Monday, September 23, 2013

2013 IPA Awards

We did it again! Among thousands of entries the 2013 IPA / International Photography Awards selected four of my images and I want to congratulate everybody involved in these projects, good job people! Thank you Felipe Silva, Guillermo Franco, Daniela Berzuuini, Chema Anton, Melanie Manson, Manuel Benevides,Veronica Hernandez, Paula Tabalipa, Kentaro Jake Terauchi, Molly Lauren Zanit, Max Foreman, the designers Maya Hansen, Sueko Oshimoto, Mark Silka and Mildred from Mother of London and the beautiful models Cherish Waters, Nava Gladkochtchekova Wolf, Clarck G, Hana K and Lavinia. "Steampunk" "New_Order" "Kimono Punk" "Skully Tulum"

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