Tuesday, September 18, 2012

IPA Awards 2012

Caesar Lima | IPA Awards | 2012

I'm so thrilled IPA just awarded 4 of my images.

New T-Mobile Ad Campaign - Alter Ego with Carly Foulkes T-Mobile unveiled its redesigned “Alter Ego” advertising campaign. In an attempt to redefine the company as a cutting-edge carrier with a speedy wireless network, Foulkes now sports a black leather motorcycle suit on a matching Ducati super bike. 

A creative collaboration with Daven Mayedan and Leibi Carias, hair is such a big element of female beauty. We can say it is the picture frame of the face and here we explore the possibilities in an exagerated manner.
In the 18th century big hair was definitely the ‘in’ thing and many styles were modelled over a cage frame or horsehair pads – the bigger the better. Some immensely tall coiffures took hours to create and were heavily starched and powdered. Big is beautiful! 

Beauty portrait of Marilia Moreno for Youngblood Cosmetics
Honorable Mention of the 2012 International Photo Awards

Catwoman has been featured as an antihero rather than a supervillain, this character has been one of Batman's most enduring love interests, here is Caesar Lima's version.

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