Monday, January 23, 2012

Fnac: Carnival Masks

Break a leg. Created to be on the guide of one of the most prestigious theatre festivals in Brazil, we tried to bring the products offered by Fnac(Books, cinema, music and entertainment) in to the context of the theatre. We found an interesting solution by playing with the classic "Carnival Mask" that for centuries is considered the symbol of dramaturgy and scenic arts in the world and the most recognized characters of modern literature and cinema in the universe. Advertising Agency: Hype, São Paulo, Brazil Creative Director: Andrei Ivanoff Art Directors: Andrei Ivanoff, Bruno Silva Copywriter: Caline Fonteneau Additional credits: Paula Reis, Carlos Alberto (Pica Pau) for stunning pre flight, Bernard Fonteneau and Everson Oliveira Published: January 2012

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