Friday, October 27, 2017

Sony A9 Review by Caesar Lima

Models in Motion.

A Sony A9 Camera Review by Caesar Lima. I was very honored when Sony asked me to test the new A9. They sent me a body and a 85mm f1.4 lens for 2 weeks, and said “have fun with it”. On the first day I shot the kids jumping in the pool and playing beach soccer. Bursting 20 fps it was like shooting a movie, at max shutter speed 1/32000 sec you can freeze any movement. I then started to plan how I could take advantage of the speed and auto-focus system of this camera in my field of photography. 

There was a lot of talk about how good the A9 is for shooting sports, so I had an idea of doing a fashion shoot and adding movement. I was very impressed especially when it came to speed and autofocus tracking. I made a “studio” set up using available light. I wanted to catch the models jumping and cat walking. I invited well-known wardrobe stylist Jessica Boal, and she brought lots of dresses. Amazing stuff! I picked 2 great models from Two Management. Sloan Smith and Daisy Davies. Sloan has a dancing background and Daisy does fashion shows, and catwalks extremely well.

Always shooting wide open @ f1.4 I was able to capture 12+ images on each jump. Each milliseconds a part, where I then could choose the best looking shot. When you’re shooting action the frame rate is important but also the autofocus speed and accuracy, because it uses an electronic shutter the A9’s 20 fps outpaces its dSLR competitors. The auto tracking focus is outstanding\ when I shot Daisy running aside of the pool I kept walking backwards and falling her and the auto tracking kept her face in focus on all the shots.

 PROS: super bright EVF auto track focus 20fps speed

 CONS: too small (in my opinion) needs a grip noise on high ISO missing a shutter speed and a ISO dial

 For complete review and more images please go to Steve Huff Photo Blog

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