It helps keep things inside without having to worry about them flying out while you walk around. It also allows you to open the holster and pull the camera out easily. The magnets clasp strong enough to not worry about them opening by accident.

CONS: The holster itself is almost too tight. It fits around my cameras very snug. I also found that the holster could be a tad sturdier. Sometimes it feels like a glove (loose and flimsy with a leather finish). 

Overall, I found the 1 Second Camera Holster to be a great product. I do see myself using it in the future. It is very useful when walking around with your camera. It feels very comfortable and frees up a lot of different movement options. Especially when attached to your belt and your camera being  on a long (over the shoulder) camera strap.

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