Friday, December 7, 2012

Alex Stoddard

Photographic Whiz Kid Alex Stoddard’s Wondrous Self-Portraits Every now and again, the world is introduced to a talent whose skills can be described by such words as visionary, virtuoso, even prodigy. Eighteen-year-old Alex Stoddard is one of those souls. His journey to become a photographer was one of discovery; ranked third in his recent high school graduating class of 500 students (and disappointed he wasn’t the valedictorian), to call Alex an underachiever might be just shy of an understatement. He thought he was on the fast track toward a life in the professions—lawyer, doctor, business mogul—until he picked up a camera in 2010 and embarked upon the 365 Project, a series of intimate, thought-provoking, surreal self-portraits that has gained him international attention. more+

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